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  • Now if someone would just spruce up the house next door…


    • ….and now I realize why the streets have so much litter! But the Park View building looks nice

    • I think some those pics are going to give me nightmares — good for you for seeing the potential in the place. I would love to see the “after” photos when the renovation is done!

  • That house next door needs to be demolished. It was structurally damaged beyond repair when the biggest tree on the block blew over on it 5 years ago. So the appearance will only get worse until someone pushes the absent owner into action (it was rental property)

  • Oh! I just read Dan’s link…Great – best of luck.

  • Add me to the “best of luck” chorus. Good to see some fresh blood, cash, and energy behind that property.

    by the way: new convenience store coming on the corner of that block, where the nat’l guard office was. Whee!

  • This building may have come a long way, but I wonder if the neighboring properties will catch up anytime soon.

    We looked at these condos when they were on the market last summer. Bland and smallish (like most condos, in my opinion), but the deal killer was that of the two units left, you would have had a.) a dumpster next to the bedroom window or b.) a not so lovely view of a trash filed yard and dilapidated building.

    That said, those units apparently sold pretty quickly, so good for them! I wish the best to whoever bought the units we saw.

  • IA – Convenience store? Seems like there are plenty of random convenience stores in the hood and the place next to the Lemon Bowl has a great variety of items, even injera. Let’s hope they clean up the littered snack wrappers that the bus stop users will toss.
    Any news on that building on the end of the block and Warder?

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