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Okay. It’s summer. You know there are a ton of things you want to do in the nighttime hours – whether it’s eating crazy good food, checking out a showseeing some great live music, or hitting up a happy hour – or simply taking happy hour into the happier hours late at night, but there’s always that cloud hanging over your head when you go out: how am I getting home?

Sidecar is going to help you out this summer. It just is. In the short term (getting home from that good date/party/concert/foodfest/horrible date from which you need an exit strategy) and in the long term – in the environmental, eco sense. It’s a ride service app where you can get home in a safe, classy and totally unpretentious way. It’s the ride service for the everyguy and the everygirl – it’s also the ride service that likes you.

How’s that? Sidecar is giving away iPad mini (16G wifi – $329 value) – which is probably the best way to find other things to do – and also, what better way to use Sidecar than as the app it was born to be used as? It’s also giving away an $100 ride credit.  Since each ride is about $10, Sidecar is essentially giving you ten trips home – or – ten nights out! And fear not – ten runners up will get a $30 ride credit, so you can still get three nights on the town.

WORST case scenario, you don’t win big, Sidecar is still on your side (no pun intended. Seriously.) You can get a $10 ride credit with the code POPSIDE.

So things are looking good for this summer, right?

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