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  • Yes, it is on Oakwood Terrace where there are several other magnificent houses. Even the standard rowhouses are spectacular inside.

  • I believe this is the oldest house still standing in MTP.

  • I think I see Norman’s mother in one of the upstairs bedroom windows…

  • Holy crap, I’m in love. Talk about house porn!

  • According to the Mount Pleasant Heritage Trail site:

    Neighborhood: Mount Pleasant
    Address: 3423 Oakwood Terrace, NW
    Metro: Columbia Heights (Green and Yellow lines)

    Mount Pleasant founder Samuel P. Brown built this Victorian house as a private residence in 1871. Mount Pleasant was just a village at the time, with a commercial center at 14th Street and Park Road. Oakwood stood on two and a half acres close to the western edge of the settlement.

  • You need a camera with GPS.

  • This awe inspiring home features all its orgininal wood trim, some of the original wall paper, and plaster work. Windows are also original, they have the little imperfections of rippled glass. Did you know this home features a ORIGiNAL master suite with bidea. Over the years the house has been used for many many parties of 150 or more and the house still stands as good as ever. The owner of the home lives in scotland, hopefully he will sell this magnificent home to someone who will love and maintain it for future generations to enjoy.

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