What The Helen of Troy is This?

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen chain link fence around a tree like this before. I’m guessing it’s just temporary. Anyone know what the deal is?

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  • while the hubcap on the tree is way cool – you could almost have a “caption -off” with this photo

  • someone is obviously sick of pedestrians trampling their flowers or dogs peeing and shitting on them. or bicyclists chaining their gear to the tree and trampling the flowers in the process.

    they’ve probably tried to be nice neighbors and put up a sweet sign at first, which was ignored by all, and then probably did a nice little tie-off with string, which was also ignored. so they took some serious steps and put up something no one could walk over. its not the sexiest solution but probably what they had on hand, was really cheap at the hardware store.

    its really too bad people can’t leave other people’s pretty yard efforts alone.

  • There is some large machinery working at the corner of 13th and Florida (see the orange barrels in the photo). I think they are ripping up water pipes or power lines from under the road. I assumed these were put in to prevent the machines from accidentally destroying the trees on the sidewalks.

  • Well, you (or your dog) can still pee through the fence. Perhaps the owner could hook up a car battery and electrify it?

  • saf

    When you get a public space permit, one of the requirements is fencing to protect street trees.

  • Squirrel Cage Grudge Match!

  • Uh, it’s called “don’t let your dog pee-pee on my tree and flowers.”

  • So that is where they got their name Squirrel Nut Zippers from.

  • You don’t own the sidewalk or the tree in front of your house, fyi. It’s all public space and owned by the city.

  • I love the Helen of Troy posts. DC (or I guess any big city) is so random sometimes. Usually I just scratch my head and keep walking. PoP takes a picture.

  • This is nothing a private individual has done, this is City sponsored, those crazy tree fences are all over the H Street corridor where they are doing tons o construction work.

  • I agree with the poster above. You don’t own the sidewalk or the tree in front of your residence. I have a tiny dog who I clean up after, but find it totally unnerving all of the “no pets” and “curb your dog elsewhere” signs. I don’t let my dog run up on other people’s front yards- but that little tree between the sidewalk and the road is the only place my dog has to pee. You may as well say “no pets in my city please”

  • Wow anon @ 3:13 – it’s not that these people don’t like pets, it’s that they don’t want these pets destroying their yards. Dog pee turns grass that lovely yellow-death shade, and having dog crap in their yard is probably something they’d rather avoid.

  • Is pee good or bad for trees?

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