Don’t Read if you Like Eating Stadium Food, Actually Do Read…

Photo by PoPville flickr user Rukasu1

I was sent a disturbing story from an ESPN Vendor Inspection Report:

Nationals Park
Washington Nationals
Vendors with critical violations: 25%

Inspection report excerpt: One location received a critical violation for not having a D.C.-certified food manager’s card.

Verizon Center
Washington Wizards, Washington Capitals
Vendors with critical violations: 100%

Inspection report excerpt: Mice droppings, a critical violation in Washington, were found at at least 10 vendors.”

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  • As long as the beer is NOT contaminated…

  • You know, when you spend $8 for a hot dog, you really expect a level of–oh, wait a minute. No you don’t.

  • Ooh, extra chocolate sprinkles! Oh wait those aren’t sprinkles.
    Gross, this makes me wonder about the restaurants adjoining the Verizon Center – Clydes, etc. Those mice have to go somewhere for dessert.

  • “Now, when you eat like a boy, only two french fries in five should make it into your mouth. If they fall on the floor, you want ’em more, because then they come with extra toppings.”

  • I think the 25% number at Nats Park might be a little misleading; according to the report, the only violation was a missing certified food manager’s card. I assume if only one card was missing, that means that the operator covers 25% of the stands at the park. So it’s not like 1 in 4 stalls are in violation of health codes. Besides, I think I’d rather a card go missing than find mice droppings in my food (a la Verizon Center).

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