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  • Their spiced squid appetizer is great.

  • Meiwah, more like Meh-wah

  • Pretty yummy. In my office we get delivery from there when we’re working late. I am a fan of their kung-pao chicken, pad thai, and the Cripsy Tofu in Special Sauce — I have no idea what exactly that special sauce is, but it’s delicious!

  • It’s a decent meal, but not fantastic in my mind. For several years, I worked in a nearby office and had way too many Meiwah lunches and other meals catered by them to think of it as anything other than decent Chinese food. Then again, I have a friend who moved to NYC a few years back and makes a beeline for the place every time he’s in town. He’ll take a later train back if he needs to make time for Meiwah — swears it’s the best thing about DC.

  • If you do some google searching, it was a favorite of WH staffers (confirmed by someone in the WH Counsel office then) under the Clinton administration, but when I went there two years ago, it wasn’t anything great.

  • The one in Friendship Heights is great.

  • It used to be fine. Now it seems the owner only cares about their Bethesda location.

  • Delivery is the way to go with Meiwah. The service sucks!

  • Very Americanized Chinese, as far as I can tell.

  • I work a couple blocks away and often step in for dinner on my way home. I think it’s pretty solid Chinese food. Recently had the steamed dumplings — tasty!

  • Its funny you say its Americanized-Chinese because Meiwah means “Chinese in America”. Its not bad. Any recommendations for good chinese food on the hill?

  • I went out of my way to do delivery from there twice and neither time did I think it deserved the hype. It’s good, but is it really great? I’m not convinced.

    I find that the best ever Chinese restaurant in the DC area is Yuan Fu Vegetarian in far northern Rockville. I can always find something there that I never tried before and that blows me away. Maybe this is like the best fried chicken or some inarguable concept?

  • Its OK but for delivery I go for Mr Chen’s in woodley park – peking duck rolls are great.

  • Formerly a solid “B”. Now a “C-“.

  • Tofu curl rocks. They’re the only restaurant in the world other than City Lights that makes it, and the service at City Lights is pathetic.

  • Jiminy! While Tofu curl under the name Tofu Curl is a city Lights/Meiwah staple, I just name-dropped Yuan Fu and they have an almost identical tofu dish.

  • Do they serve stinky tofu?

    I used to walk by this place every day and I’ve heard people rave about it; at the same time, most Americans like American-style Chinese food, which isn’t really Chinese food at all.

    I would agree with Neener that the best Chinese/Taiwanese food in the area is in Rockville. If you want good Asian food, you need to go where the Asians live. Which is to say, Rockville.

  • Speaking of Rockville, Michael Noodle House has the best Taiwanese-style dishes I’ve had since I lived out in the SF Bay area.

  • Agreed on Yuan Fu. Too far from DC for delivery, which they don’t do anyway. Meat eaters be aware — it’s vegan but it just may blow your mind.

    Now you’ve got me hungry for stinky tofu . . . or gym socks . . . I’m having trouble placing that smell

  • Err, ummm…Adam you’re joking right? If not, you may want to invest in a better Chinese language teacher. 😀

  • i only order one thing from meiwah….crispy tofu in special sauce……..YMMMMMMM. and the portion is huge. one order lasts me 3 meals. it’s the bomb.

  • Anon @2:14: I’ve never been to Michaels – where is it located? Have you ever been to Bob’s Noodle 66? That’s where my Taiwanese friends always take me.

  • We’ve eaten at Meiwah many times over the years. It consistently provides reasonably priced, fairly well prepared versions of the standard types of dishes most Americans come to expect from Chinese restaurants. There’s nothing innovative, exciting, dazzling, or adventuresome, but it does a decent job of satisfying a Chinese food fix. And there’s no better alternative of which I’m aware in central DC. (City Lights in Dupont has deteriorated to the point it is unacceptable, and most of the Chinatown places I’ve tried serve food that is somewhere between mediocre and dreadful.)

  • Anon5 @3:38: It’s hidden at the back corner of a small shopping center. The address is 10038 Darnestown Road in Rockville. Never been to Bob’s, but I’ll definitely check it out.

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