Reports of Driveby Shooting at 11th and U St, NW

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DCfireems reports on twitter:

“Update – 13th & U St NW – MVC rollover – serious inj – 11th & U St NW – EMS eval 2 w GSW”

“Update – 11th & U S( NW – MVC – poss involves a shooting victim – EMS eval multiple inj”

Brian Weaver reports on twitter Weaverwardone:

“Drive by shooting and flipped car at 11th and U….really bad.”

“8 to 10 first burst. 2 to 3 shots second shooting.”

“Shooting happened near funeral of Ashley McRea. Resent murder victim, sister of Joseph McRea.”

More updates as info becomes available.

UPDATE 1:08pm – @DDOTDC says:

“U street NW is closed from 14th Street to 9th Street. Use alternate routes.”

UPDATE 1:14pm NBC Washington reports:

“One person was killed and two were injured in the incident in the area of 13th and U streets Tuesday, News4’s Pat Collins reported.

Two people reportedly were taken to Howard University Hospital. Their conditions are unknown.”

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  • me

    Just got this report in my email:

    Police Alert-SHOOTING


    Sent on: 09/28 12:42

    So… there were 2 shootings…? Oh, and that’s my block. Awesome.

  • Hope they caught the kids (just assuming they might be), who apparently aren’t very good drivers, or shooters? I wonder who signed their free pass out of DYRS for the day? How/Why does Weaver know all these folks?

  • Are you kidding me? On U St in broad f*cking daylight?

    I hate this city.

    • so, leave. move out to Clarendon or back to Ohio.

      • me

        Yes, we don’t want shootings on our heavily-populated streets in the middle of the day. We MUST be asking way too much for living in any big city. Let me trade my feelings of relative safety for the ability to walk to a MF’ing hippie coffee shop.

        By the way, there are plenty of bad cities in Ohio too, douchebag.

      • No. I’m not from Ohio, or from Clarendon. I’ve lived in DC for more than 10 years, most of them east of the park. This is my home. And nowhere, NOWHERE, should a drive-by shooting of a funeral procession occur during broad daylight in a very busy pedestrian-filled area. You expect too little of people if you think that’s a perfectly normal thing.

      • I’ve been here for twenty years AND I’m from the great state of Ohio AND I live in a neighborhood where there’s been plenty of shootings through the years. I was shocked to hear this happened close to a metro in the middle of the day. It’s not about being from ohio — it’s about being human. no one wants that kind of violence.

  • Hopefully in a few more years, stupid acts like these won’t be taking place on a heavily populated street. What a reject loser. I hope he gets caught soon. Thug City, USA!

  • Sounds like people celebrating Gray’s recent victory.

  • Alternate name for this blog:

    “White People Under Siege”

    • Except that 95% of the people I saw there were black. All of the white people are at work.

    • Do we even know the race of the people targeted by this crime?

    • hmm, a black person gets killed, then at her funeral at a black church there is a shooting almost definitely involving more black people some of whom are taken to a hospital at an HBCU and you think this is “white people under siege”?

      This is the opposite of intelligent.

      • this is probably distasteful but….+1

      • I think the point was: White people just enjoying the day at a U St cafe or something have to dive for cover as a spray of bullets takes out the plate glass behind their heads.

        ie: White people, minding own business, under siege by black hoodlums, even if indirectly.

        At least that’s my take. Try to keep up.

        • Yeah, that’s pretty much life in DC on a daily basis.

          I’m so tired of the feral vermin that make living here this unpleasant and dangerous. For the amount of money I pay to live in this town, there should be far less of this shit happening.

    • I know, some of those bullets could have accidentally hit a white person! Black on black crime is one thing…but jeez, can’t they show some appreciation for our hard work in cleaning neighborhoods up by not shooting in them? Maybe that church should become an art gallery/yoga studio/condo, that would provide the neighborhood some necessary services.

      Seriously, I’m not usually one to take this line, but it still irritates me that the level of outrage over violence seems to be commensurate with real estate value.

    • Seriously!

      I’m surprised that PoP didn’t lead with another sensationalist headline like U STREET AT WAR!!!

      Although this is certainly a frightening occurrence, this blog has simply become the sounding board of scared white people- exasperated by the fact that it seems most of this blog’s commentariat feel that the election of Vince Gray is the death knell of the great gentrification renaissance in this city.

