One Step Closer to Philly Cheese Steak on U Street


Finally some movement at that old 14U coffee shop located at 1939 14th St., NW. Back in May we learned it was going to become a cheese steak place. Now we know the name. Anyone ever hear of JJ’s? Is it an independent or a chain?

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  • JJ’s isn’t a chain in Philly that I know of. (But I would love it if Chubby’s, D’alesandro’s, Pat’s or Jim’s opened down here.)

  • Speaking of Philly, I just stopped in Taylor on H Street and one of the owners let me taste the roast pork sandwich he has been working on the last few weeks. It had roast pork with broccili rabe and provolone. Let me just say this might be the best sandwich I have ever had anywhere in the US.

  • I need to make it to Taylor one of these days. If the sandwiches are even close to what you get at Sarcone’s (where Taylor gets it’s bread), they have to be amazing.

    Never heard of JJ’s, but I hope they’re closer to Tony Luke’s than Jim’s or Pat’s or Geno’s.

  • “World Best,” huh? Let’s just say if their steak is as bad as their grammar they’re in for some trouble.

  • I bet this will be run by anyone but Italians. Back in Philadelphia all the legit cheese steak places are run by Italian families

  • JJ should have read this article before making his sign,0,1271906.story

    “9 phrases to ban from menus”

    number 2

    World Famous

  • It is not as good as Trios on 18th street

  • I just want a Chipotle.

  • I’ve heard Pat’s and Geno’s in Philly are VERY concerned about losing clientele to this establishment … JJ, whoever you are, can you also open a “world best” pizzeria and deli as well? Thanks.

    I gotta say after all the hype I was let down by Taylor’s. I tried the supposedly great Risotto balls and I’ve had much, much, much better of the same elsewhere. And the sandwich I got was solid, but hardly to die for. I’d still love to see one (or something like it) in CH, but next time I’m back on H Street, I am sticking with Granville Moore’s …

  • This place is definitely world famous. Last time I was in Bangalore, all the Philly expats were raving about how great JJ’s cheese steaks were. Same goes for Kuala Lampur, Buenos Aires, and your mom.

  • Zack — actually the bad grammar is a GOOD sign. It makes me think that they are actually FROM Philly.

  • if you have to preface it with “Philly”, that’s the first sign it isn’t a real cheesesteak. if JJ wants to be taken seriously, he should just call it a damn cheeseteak.

  • i went to Sarcone’s in philly thanks to all the hype about it. took them 1+ hour to make my sandwich and it completely sucked. the rolls are dry and nasty. no idea why people are so into them.

  • pardon my misspelling! “Cheesesteak”! Also, @Eric- I agree. my favorite way to get a cheesesteak in Philly is to go find a hole-in-the-wall place with no line, and preferabily a counter to sit at. The name places are overrated and too much hype and too many customers to put out good food.

  • Okay former philly-ist here. Pat’s is delicious no matter which way you spin it. Yes, the lines are annoyyyyying but if you go late at night with a group it’s super fun. If you want a hole in the wall go to Kimey’s at 34th & Spring Garden in Philly and get their #1 with chicken – it’s a chicken cheesesteak with fries and I lived on them for 3 years when I lived on 34th street. I’m not sure why I’m not 400 pounds because I ate them at LEAST once a day.

    Haven’t tried any cheesesteaks down here because I’m just scared… Even in Philly they knew how to mess up a cheesesteak (chicken or beef in chunks instead of all chopped up) so it’s not like ALL of Philly is good at cheesesteaks.

    Now I’m hungry.

  • What’s a “Cheesesteak”?

  • Silly, non philly experts. All your comments intersect without you knowing it. Tony Luke’s in Philly is amazing. And they are famous not for cheesesteaks but for pork, broc rabe and prov sandwiches, which, according to a commenter, Taylor is trying to perfect. Which would be great. Like Bens, Pats/Genos, is more of a drunk/hype food than a real local down home favorite but there is always a place for it in philly as there is for Bens in DC. More philly favs in DC is great. Not to replicate, which is impossible, but just for more potentially great food options. Yay for all!

  • There is a JJ’s in Northern Kenya that is borderline horrible, but the best there is in the region. I hope this isn’t the case for DC’s JJ’s. Though with Taylor’s, I don’t think we need to worry.

  • Taylor’s ingredients were very fresh, BUT the actual bread sucks. It’s too chewy. I damn near lost teeth attempting to eat my sandwich.

  • For what it’s worth, the best cheesesteak in Philly comes from Larrys. Holler @ the Belly Filler.

  • It’s named for the owner’s nieces/relatives, and it’s not a chain.

    (And thanks for the kind shout-out in the earlier post – just saw it!)

  • Just as I steer clear of “NY Pizza”, I will too avoid “Philly cheesesteak.” Do those places ever live up to their claims? Um, NO.

    BTW, Taylor’s uses real Italian bread, which most people south of the Susquehanna just aren’t used to. Also, it’s pulled pork, not roast pork. And if they really want to make a Tony Luke’s right, you should have to eat it standing over a garbage can to catch all the juices that come out.

  • Taylor’s uses Sarcone’s bread. But I’m an Amoroso’s girl. FWIW, Lee’s Hoagie House is a chain all over Philly that does a decent steak. But part of the charm of Pat’s is like Ben’s. It’s an institution.

    You watch the goombahs roll up in their Caddies, eating a steak with gold rings on their fingers and chains around their necks. The doors on the car are wide open so they don’t spill grease inside the car. They’re watching the Little League game under the lights and maybe get a cherry Italian Ice afterwards.

    Pat’s has atmosphere on summer nights like few other places. I cannot stand the neon on Geno’s or their jingoistic signs.

    I have yet to eat at Tony Luke’s because I don’t run down that far south for food. (I’m from the topside of Philly, hence my preference for Chubby’s and D’alessandro’s.)

  • Larry’s?

    Seriously? I go there all the time, but am well aware it is not the best cheesesteak in Philly. Not even close. You must not get out much.

  • I have to agree with Mal.
    Kimey’s cheesesteaks are amazing. There is a sign out front that says “best of philly” which seemed laughable to me when I first started going there. I’ve lived within a block of Kimey’s going on 4 years, and I gotta say now I agree in spades. TYeah, they have cheap freezer fries, but the cheesesteak – amazing. Pats and Genos are obligatory novelty experiences, but for my money I’d rather get cheesesteaks from bodegas and keep looking for hidden treasure – the REAL best philly cheesesteak that probably no one knows about.

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