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IMG_5659, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This sign has been up for months on U St. towards Adams Morgan. Don’t you think he’d change it by now, or does the mustache lend a certain panache?

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  • I rather liked the blacked-out tooth. The mark of quality.

  • It complements the sharkskin zoot suit Sir Gregory is wearing in that photo. It reminds me muchly of the suit I purchased in Las Vegas in 1991 (whilst drunk) with my very first blackjack winnings. All Gregarino needs is one of those Goodfella collars on his shirt and a .38 snubby with which to smack non-compliant clients on the bridge of the nose. “Want western exposure, eh?” {whack!} “You’ll take it and like it!”

  • i used to pass this on my run everyday. me and my running buddy have changed our route since but seeing this just makes me miss that sweet stache.

  • I walk by this on a regular basis and still get a chuckle. Thanks for leaving it up Greg Ford!

  • ow wow, i’m floored! a post on PoP just for me. i’m going to have to give you one on my blog to return the favor. any requests?

  • I was staring at the shot – something looks familiar – then bammo – I remember Greg. Shared a beach house with him 20 years ago! I remember him as a good guy.

  • David-

    Did he have killer facial hair and a shoddy dentist back when you knew him or are these new developments?

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