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mr. lemonade
Photo by PoPville Flickr user Jess J

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Vonstallin

    Did my annual 6 hour Endurance Race saturday in West VA. Hot as hell, motorcycle over heated, rottors warped, electrical problems in the last 45 minutes…
    But was till able to pull off a 3rd place finish just like last year.

    Two days later Im still sore as hell. Wish I had the $$$$$ to do the 4 hour endurance race this weekend coming up at VIR, sigh…… I need sponsorship.

    The West Virginia Girls at Ruby Tuesdays were looking mighty tasty.

    I am broke…….

  • Rant: PoP not posting my submission for coolest pet in PoPville I submitted last week.

  • Rave: We’re starting a business! You shall have your craft supplies, DC.

  • I am so freaking tired! Couldn’t fall asleep until well past midnight, then couldn’t stay asleep past five. I’m doing nothing at work and laying low. I need sleep. I neeeeeeddd sleep. Plus, my exhaustion is amplifying everything I hate about my job, so I feel like I’m about to cry. and I have a headache. and I think the dry cleaner did something to my pants because they are way too tight. and my boss made fun of my tie this morning. and I hate my roommate.

    rave: I had hot date on friday and she was fantastic.

  • Rave: good weekend with the boyfriend in DC – went to Stan’s Friday night for delish drinks and good food then went to Oyamel on Saturday (totally recommend this one – pricey but worth it!)

    Rave2: brought my bike to work on my bike rack and it didn’t fall off on the drive in – gonna reteach myself how to ride a bike after work! I tried on some of the sidewalks in DC but there just isn’t enough room for me – I don’t want to run anyone over!

    Rave3: going to NC to see my parents newly purchased beach house in two weeks!

    Rant: tired, yet not as tired as ohemgee!

    PoP – why does it keep telling me I’m posting comments too quickly? My last post was Friday, I think!

  • Rant: My boat was stolen.

    Rave: My boat was found.

    Rant: The reason we thought it was stolen was because my friend forgot he agreed to lend it to someone to work on a dock. Brain farter.

    Rave: I now don’t have to deal with insurance companies!!! yipeeeee

  • Rave: The photo of the lemonade stand has got to be one of the best photos ever! Nice one….

  • Mal: you should check out the Washington Area Bicyclist Association’s city cycling classes:


    Lots of good info on how to stay safe in traffic, and where you can and cannot ride legally on the sidewalk.

  • What’s going on in the lot next to the Wendy’s on Georgia Avenue?
    What about the renovation status of the Safeway on the other side of the Wendy’s?

  • @ontarioroader – Thanks! I’ve already checked out that stuff – my problem is I can’t turn without falling over 🙂 I figured cycling around work out in the boonies will be better than riding in the city, until I get used to it. I haven’t been on a bike in 10+ years!

  • @Anon – I saw that yesterday and I can’t figure it out either!

  • I agree with lemon lover. Really cute picture. The little kid makes me smile with his yellow shirt and apron and chef’s hat 🙂

  • Rave: Ohemgee blaming the dry cleaners for his tight pants. Ha!

    Rave2: I think I made new friends this weekend.

    UberRave: Craft store? Really, E?? Tell us more! (I build dollhouses… any chance you’ll stock the stuff I need?)

  • no seriously, these were fine last week. Like my favorite pair. now they are gripping my thighs like crazy and I can barely sit down.

  • Rant: Driving home Saturday and I saw a slow turtle crossing the road. As he had made it 3/4 of the way and looked petrified, I thought I stop and help him the rest. So I pulled over and as soon as I got out of my car, the next car drove up behind me and smashed him. He was a big turtle too, hard to miss. I fear me being there might have distracted the driver so he didn’t see it.

    Rave: E! (The poster above starting a craft store, not the drug or the channel, although I do like Talk Soup) Good luck E! As someone who feels that DC needs a craft store, I lack the cojones to even think about opening one myself.

  • rave: crafts store! much good luck on your new business. please keep us informed thanks.

  • “Anon Says:

    August 3rd, 2009 at 12:42 pm
    What’s going on in the lot next to the Wendy’s on Georgia Avenue? What about the renovation status of the Safeway on the other side of the Wendy’s?”

    Construction started on Georgia Commons next to Wendy’s. They are preparing to put in the foundation, which caused a structural problem last week in a building next to the site that should have been condemned beforehand, as I understand it. The developer is Jair Lynch. The multi-storied building will have housing and a single tenant (as now planned) on the ground floor.

    The city and Safeway seem unable to reach agreement on tax-increment financing for the rebuilding of the Safeway in the 3800 block of Georgia. Negotiations continue.

  • Rave- Date night with my mom tonight! She is coming to check out my new place and we are going to grab some dinner as well.

  • @ WDC, anothermous, etc- glad to hear excitement! We’re in uber-nacent stages now, but we’ll keep everyone informed, for sure.

  • Rave: I’ve fallen in love with a cat. He’s the cat of a friend who is away, and my girlfriend has been contracted to take care of him, so we’ve hung out a few times. I’ve always been a dog person, which is why I’m convinced this cat is actually a dog trapped in a feline body. Cases in point: enjoys belly rubs, responds to his name, does not act aloof, plays fetch (more or less). Also cool: named Yorick, as in “Alas poor…”. But that could be more of a reflection of the owner.

    Rant: I have a no pets lease.

  • Craft store! Great! Please stock glass (e.g Bullseye, Spectrum) and printmaking supplies.

  • @ Steve – DITTO RANT! My pet wasn’t posted either….

    Rave: Going to Europe this Friday (first time!!)

    Rant: Good friend of mine not speaking to me, and won’t explain to me why because she doesn’t think its worth the effort. (WTF).

