Why Well-Paid Maids is committed to using safe cleaning products

Unlike our competitors, Well-Paid Maids doesn’t clean your home with harsh chemicals. Instead, we handpick cleaning products rated “safest” by the Environmental Working Group, the leading rating organization regarding product safety.

The reason is threefold.

First, using safe cleaning products ensures toxic chemicals won’t leak into waterways or harm wildlife if disposed of improperly.

Second, it’s better for you and your family. Fragrant chemicals in surface cleaners can expose you to a similar amount of pollutant particles as a busy city road, New Scientist reported.

Third, this is just another step we take to look out for our cleaners. For example, Jasmine Cooke worked as a cleaner at a hospital before joining Well-Paid Maids. The harsh chemicals made her cough and feel like she was going to pass out — even while wearing a mask.

Our philosophy of taking care of our cleaners, who are W-2 employees, goes beyond the products we use. We pay cleaners a starting wage of $24 an hour, and they’re offered benefits, including health insurance, 24 paid days off per year and more.

This is all part of our mission to incite change in a notoriously dirty industry. You can show your support — and get a sparkling-clean, fresh-smelling home — by scheduling a cleaning.

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