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  • OMG. Fug-LEE.

  • this is not house porn. this is house rape.

  • pablo .raw

    They need to replace that tree with an evergreen. Quickly.

  • I live behind this hot mess.

    Take a look at the photos. There are no bedrooms, just huge open floors.

    The view is pretty sick from the roof though.

  • It’s really hard to believe that the people who renovated this place looked at the drawing of this structure and said, “yeah, that will look really good.”

  • Such a strange place… especially how they put in so few windows on the back. The new zoning re-write will help ban these awful things. I happen to see this house every day.

    I’ve never understood how so many of these pop-ups spend a bunch of money adding space (not enough money to pay for an architect or quality materials, but still $$$), and yet make such poor use of the spaces they have, like the non-existent landscaping, etc.

  • Did anyone look at the interior pictures? It looks like they forgot to put up walls and doors.

  • WHY?!?!

    we need to stop greedy developers from ruining our neighborhoods

  • Emmaleigh504

    Cyclops. Way more fug than yesterday’s.

  • Cyclops, but worth it for the owners. It makes me wonder what’s going to happen when the rest of the block starts doing this. I give it 1.5 generations. Odd-looking, but really, tiny 2 level homes are the least efficient use of space in a city that’s trending sardine-like in the long term.

  • SOOOO awful!!

  • I visited this place when it was on the market about 6 months ago, pre-pop-up. It was TINY. Each floor may have been 400sq.ft. So, I understand *why* there’s a pop up. But that doesn’t justify gluing a 1993 hummer to the roof.

    • The pop-up has been there for over a year. You were likely visiting one of the other five non-pop-ups for sale on this street.

  • Such a beautiful block, such a turrrrrrible addition.

  • Atrocious. And what’s with the 5′ ceiling in the laundry room?

  • So this is the reason black people are opposing gentrification!

    This explains it all!

    • LOL. Thank You. Thank you for brightening an otherwise gloomy day.

    • Unfortunately, this is what happens when a neighborhood isn’t gentrified enough. More stuck up whiteys in the area would probably mean stricter community planning procedures.

  • Bad pop ups take forever to sell, unless sold to another investor who buys it unseen. Heck even Stevie Wonder could tell you it is ugly.

  • It looks like a box on top of a house.

    But I kind of agree — better to build more within the limits than expand into suburbia.

  • I always have the same question with these train-wrecks: How would I (or you) fix it without demolishing and starting over? Thinking of new exterior materials (wood shingles?) and some design features to soften the eye-rape of a window (stormer or something)…

  • Horrible – At least the should have put up yellow siding or painted the house to match it…

    Looks like a box is sitting on top of the house.

  • The neighbors must have been pissed. I would spend my time laughing my ass off at the person that owned it because trying to sell it looking that heinous is going to be no small feat.

    It may look less like a wart if/when the neighbors put pop-ups, but theirs may look better if for no other reason than the people can point to it as and example of what not to do.

  • Wow… quite possible the worst renovation I have ever seen. Here… here’s a shoebox. Have fun.

  • To be honest, I kind of like the wacky feel of the pop-up. I’m an artist and think that the large open spaces and natural light would be perfect for an art/dance studio.

    If they just paint the top addition the same yellow, it’s good to go! I wish I could afford this!

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