The Catalogue for Philanthropy: Your Guide to Charities in Washington

by Jeff Scherer December 1, 2015 at 12:10 pm 0

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After a weekend of hyper-spending through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday provides a way to give back. But with so many charities, how can you find a worthy cause that keeps your donation close to home?

Your best bet to give like a local this Giving Tuesday is The Catalogue for Philanthropy. The Catalogue is the only locally focused guide to giving in Greater Washington. They’ve spent more than a decade figuring out the best small charities in the area and connecting them to donors. Their team makes sure you’re not only giving like a local, but that you also feel good about giving back. All of their charities are screened for excellence so that your donation makes a real impact.

No matter your interest, with the Catalogue’s help, you’ll find a nonprofit that strikes a chord with your charitable impulse. Want to protect the Potomac? The Catalogue has 20 hand-picked organizations committed to environmental protection and conservation. Are you a die-hard supporter of DC’s vibrant arts scene? You can find more than 60 reviewed arts organizations in Greater Washington. Devoted to the future of DC? The Catalogue features more than 50 charities preparing our next generation for success.

The Catalogue not only screens nonprofits to make sure they’re doing the best for the causes you care about, they also make it easy to give. If you donate through the Catalogue, they don’t take a cut. You can even buy a gift card to make sure your family and friends also give like a local this year.

Find out more about The Catalogue for Philanthropy of Greater Washington and #givelikealocal this Tuesday.


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