Good Deal or Not? Questionable Paint Choice Edition


This home is located at 2533 11th Street, NW:

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The flier says:


More info but sadly no interior photos found here. It’s interesting to note that the exterior of the house is painted a different color than the shot I got this past weekend. Which paint job do you prefer? It seems clear that because there are no interior photos and it’s being sold as is there is probably a bit of work that needs to be done. So does $650,000 for a large (5 bedrooms) house on a great street, sound right? Personally, I’m a huge fan of 11th Street. But this might seem a bit high if it needs work done. What would be a more appropriate price?

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  • Dear Lord, the new paint job is atrocious (AKA colors… *shudder*). Old one was much better.

  • Agreed that the old paint job was much better. Factor is 2,000 for a new paint job asap.

    I think $650 would be right if this house were in pretty good condition and not being sold as-is. When you sell something as-is, you are going to need to offer a lower price. I imagine it will sell somewhere between $550 and $599.

  • It all depends on what is meant by “as is”. If its just the bad paint choice, no problem. If it is structural problems or rotting floors, $650 is too much.

  • Stacey- When a seller sells their house as-is, they are disclaiming any implied warranties. This in and of itself should fetch a lower price (it doesn’t matter if it is a paint job or rotting floors — in a contract, two people bargain over risk, by selling as-is, the buyer agrees to pay more money for more risk.)

  • Possibly a Latino house, their color palette is a wee bit different I’ve found. Said with all respect and admiration for Latinos, their beautiful woman, and their wonderful food. Not their music though, oy vey… 😉

  • I agree with the overall trend that it seems too expensive for a house listed “as is”.

  • Is it really “extremely large?” It says 5 bedrooms, but they are counting one bedroom in the basement and one bedroom somewhere on the main floor. Tax records say 1280 sq ft, so it sounds like your typical rowhouse with 3 upstairs bedrooms, perhaps with more square feet added in a rear addition.

    It sold for $507k in August 2006. If the owners added a bunch of value, why no interiro pics?

  • And really since when is “clean carpets” a selling point? It just seems so odd to put that in the description.

  • As a professional RE mortgage broker and active investor, the reason homes are sold “as is” is to protect the seller from any legal trouble post sale. Very common over the past few years. 1280 sqft does not likely include basement measurements. But by no means is this a large home. My home is about 950sq ft per floor and is average for a large CH rowhouse (Irving Street), so at about 650sqft for this one I’d say this is no great bargain. Want a great deal? Look for short sales. Steve 202-332-0019

  • One wonder why they painted it especially something so atrocious. If they were planning on selling. The other paint job was more friendly and didn’t seem like it needed an update. Why waste the money?

    A little pricey. Can I just say the all-caps description makes it look like the realtor was filling up space because she/he didn’t care or couldn’t think of better things to say.

  • I was interested in low-balling an offer in 06 when it was on the market for a few months at 479 as a 3 br, 1.5 bath. I was shocked when it was bought for 507. I spit my coffee out when i saw it was listing at 650.

    in 06, it was a pretty standard floor plan. 2 decent sized bedrooms, very small 3rd bedroom/office/big closet and a full bath upstairs. I’m guessing the main level sunroom is what they’re calling the 4th bedroom. The basement was finished as a carpeted den with a washer/dryer and a half-bath. the backyard was neither a yard, nor parking as it had a raised concrete pad running through the middle. I’d be interested to see what changes were made.

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