      What’s also galling is that 9/10 of the people who bitch and panic on this blog will be gone within 3-4 years. The have no real concern for the longterm well-being of DC, just the immediate availability of the sorts of amenities they feel entitled to.

      • “What’s also galling is that 9/10 of the people who bitch and panic on this blog will be gone within 3-4 years.”

        What makes you say that? I doubt that most of the transients even know what Petworth is.

      • You again. You really need to give people more credit. Your whole attitude is that others are deluded fools, and you’re some kind of sage.

        9/10 is a crazily high number. There’s more turnover here than any other city in the US, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a thriving long term population who care enough to keep tabs on the evolution of their neighborhood/s. Blogs are a great way to do that. Don’t you want to know where you can get the best martini in DC? Do you have something against martinis?

        I’m going to put you on the spot — what would your neighborhood blog look like?

      • just the immediate availability of the sorts of amenities they feel entitled to.

        As an responsible adult living in a city of a wealthy first-world country, I do think that modern amenities are to be expected. You may consider your pre-modern lifestyle of crumbling infrastructure and lack of modern amenities “normal,” but not me.

  • Sanctioned criminal enterprises abound, called Crews. The kids even post their photos in groups flipping off the reader. Cops can’t keep up, official Council policy allows the kids to remain in a veil of secrecy and a city agency called DYRS to constantly fill our streets with known murderers. The City of Children with Guns, USA.

    The kids even notch their kills by tattoo of tear next to their eye!?

    And we have a new mayor who says he wants his new departmental leaders to reflect the complexion of this city? Isn’t it illegal to hire based on the color of someone’s skin? Not in this city I guess, anything is legal apparently, like open drug warfare.

  • I think it was Euclid on the loose, back to his old ways. It’s OK, everybody, he’s just kiddin’ around!

    • I have this theory about you. I think you’re a 15 year old white kid from Fairfax with a droid phone, POP bookmarked, and too much time in class. Get back to work and learn your algebra!

    • So glad to have your insights on this blog, Euclid

      • Oops, looks like my response looks like a stand-alone comment because Euclid’s crude, vulgar response has been removed

        (Don’t worry – you’re not missing anything unless you care about bodily fluids)

        • laughing over here because I thought all of you were hallucinating! I scrolled up and down, no Euclid… it was like watching 5 people all talking to the same imaginary friend! Too bad I missed his comment while I was at lunch.
          Oh well. Next time I won’t eat.

    • ok…this made me giggle

  • Very sad that more people had to die in this shooting and now there will probably be another retaliatory killing (and whatever innocent bystanders get shot and killed too).

    In all seriousness, I would like to know when and where funerals for murder victims will happen so I can avoid the area. The drive by shooting mass murder in SE was also a group of people who had come from a funeral for a murder victim.

    • Yep and that funeral took place at St. Augustine’s on 15th! The kids just couldnt get their rental car in time to do the shooting there so they did it later.

  • Euclid, what is your point? Does black people shooting each other validate you or something for which you stand? or are you just in favor of general idiocy?

    • TBD sucks. Is it a blog? Is it a newspaper? Or is it just a page with everything under the sun jammed on it like YAHOO news trying to be everything all at once but being useless.

      • i also think it sucks. all these local bloggers are going gaga over it and i can’t figure out why. it looks like crap and its tricky to navigate. plus half the content doesn’t seem generated by them.

        • my post wasn’t saying “hey, look at this neat new site.” it was sharing information. thanks for offering your very valuable opinions. we’re all better off for you having taken the time to post.

          i don’t know what tbd’s deal is and don’t really care. i do know they did better on this story than anyone else. look at wtop, washington post, fox5, nbc4, any other local news site for this story and tell me they have better coverage.

  • What I don’t get is why you choose an image of you sexually dominating another man as your comeback line — if you’re straight, that is. Maybe you are in to the prison fantasies, after all.

    • This was in response to a comment that got deleted. Sigh.

      • Honestly though, has anyone else noticed a turn towards homoeroticism in the style and behavior of the corner boys in the last year or so. Its getting kinda weird.

        • Its part of the prison culture common in DC. The young kids in my area regularly joke about who will rape who in prison, and when things get ugly threatening to fuck someone like a bitch is common.

          I suppose we should call that street poetry or some such.

  • Dear MCPD:

    Cross reference her friends with known crews.

