Shooting at 13th and Euclid Friday Night?

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“Dear PoP,

Hey there, did you happen to hear anything about a homicide in front of a townhouse on 13th st, just a few doors down from euclid on the east side (and close to the terminus of that early august car chase)?

my girlfriend walked by there friday night, and there were cops all over the place and the area was taped off. staffers from the medical examiner’s office were taking photos of a body at the top of the stairs going up to the townhouse. as of last night, there were still multiple police cars and a small police truck — possibly some sort of forensics unit.”

I actually haven’t heard anything about this incident. Did anyone else happen to hear/see what happened? I know there has been trouble from time to time on 14th and Euclid, but I rarely hear of any problems at 13th and Euclid. If anyone happened to catch a report on a listserv please leave the info in the comments. Thanks.

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  • I have some friends who live in the Castle Manor two doors down; the said the cops had come by to check out the view from their balcony. Their (friends, not the cops) opinion was that it might have been a domestic disturbance? But I’m not sure how much information they have to go on, for that opinion.

  • I think the police presence and tape was gone on Sunday. We got a note from our ANC commissioner saying it was for an investigation of a death.

  • Yeah, what James in Washington said, the MPD listserv post is here:

  • I live a few houses down on the 12th block of Euclid. Last night’s police action was atually a car chase. It may have been related to someone being hurt/shot elsewhere (I heard about someone being sent to the hospital over the cop receiver).

    A ford explorer (very similar to August’s action) decided to turn into the narrow alley right by the Castle Manor. After managing to turn through it they drove straight into a lamp post then everyone in the car took off running. I saw them track down and arrest one guy and search the vehicle.

    I’m fairly certain this incident was unrelated to Fridays.

  • FYI

    “Police officer said they think it’s a suicide, but they’re not 100% sure – which explains why they’re still investigating.”

  • Well since we’re just talkin’… I talked to a resident of that block at a party yesterday who said that the victim was killed in her home, but she didn’t know if it was a random home invasion, or if the killer was known to the victim.

  • This is stupid. How many different unsubstantiated stories about an event can we get?

  • Is that a challenge, 10:18?

  • The genius of participatory journalism is the stepwise approach to the truth, rather than a one-off shot from a professional reporter that might be right or might be off by a wide margin.

  • @NAB, “stepwise approach to the truth”, lol, thanks for the good laugh.

  • @ Josh Glasstetter I live two doors down and asked a police officer on my way home from Giant. He also told me it looked like a suicide.

  • Any confirmation anywhere on what happened here? This lady had two little daughters. Murder? Suicide? News please!!

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