Movement at Old Video Store at Corner of 6th and H St, NW

This retail space has been vacant for years. It seems like this prime space (it wasn’t always a prime space this corner has improved a lot) has been vacant for ages. I was glad to see a construction permit finally has gone up. Anyone hear any rumors of who may be coming to this space? (The permit only says other.)

And here’s a blast from the past for those who remember this corner from back in the day:

The following is my favorite, which can be read a few different ways…

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  • I bought a “wu tang” Shaolin Monks DVD there when I was in highschool… back back in the day… Definetly makes me laugh how things have indeed changed…

  • They had both Kung-Fu and “adult” movies there.

  • Oh man I loved that place. That and the upstairs dry-goods section of Da Hua Market are the two things I miss most about the days 15 years or so ago when Chinatown still had a fair bit of Chinese stuff in it.

    Newcomers to DC think that Chinatown was created ex nihilo as a “fake Chinese neighborhood”! Even though if you walk around the blocks there you can still find a handful of holdouts that still get a Chinese clientele (such as the Full Kee restaurant on H between 5th and 6th).

  • Right next door to the best damned noodles and dumplings in the free world.

  • There are all sorts of shady characters hanging around that street corner, waiting for the bus, screaming, spitting, swearing, etc. Is there a free health clinic nearby or something? I’ve seen a lot of people in wheelchairs there, some people with oxygen tubes up their noses, amputees, etc. The best part about is that many of the people are smoking. You gotta love DC! That’s where my 8% income tax goes to I guess.

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