Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Park View/Pleasant Plains

This rental is located at Columbia Road, NW at Warder Street, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This magnificent basement studio apartment with waterfront view has a kitchenette, washer and dryer, fridge, and full bathroom. The basement has a separate entrance than the rest of the house, and is pretty spacious. Not your typical DC basement apartment. It has a lot of beautiful exposed brick and plenty of space. It would work well for a couple or Howard University students.

One fairly large room. There is off street parking available for an extra $75.00 per month. We’re a half mile to the Columbia Heights Metro (about a 10 minute walk) and close to U Street. We are also less than a five minute walk to Howard University, and a block from Georgia Avenue and major bus lines.”

Does $1050 sound reasonable for this studio basement apartment?

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  • You have got to be kidding.

  • No way. $900 tops.

    Work well for a couple? The first rule of living together is make sure you can sit in two different rooms.

  • I wouldn’t let board my dog there for free.

    Waay overpriced.

  • NO. Not a fair price. $850/month tops.

    Unless that “fairly large room” is actually 1,000 square feet!

  • What a dump! It looks like someone came in and vomited and shit all over the place, then rubbed it into the walls and floors and called it a renovation.

  • Waterfront view? from what window? No thanks.

  • Sounds about right to me although I am not sure about the waterview – hehehe.

  • Wow. I’m usually in the “let the market decide” camp, but anything over $600 for this would just be criminal.

  • Wow–whoever takes that apartment is crazy. That place looks absolutely atrocious. I wonder if utilities are included.

  • Magnificent my ass. It’s nothing but a stanky basement.

  • I’ve been looking for places for about a month – and this place keeps coming up.

    For anyone who is looking for housing now, the market is currently hot — everything I have seen has rented to someone who has shown up in the first 20 min of an open house.

    So if it’s on the market for this long…. yeah. Overpriced.

  • I have a much nicer, bigger, safer apartment, not in a basement, including utilities, and 1 block from the CH metro for less than this. This is just silly.

  • This apt is why we have DCRA.

    • Why? I don’t get your reference.

      For some this would be a great option.

      • Because while their may be some apts in DC that don’t get C of O for arbitrary reasons, this one is a clear example of a dwelling that is not safe or acceptable for a human being. It looks like has only one point of entry/exit, and 1 about 2 ft wide window.

  • magnificent is quite a word.

  • Looks like a dump to me. Depressed for any individual even considering it.

  • Not only is it way overpriced, but it’s also more than a half-mile from the Columbia Heights metro. 3/4 of a mile according to Google.

  • Not a good deal. That area is mundo sketch-ola.

  • In a word: YUCK.
    Way, way overpriced!

  • A great option? for over 1000K a month? I wouldn’t live in that dump even if it was in the heart of dupont.

  • Blech. It looks filthy and there is absolutely no way to get light or fresh air in there.

  • First red flag is that there isn’t a hood or vent above the range. In a basement in this area, that’s an air quality concern. Looks like they could have installed a vent right through the wall. Also, the electric range burners are extremely close to the counter top. That’s another flag. I also don’t understand the cord by the fridge and the floor level bumpout. Key signs of unqualified labor. Whoever considers renting it, I would take an electrician or a contractor to walk through it with you. If they indicate warning signs to you, walk. It isn’t worth it.

  • you simply do not pay more than $900 for a half-size oven

    plus all the other stuff

  • I wouldn’t call the reservoir waterfront viewing, more like flooding option. If anyone gets the actual address go to DCRA’s site to see if it is a legal basement apartment.
    And even I would give a general measurement of the space I was renting out. If that hovel rents out for $1k then I’ll rent out my whole house for $3K and retire early to Florida.

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