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  • I love it

  • Two thumbs up. Really integrates the environment around it, well done.

  • Interesting, I like the building, but I was going to say that I like it except that it does NOT integrate the surrounding landscape at all. The proportion, color, window placement and mass are all interesting and pleasing. However, there is no grace to how the house touches the ground, and the design of the house is seemingly oblivious to the fact that it is on a wooded lot. Such is the territory of modernism – you could plunk this house down in the middle of a desert and the house would still be interesting.

  • Modernist architecture does not use vinyl siding. This is just bad.

  • @not telling, I’m pretty sure that’s wood, not vinyl.

  • I’m a huge fan of modern, but this one is only gets a meh from me.

  • Um, that’s wood beadboard, not vinyl. Used extensively in 50’s / 60’s Mid-Atlantic modern residential neighborhoods ala Holland Hills etc….

  • Would love to see the inside before making a judgement but am inclined toward thumbs up.

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