Locolat Now Serving Beer and Wine


Back in August I mentioned that Locolat Cafe (18th and Florida Ave, NW) had applied for a liquor license. Looks like they got it! So it got me thinking about Belgian beer. Personally I love Stella, Leffe and Hoegarden. A friend of mine loathes Stella. If I had to pick an absolute favorite I’d vote Hoegarden. I’m wondering if there are other haters of Stella? And in general what is your favorite Belgian beer?

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  • Ellezelloise Hercule Stout is the only Belgian beer worth drinking. OK, maybe Maredsous Dubbel, too. All the rest taste like variations on dishwater.

  • Kasteel Tripel.

  • Whoop-dee-doo. You can get these beers anywhere. I wouldn’t want to drink them in a chocolate shop…

  • kind of disappointing advertising belgian beer and putting up the three widely distributed belgian beers that you can get in any supermarket. Leffe Brune is actually a decent beer, I have no idea why they only widely distribute the crappy Blonde product in the states.

    Favorite Belgian is probably the Westmalle Tripel. I also enjoy the Trappist Rochefort 10.

  • Stella = Budweiser of Europe. I find it watery/not very flavorful. For the larger Belgian beer brands, I like Leffe Brown.

  • There are hundreds of great Belgian beers, which is probably why people trash Stella. Stella is a solid unspectacular lager, which is pretty good if you compare it to premium American Lagers like Bud, but compared to other Belgian beers it is pretty pedestrian. My personal fav is the Gouden Carolus Tripel! One good thing about all of the recent mergers of the major players in the U.S. Beer market is that a lot of the better Belgian beers like Leffe are getting into the U.S. in much higher quantities and at cheaper prices!

  • Kasteel Tripell is really good. But Jesus you people are picky! Stella beats out most brands on tap at your typical DC bar (not counting one with fantastic variety, like Church Key/Birch & Barley) and competes with any six-pack you can pick up at the corner store. Yeesh! Do you drink your beer with your pinky finger in the air? I suppose you’ll say Spaten is tripe, and that Anderson Valley Boont Amber is widely available and therefore fit for the hogs.

  • I agree with the person who said it was like the budweiser of Europe. Having spent about 5 months there total for various trips, semester abroad, etc., Stella just isn’t very good compared to pretty much any kind of beer you can get over there easily. And considering that you generally pay a premium over here to drink Stella, I usually take a pass/make fun of my good friends who drink it.

  • i like trying new beers but i sure as hell ain’t going out of my way to find some connoisseur beer bar so i can tell everybody i had a beer they’ve never heard of. i just want a bar that’s fun and friendly.

  • the amber Gouden Carolus Ambrio is the best! (they have it at granville moore’s!)

  • am i the only one who always thinks this place is called “LOLcat?

  • Antigoon at Brasserie Beck is the best belgium ale ever!

  • Palm! My favorite beer of all time. I believe they just started importing it to the US, but it’s incredible. A great beer for just hanging out, not very pretentious.


  • I know nothing about beer, but I love the sign! (The left portion)

  • No love for Chimay? C’mon folks.

  • I’m a big fan of all of these, Hoegaarden is probably my favorite. I like trying random different Belgians at The Saloon on U St. or Granville Moore’s, but I haven’t had enough of a single smaller brand to say that one if my favorite.

  • SOO many to choose from.

    Gulden Draak
    Bornem Dubbel

    and one of my faves- La Trappe – the only trappist not brewed in Belgium (it’s from the Netherlands) is an incredible Belgian Style.

  • being belgian, i hate stella because it is like drinking natty light. picture it this way, if you were to go to a pub in belgium and they have dollar beers, stella is what they would serve. the fact that people pay upwards of $6 for it here shocks me.

    palm is delicious, and hard to find, though they have it on draft at the reef, and belga cafe.

    westmalle is also delicious, as well as chimay blue.

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