Dear PoP – When is the Roosevelt HS Track Open To The Public?

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“Don’t know who else to contact (called the HS earlier today and they couldn’t help me), but I was wondering if you’ve figured out how to access the Roosevelt HS track during the allotted hours ( Every time I jog over it’s not open. Very frustrating, as it looks beautiful!”

Hmm, ANC Joe Martin (Joseph.Martin (at) is usually good about these things. Have any other readers been able to access the track located on Upshur Street just west of Georgia Ave.?

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  • In general, why do your readers want to lurk around minors?

    It’s a school, if you aren’t a student, how about staying away from the kids?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Are you joking Neener? Sometimes humor is hard to convey in comments. If you’re serious, it is open to the public and it is an amazing track. It has nothing to do with hanging around minors. The public hours are mostly before after student hours anyway. I’m perplexed by your comment. Or I’ve just totally lost my sense of humor tonight.

  • My wife is a serious runner (marathons, half-marathons, 10-milers) and has also been hoping to try out the track there, or at Cardozo HS. The surface on tracks is softer than pavement, and you know exactly how far you’re going. Maybe there will be a more accessible track on the site behind DCUSA as part of the athletic field?

  • Since the school track was renovated I would imagine the school doesn’t want to open it to the public to prevent it from being vandalized and looking crazy as it once did. I am not saying that is right but it is understandable. It is a beautiful track. I wouldn’t mind using it myself.

  • I used to use it in the fall when they were doing football practice. A bunch of people run on it after 5pm – no problem. I have not tried in the spring yet with track practice. Anyone know about Cardozo?

    @Neener- It’s a public school paid for by our tax money, so yeah we can use it when not in use by students. i dont think anyone is asking to use it during school hours. And seriously, you have been watching too much dateline “to catch a predator!”

  • Yeah, MandarinZazz is right, there are often people running on it after 5. It’s a really nice and amazing track. It’s hard to explain, but to access it, there is a gate along the wall that you think is locked until you try it.

    Since I helped pay for it, I should get to use it when the school isn’t. In fact, I’m annoyed that it’s not open to the public on weekends (although my roommate and I did sneak a quick 2-miler one Saturday morning last summer).

  • I’ve run on the Roosevelt track in the mornings, usually right around 7 am, it’s a great surface. But sometimes I run up there and it is mysteriously closed. My guess, whoever is in charge of opening it sometimes does, and sometimes doesn’t get around to it. Not really a high priority for them. Just an FYI, the only entrance that I’ve ever found open is the turnstile at the top of the bleachers. None of the other gates are accessible.

  • If you want a track that is GUARANTEED to be open, try the Banneker High School track on Georgia Ave across from Howard U. It’s a unique layout (more square than oval), but has been resurfaced recently and is 400 meters.

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