This D.C. Council At-Large candidate is a community activist, strategist, and a mom who cares

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Courtney Snowden, running for D.C. Council At-Large, has established herself as a community activist, strategist, and most importantly — a working mom who understands the challenge of juggling both family and work. Born and raised in Washington, Courtney now lives in Ward 7 with her son Malik. As well as being a mother, she is a principal at The Raben Group, a progressive public policy and government relations firm. Her job immerses her in public policy through direct lobbying, strategic planning, and coalition building, but if you ask her, her most important role is that of a mom. That’s why, along with such issues as spurring the economy, better public transportation, and more affordable housing, she is a fighter for better public schools.

A product of the D.C. public school system herself, as well as a board member for a Ward 7 charter school, Courtney is dedicated to ensuring that taxpayer dollars will be allocated to fund schools sufficiently, ensuring quality educational opportunities throughout D.C.

“This city is, and has always been, full of promise and opportunity,” says Snowden. “I believe there is a place for all of our city’s residents, but we need a fighter willing to roll up her sleeves, and do the hard work of bringing the diverse people of this city together.”

Snowden boasts 15 years of advocacy work, walking the halls of U.S. Congress to fight especially for high-quality education for children throughout the city, safer neighborhoods, and equality and increased opportunities for underserved communities. She has served on the board of SMYAL (Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League), the Richard Wright Public Charter School, and the Rockson Community Development Corporation, and she was the first female board chair of D.C. Black Pride. Her D.C. Council campaign is based on the idea that every resident of the city, no matter where they live or what job they hold, should benefit from the promise and prosperity that makes D.C. great.

To learn more about her campaign and how to get involved, or to contribute, visit Courtney Snowden’s website.

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