    Then see who’s been beefing.

  • Hoooooray! i am so glad the Supreme Court overturned our gun laws!! it is really working well. Now gun murders can happen at high noon…just like the ole west.

    thanks conservative jackasses and the SCOTUS.

    • Are you daft, man?

      Carrying a pistol in DC is still as illegal as its been since 1975. And that prohibition is still 100% as effective as its been since 1975.

      As in, not at all effective.

      Not to mention that practically, the penalties for violating DC’s vaunted “gun ban” have always been far less than in other cities that do not have gun bans, but sensibly prosecute CPWL violations.

    • Hoooooray! i am so glad the Supreme Court overturned our gun laws!! it is really working well. Now gun murders can happen at high noon…just like the ole west.

      Is this some sort of Chaos Theory analogy? Damn that butterfly flapping it’s wings in Thailand, setting off an unforeseeable chain of events culminating in this drive-by!!

    • Unlike the 30 years prior, when guns were completely illegal in DC. How did those years workout?

    • Your ignorance is amusing… how do these crimes have anything to do with the SCOTUS overturning the DC gun ban? Are you suggesting the guns used to perpetrate these crimes were legally purchased and licensed? Can you explain all the gun murders that occurred before the gun ban was overturned? Is it the wild wild east, where law abiding citizens aren’t allowed to own guns to defend themselves? Those citizens that choose not to abide by the law will do so regardless of what the legal ramifications are, which is why it’s senseless to punish those who choose to legally register a firearm.

      • Right it’s DC govt’s unconscious(?) collusion to not to utilize RICO laws, against the vast aboveground violent DC militia, whose front line soldiers start at when, 14? and terrorize the taxpayers multiple times per week with atrocities like this.

  • Just kids being kids. No reason to get excited. The bullet only hurts for a minute.

  • Once again, another brutal crime along the perfectly safe Green line (which is so safe that it could only be termed an unsavory place for out-of-towners to venture by mouth breathing, racist subhumans).

  • I think the culprits have a right to this as a protest against gentrification.

  • I think we should setup an arena, such as the gladiator time, where all crew and gang members can go to ‘solve’ their issues, provided with as much ammunition and gun as they need; lock them in, wait until the gun shots stopped and open the gates.
    The results, innocent people won’t be in the cross fire, and the gang members who really want to kill each other will do so on the privacy of the arena. Problem solved.
    My post applies to all gang/crew members who have beef with each other and would like to shoot each other.

  • Let’s just rename DC to “New Baghdad”.

  • Just more Section 8 messes running around and ruining this beautiful city. Do away with all the subsidies and let properties fetch market value and, like magic, all these unemployed, druged up, uneducated, taxing sucking, murderers will be gone!

  • “What is wrong with these people?” The chasm between those who would not imagine shooting another person and those who do it regularly (and hang out with those who do) is IMMENSE. I have a hard time believing it can be explained by socio-economic circumstances, education and other factors that we assume “government” can address. It’s something more basic, more, dare I say, “values-based”…. Unbelievable.

  • Saw someone getting arrested at Garfield Terrace, just north of U Street on 11th. Anyone know if this was related?

  • Time for a referendum. All Council Members and the Mayor’s Executive team get docked pay each time a bullet is fired? What is it worth? $1000/bullet?

  • Walked by here about 2 pm yesterday, the whole area several blocks wide was taped off until well after 5pm. Very sad.
    An older AA producer I know who has been covering DC local news as a stringer for at least 40 years told me that interestly enough, back in the Barry days police got more information about potential shootings from youth leaders and “street ambassadors” and would often be able to prevent this sort of thing before it happened. He suggested that the Fenty administration has been aloof and out of touch with the pulse of the streets.
    I guess my take would be I am reluctant to give any kind of dignified credibility to the bottom feeders involved in this sort of thing, but it would be better to have information before the fact than a murder.
    He also said DYRS is a breeding ground for killers – the kids coming out of there feel like they have no hope for a future, they go in as deliquents and come out as cold hard gun toting murderers.
    It is so hard to understand. I wish that DC kids choosing that path understood that there is so much money out there for inner city AA kids who want to go to college, universities are clamoring for diversity and the worse off you are financially and socially, the more you stand out if you can just work on getting good grades and make it through the application process. It’s like they are prisoners of war who don’t see a release date coming so they go bezerk.

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