    Rave: Family was in town this weekend. Good touristing weekend and kept my mind off of current loss of friendship (see above).

  • Rant: i saw a young man (19) that lives across the street from me savagely punch his girlfriend Friday AND Saturday. The girl is pregnant (his 2nd by two women). When the police came, he took off and she would not press charges. At one point, I started to intervene as he viciously slapped her in the face. But, if his mom and the girl go along with it, it is best for me to stay out of the way.

  • rave: this is my last week at my terrible job. praise jeebus. school starts in 3.5 weeks. my field placement seems to be set. i’m ready to go.

    rant: mom is having a double mastectomy on wednesday
    rave2: I’ll be home to take care of her.

  • clearbluewater33,
    Oh man sorry to hear that. My mom had a mastectomy last year. Breast cancer is near and dear to my heart. Good luck to you. The time spent with her will be well worth it.

  • E,

    I understand that you described it as “uber-nacent”, but in what stage of development is your craft store plan? Is it in the idea phase, or has there been some substantial step(s) taken to make it happen?

  • Nate – his girlfriend and his mom are likely terrified of him. He likely abuses his mom too. You did the right thing to call the police – keep calling.

    Clearblue – My positive thoughts and prayers go out to you and your mom. My grandmother had a double mastectomy in 1955 and survived for more than 50 years. Positive things can come out of this.

  • Kalorini – I guess our pets were not cool enouch to get by PoPs virtual ropeline for pets. Makes me rather disappointed in the PoPster.

  • Rant:
    18th St Redevelopment Plan:

    There is no coordination.
    There are too many groups trying to run Adams Morgan.
    Everyone just bitches… instead of being constructive.
    Pepco sucks because they have already announced that they are expecting delays with the project before it has already started.
    Business owners are scared that they are going to suffer economically.
    DC government shows little interest in keeping Adams Morgan’s character alive.

  • Rant: My lease expires at the end of the month, and I am struggling to find an affordable apartment. Not even the ‘burbs are cheap! Is it too much to ask for to find a decent apartment with some basic amenities in a safe part of town? Dag!

  • Rave: Had a good weekend with the boyfriend. For once, no fighting! And cafe to open above Miss Pixie’s! (which I can see from my office window)

    No real rants…as of yet.

  • That party buses are now going to Wonderland on weekend nights. It’s gonna get worse when the new bars go on-line too.

  • @Anon 2:00,

    Well we don’t have a store space or anything yet, other than that I’d rather not delve into details… Why do you ask?

  • rave
    Caught both the 20th C self portait and Duchamp exhibits kind of surrendiptiously because of later closing hours at Smith. Amer. Art than NGA Both amazing exhibits which have probably been open for a while and already discussed at length

    My toddler nearly caused an international incident when she kicked one of the Duchamp display cases. How much could it possibly cost to replace? 🙂

  • Rave: Had a nice weekend driving around the Blue Ridge with Mr. Squid

    Rant: Should have left the dogs at home

    Rave2: Almost done with classes

    Rant2: Need a job or internship with some income. Anyone need a logo designed?

  • E,

    Was wondering if “uber nacent” meant that the idea germinated from the comment thread from last week, or if the plans were underway before that.

  • Oh, haha. No, its a little further than that, but it was encouraging! 🙂

  • Rave: Dead mouse. I left it in the trap for a while to scare the other mice. I did not cook it.
    Rant: Stripping 80 years worth of wall paper all weekend.
    Rave: work is crazy, really enjoying it.

  • Rave: E’s soon-to-be craft store! I can’t wait! Please open in Petworth! It’d also be fun if you had some workshops, too. (Good publicity, move more product, etc.)

  • Rant: I’m doin ok actually…

    Rave: Just put in my two week notice! Week long vacation to look forward to! Cool new neighbors! Celebratory beers!

  • Steve – hope your pet made it into today’s final posting. My cat didn’t make the cut apparently.

    Rant: What’s with selecting poor owner-snapped photos? At least my cat’s photo was in focus!

  • Rave: Possibility of craft store in the district!!
    Rave2: Got temp security clearance today! Now I wait to see when I can start new job!

  • I’m with you, Kalorini. And here’s my based-on-nothing assumption: PoP isn’t selecting anything… he’s just posting everything sent to him. And, he’ll continue posting til every submission is up. The cutoff for submissions was last week, that’s all.

    I propose a variation for next year’s contest: it’s not only a coolest pet competition, it’s a pet/ photography/ writing competition. That way, those of us who put in the effort to compose cutesy blurbs for our arty shots have a leg up. (Er… an advantage. Not leg up in the dog sense.)

  • Rant: I read a great article on my hometown’s Hubig’s Pies in New Orleans and I want one but can’t go and get one because I am in DC and not New Orleans.

  • Oakie – agreed!

  • @ET now I want a Hubig’s pie 🙁 coconut is my favorite.

  • Mal – You probably know this already but just in case, parts of Rock Creek Park are shut entirely to vehicle traffic on the weekends, and it’s a great place for you to practice relearning how to ride a bike. You can ride all the way up to Silver Spring, grab an ice cream and head back down, practice your turns and wheelies and whatnot.

    Nate – Good for you for looking out for that poor pregnant teen. Keep playing the good samaritan.

    Clearbluewater33 – I had a friend who underwent a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation treatment in the last year. If your mother is looking for a support group in the area let me know and we can see what we can do about hooking my friend up with your mom.

  • clearblue my thoughts are with your mother she is lucky to have you with her

  • ohemgee – just get old – you will appreciate anything “gripping your thighs like crazy!”

  • I think an essay contest is a great idea, but since this year’s contest is only a ‘photo’ contest, I think the stories that were sent along with some photos should be excluded during voting.

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