Good Deal or Not? Prison Door Edition


These condos are located at 2543 13th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Incredible 2-level contemporary townhouse condo in HOT Columbia Heights! Features include bamboo flooring, gas f/p, pocket doors, recessed lighting, exposed brick, open layout, balcony off of master BR, 2 patios, Kohler fixtures, and MORE! Low fees! Almost 1600 sqft! Close to metro! Needs finishing touches and repairs. SOLD STRICTLY AS IS!!”

More info and photos found here.

I first noted this condo because of their prison like doors. But now looking at the photos it looks like they did a good job. Both units have 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. I’ve never heard of that before. Unit #1 is offered at $499,000. Unit #2 is offered at $599,000. I’m a little concerned that it says being sold “as is”. Do you think the price reflects that?

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  • 3rd bathroom in a 2br is a waste of square footage. You’d make better use of the space with another closet.

    And no, neither 500 or 600k is a reasonable price for a condo in Columbia Heights. For that price you could just buy a condo at Union Row.

  • why are there “For Lease” signs on the window? hmmm. somethin’ ain’t right here.

  • Maybe it’s just the vulture in me, but for everything this condo project has been through I would have expected a much steeper price discount relative to other properties in the area. and I wonder what “repairs” and “finishing touches” it needs? Also, the tax assessment seems uncharacteristically high. Given those issues and the lack of parking I would probably sit this one out and see if the price comes down a lot more.

  • Is this a case where the developer ran out of money to finish the project? And hence the “as is”? Or has it been built for a couple years already?

  • Looking at the 600 (reduced from 650) I think that is a fair deal at that price, if the needed repairs are very minor and wouldn’t cost more than a few thousand dollars. That is an absolutely HUGE space, not too far from U Street, the finishes look pretty nice, and the few from the deck is outstanding. Door can be replaced. Three levels is nice as well. No way you get something with that type of space in Union Row for anything under 700-750, anonymous … that being said, the lack of parking concerns me, as does the fact that the developer is MIA, and who knows what remains unfinished (although it looks pretty finished to me from the photos).

  • Ditto Anon at 1:11 pm

    Of course I am biased against the 2 unit condo developments because I think they are stupid.

  • The condo is no bigger than a rowhouse, of which there are plenty in the neighborhood for 600 or less that need a few “repairs” and “finishing touches.”

  • wasn’t the GDON a few days ago of a wardman in mt pleasant–the whole house–for $595k?? This seems way overpriced.

    Someone obviously didn’t know what they were doing in the bathrooms–the vanity counter overhangs the toilet. How are you supposed to use it? Even twiggy needs more room than that.

    The photos of the kitchen aren’t very good, but is there a sink missing there?

    No parking either.

  • I live around the corner from these units (the “outstanding” deck view is of my deck). I can’t think of a crappier renovation. They took three very nice town houses, chopped them up, did an awful job on the exterior, didn’t properly install drainage (for the lower units) and then didn’t even finish the job. I remember back at the top of the market these were going for the mid-high 700s – it was an awful deal back then and is even worse now. It’s a ton of square-footage, but as far as I can tell the work is shoddy and unfinished. What a bust.

  • Terrible, horrible slipshod renovation. How is anyone supposed to use that toilet — did they measure the dimensions of the space beforehand? If there are obvious problems in plain view in their slideshow, what sort of problems are lurking out of plain view? I would bet on having to redo plumbing and electric, as well as major hidden structural issues. What a pity these gorgeous old homes, which probably had amazing original detail, were sacrificed for such a crappy project. Definitely a bad deal, even though this is otherwise a very desireable part of Columbia Heights.

  • The doors (and stairs leading up them) still look like prison doors.

  • oldhouse: your mention of poor drainage confirmed my suspicion – the bamboo flooring in the lower level appears cupped, indicating significant water seepage after the floor was installed. Also, plan on a permanent bruise on your right hip from that sink/toilet positioning.

  • over priced. That development went bankrupt and I beleive was finally sold at auction at a loss. Can’t imagine that those units are worth what they are asking. And yes, the doors look like prison lock down.

  • I have lived in CH since the summer of 2004. I recall the project being in process for a long time and at some point it appeared that the bank was auctioning them off. So I assume that the original plans did not happen and now the new owners just put things together fast to get them ready for sale.

    I agree that the price seems high (and is higher than my price for a 3 floor house even back then when you had to bid UP)…

  • I wouldn’t buy these with someone else’s money.

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