Start your day with a free breakfast and a free ride to work

by blankslate September 29, 2014 at 12:10 pm 0

Chobani Oats

[sponsored_by action_blurb=”Sponsored By” name=”Chobani” url=”http://www.chobani.com/” logo=”https://www.popville.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Chobani-letterbox.jpg” byline=”Chobani Oats™ is the perfect ratio of yogurt to fruit to oats, with 10g of protein, 8g of whole grains and as much fiber as a packet of instant oatmeal.” attribution_action_blurb=”Created By” attribution_name=”BlankSlate” attribution_url=”http://www.blankslate.com/”][/sponsored_by]

If you come out of Union Station or the L’Enfant Plaza metro this week, and you see people riding giant cups of yogurt… don’t panic. What you’re seeing is not a hallucination, but your free ride to work.

This week, Chobani is surprising busy Metro commuters like you by offering you a better way to start your day. Their custom fleet of “Cho-ffeurs,” pedicabs designed to look like cups of new Chobani Greek Yogurt Oats on wheels, are offering free rides from train stations and designated hubs around the city to your workplaces. Along the way, you’ll get a free breakfast to fuel you all morning long — a cup of Chobani Oats, with its blend of Greek Yogurt, steel cut oats and real fruit.

Chobani will also have a breakfast station set up to intercept commuters on foot with a free breakfast-to-go. If you don’t bump into them on your commute, don’t fret. Anyone can get a cup of Chobani Oats by sharing a photo of their sad breakfast — looking at you, guy eating the stale bagel — and tagging it #StopSadBreakfast.

Here’s when and where you can find the pedicabs and breakfast stations this week:


Monday, September 29: Union Metro Station

Tuesday, September 30: L’Enfant Metro Station

Wednesday, October 1: Union Metro Station




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