Night Hawk with Conor and the Wild Hunt

The Pocket
1508 North Capitol St NW
Washington, D.C., D.C. 20002

Night Hawk is a Maine-based outfit led by Colter Adams and Peyton Semjen, whose music often blurs the line between indie rock and performance art. Featuring a rotating cast of talented players from the New England underground, the project revolves around the question: what do Edward Hopper’s paintings sound like? The band is embarking on their first east coast tour, behind their debut EP,” Everything Good Ends,” an emotional odyssey, traversing gentle piano ballads and rollicking indie folk anthems to tell the stories of turbulent relationships. Against a backdrop of rip-roaring guitars, crashing drums, and enchanting cello, the band’s live performances paint scenes inspired by both Edward Hopper paintings and personal experience.

Conor & The Wild Hunt animates soulful original songs with fresh perspectives on Americana, Folk, and pop traditions. They encompass a wide dynamic range, from contemplative cinematic ballads to anthemic explosive peaks, with story-weaving lyrics, artful and driving instrumentation, impassioned duets, blooming three part harmonies, and a compelling stage presence. The band consists of three professional and committed multi-instrumentalist musicians working together to create immersive musical experiences.

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