Capturing Sweet City Signs


Anyone recognize where this is from? It’s interesting that it’s called Lorenzo’s Billar Corner and not Lorenzo’s Billar Esquina.

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  • That would be above ‘Combinacion Restaurant’ on Columbia rd near Champlain St. It used to be a kinda rough place with lots of money changing hands, but I heard it’s mellowed out some. Still pretty much ground zero for all the fake green card and social security card dealings though…

  • columbia rd across from the salmonella safeway? Anyone know whats going on with the Safeway. I heard over a year ago that they were going to expand into the 4 storefronts next door. Last I looked Footlocker just left. Citi is leaving soon. leaving only Beauty Island. I thought this was a good sign that the safeway plans were coming to fruition but now i see for-lease signs up. why would those signs be up if safeway is expanding into them. if safeway isnt expanding into them why are they all being vacated? and safeway. if you are listening. please expand and redo your store. it really really sucks.

  • Beauty Island & the one next to it (Foot Locker?) are becoming a CVS Pharmacy. The other two, I’m not sure about. Hopefully Safeway would be taking them over, but it wouldn’t really add much space to the existing store. Not enough to bring it up to “elite” standards. Kind of a bummer if you ask me. I am hoping that the CVS one block away vacates its current space and consolidates into this one. What’s the point of having two so very close?

  • anon 5:33- are you sure. not sure what sense it makes at all for cvs to open a block away from one of their own stores unless they are being kicked out of their current location. the costs assosciated with doing a whole build out and move a block away doesnt make a lot of sense if they arent being kicked out. also as mentioned all these spaces have for lease signs on them. so if cvs is going in then why are those present on the windows? but hey maybe if cvs vacates their current location somoething cool can open in the old theater

  • Take away Beauty Island! Black girls need that place.

  • I remember a huge secret service bust at lorenzo’s a few years back… they went in and had two dozen or so people lined up on the sidewalk outside

  • Yeah, it was Secret Service, ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] and MPD. They do a raid about every 3 or four years – it usually raises a minor sh*t-storm because under MPD guidelines they’re not supposed to be enforcing immigration law, but Chief Ramsey [at the time] made a huge deal about how MPD was only there for traffic control. I watched the raid from start to finish and MPD was hands-on all the way. Pretty funny crap – there were guys running like crazy down Champlain St ditching little slips of paper from their pockets frantically. They apparently deported a few of the ringleaders and busted a house in Columbia Heights with all the printing equipment [along with underage prostitutes and coke], but there were guys back out selling ‘micas’ on the block within a week.

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