Judging Supermarkets – Capitol Supermarket (Happy 35th Anniversary!)

We’ve admired their sweet sign before:

But since I see it is their 35th anniversary (Congrats!) I thought it was time for a proper judging. According to their Web site (who knew they had a Web site?):

Originally a Safeway store in the 60’s and early 70’s, the store became Capitol Supermarket in April 1976. We are a hard working Korean-American family with 3 decades of experience in the grocery business. We started by selling mainly mainstream everyday items at a low price, but as time passed our store changed with the times. Because our nation and our city is such a melting pot, we began selling international foods including a full line of Latino, Asian, and African products. In 2006, we added a full line of fresh seafood including fresh whole fish, fresh clams and mussels and live blue crabs in the summer. In 2008, we updated our beer and wine department to add more fine and imported wines and a wider selection of micro-brew and craft beers. Also in 2008 we upgraded our produce case to hold a wider selection of fresh fruits and vegetables for healthy eating. More recently we began selling more all natural and organic food items and for those on the go, we partnered with the Culinary Circle brand and added a full line of gourmet ready-to-heat and eat entrees.

And we are not finished upgrading! We are planning even more exciting changes in the upcoming years including adding more hard to find products to our store. Although our store has changed over time, we have not forgotten our original vision of providing savings to our loyal customers. So please keep checking in and see what’s new at Capitol Supermarket!

They are located at 1231 11th St, NW. Any fans?

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  • We go there every single day – it’s basically our backyard!
    Their prices are surprisingly not insane, and they have a nice selection… I’ve been buying fresh mussels lately.
    It will be missed!

  • missed? Im confuzzled. Is it going away, or are you?

  • Sorry about that…
    I’m the one going away, they’ll hopefully be there another 35 years!

  • I use to live half way between the P St Whole Foods and Capital Famous. Given the choice, I would always prefer to go to Capital Famous. I need a strong valium&vodka cocktail before I can face the P St WF on a weekend.

  • I’m buying mussels today. That sounds so good! I really like this place, similar to BestWay/World in MtP but it seems bigger and the produce is just as quality.

  • I love this place… for beer, wine, produce, packaged products, etc. It’s a neighborhood gem. Only place in town you can regularly find avocados at $.50 each.

    I have not bought fish or in-store butchered meats here, however. My forays into that aisle are usually deterred… any one have positive experience in that department?

    • go to the aisle!

      we get mussels and shrimp there often, and sometimes other fish and such – they have blue crabs most of the time that i’ve been meaning to try.
      my boyfriend also buys chicken there pretty regularly, along with the occasional pork or beef.
      no issues so far!

  • This place is just the best. I am so lucky to live a block away.

  • Love this place!

  • It’s funny, I just stopped in there for the first time a few days ago. I was pleasantly surprised. While certainly not fancy, it’s spotlessly clean (can’t say that for Safeway all the time) and seems to have a nice variety and reasonable prices. It’s was actually fun going through the aisles — a little more eclectic than a big box chain.

  • I wanted to like this place given how close it was to my apartment, but it always has a funky smell and the produce is gross.

  • Wow, who knew?? Thanks for the comments everyone, I’ll be putting this place into my rotation. nettie is right, the Whole Foods almost gives me an aneurysm on weekends.

  • Smells a hell of a lot better than the Giant on 8th and P

  • Does anybody know why there is always a crowd of Latino guys outside of there after work?

  • I really dig this place. Prices and selection on veggies and meat are pretty good. You can find cuts of meat you won’t see at Whole Foods, like pork belly. And you can find veggies you won’t see at Whole Foods, like nopales. Great selection of international groceries, too. Their own website description rings true to me.

  • I live by here too….I used to be afraid of it because it looks so shady, but it’s actually awesome. They have tons of Korean products plus random things like jicama or whole fish.

    Beer is cheap but they do like to buy Trader Joe’s wine and sell it for a markup, hahaha.

    The Korean owners and all the checkout staff are really nice. I go here all the time instead of trying to wade through the sea of yuppies buying soy milk and annie’s mac and cheese at the Whole Foods.

    Speaking of which, just because it’s “organic” doesn’t mean it’s any healthier than the Kraft Mac and Cheese. Stop feeding your kids that boxed shizz!

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