Tito’s Ice Cream Outside of the DC USA

IMG_7749, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I love the fact that there is an ice cream man outside of the DC USA. It makes it feel more like a community than just a sterile mall. And based on the five minutes I hung around, Tito seemed to be doing very well this past Saturday. Maybe the only thing cooler would be a real Italian Ice guy…

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  • I don’t mind the ice cream (Tito’s is an ice cream company from Chicago) which comes in lots of fabulous tropical flavors, but I’m already tired of finding the plastic ice cream wrappers on the side walks around our house.

  • I love the carts. I’ve seen them in Chicago and they all have little bells on the handle.

  • It’s right across the street from Rita’s!

    That is the definitive water ice in my opinion.

  • That cart has been around long before DCUSA opened- I just wish that the little bell had a mute button sometimes…

    I think the ice cream wrappers, like scratch tickets, just fall from the sky in these parts.

  • So is it Tito Puente or Marshal Tito?

  • Tito Puente’s Ice Cream Carts would be off the chain…

    Rita’s italian ice is the McDonald’s of water ice.

    I’m hesitatnt to blame the ice cream man for triflin’ DC youth behaviors. Though I sure blame the bars for the trail of plastic cups leading away from their door…

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