Dear PoPville – Tailgating at Nationals Park?

Photo by PoPville flickr user oddlittlebird.

“Dear PoPville,

I’ve always taken the metro to the few Nationals games I’ve been to. Since I work around Nats Park I’ll be going to the game today with a coworker who drives in. We were wondering about the tailgating and rules, especially related to grilling and drinking in the lots, both private lots – like The Yards parking lots, and the Nats Park owned lots. Our aim was to park in the HH lot under 395 for the $1 parking deal to go with our $1 tickets and $1 hot dogs. As gentlemen of the law, we’re not looking to agitate, just tailgate. Any tips?”

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  • Sweet picture. I’m not sure where that $1.00 lot is but I’ve tailgatted a couple of times between 2nd and 3rd street in a dirt parking lot with no problems. But it was on a weekend…Good luck and Go Nats.

  • I’ve been kicked out of the yards lot for tailgaiting with a grill (even a tiny one). They don’t mind you having some beverages though. If you want to grill, go to the lot across from the navy yard (650 M st. SE). Grilled on the grass there several times without a problem.

    • I always see Phillies fans there (well, for the PHI games); saw some Cubbies there too. Usually still relatively empty around 5 or 6.

  • Drinking beers and playing cornhole with your buddies is permissible, but grilling is generally frowned upon in the lots near the ballpark.

  • We’ve always grabbed subs and beers and they’ve never frowned upon it. I think grilling is frowned upon in the “official” lots.

  • Is it possible to tailgate properly without being a sports fan? It always looked fun.

  • My suspicion is that you’d have issues grilling underneath 395. The Capitol Police frequently shoo away non-passenger vehicles that are parked underneath 395 at the underpasses, and my suspicion is that they are worried about terrorists targeting infrastructure.

    Not sure what they’d think of an open fire and smoking bratwursts.

  • Technically, it’s an arreestable offense I think (possession of open container of alcohol) but never heard of it being enforced against tailgaters.

  • Last night in the HH $1 lot we were the only ones tailgating. We had camp chairs, beer, food (no grill) and a frisbee. We were one of two groups tailgating under the depressing freeway overpass. One guy was drinking keystones in his car, alone. We had fun though, certainly not a tailgating atmosphere. No one bothered us about the beer, but probably because no one came by except for a few people parking and quickly moving along to the stadium. There was a policeman present at the gate, but he didn’t go around the lot.

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