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Yes, Petworth’s New YES! Organic Market Kicks Ass!

by Prince Of Petworth September 2, 2009 at 9:34 pm 65 Comments


I’ve gotten tons of emails asking me why I haven’t posted photos of the new YES! Organic Market located at the corner of Georgia Ave and Taylor. I simply hadn’t had a chance to stop by yet. But I remedied that and you guys are right, this place is amazing! First of all the place was much bigger than I thought. And I’ll echo what a lot of folks said, it is such a pleasure to have a nice clean spot like this and also the folks working there were beyond nice. I ran into the owner, Mr. Cha, who wanted to thank the community for their support.

I was particularly impressed with the beer selection…


On a side note, I mentioned previously that I recently sold my car. Well, to go grocery shopping I bought a granny cart. It is amazing to me that overnight I’ve turned into an 80 year old Jewish guy from the lower East Side with this cart. But I’ve decided to embrace it.


Lots more photos of inside the YES! after the jump.








  • Sheepy

    All that good beer and you bought _Heineken_?!


  • Prince Of Petworth

    I’m on a budget…

  • Naomi

    Mmmm…..Wine selection looks pretty good. Will have to check it out this weekend

  • lordzork

    Yes, I was just there, I bought some Ommegang and an apple.

  • Otis Gal

    Happy happy

  • Otis Gal

    Happy! Happy!

  • Matt N.

    You’ve got time to snap photos of random doors, balconies, lawn sculptures, vicious dogs, gardens, bistros, turtles, lawnmowers and building shells, but not enough time to stop into Yes!? Shameful, shameful.

  • Solives

    In a few months you could save $0.10 by bringing your own bags…ofcourse, you’ll have to shell out $1 each…

  • So pretty!!! I can’t wait to stop by.

  • Markus

    I’ve been twice…great and much easier (and better in every way) than going to the Brookland Yes.

    Beer selection is good, but weak on the IPA front.

  • colelady

    Yes! is great. I’m enjoying the store on 14th and V.

  • Jay’O

    Sheepy said: “All that good beer and you bought _Heineken_?!”


  • davidj

    No way, man, those 80 year old Jewish guys don’t drain double sixes like that!

  • Jay’O

    On a side note. I’ve got a friend who just moved into Union Row above the 14th & U Yes! Organic and she hates it!?!?!? She thinks the produce is spoiled, products have expired dates, and the prices are too high. I agree it’s pricey, but I’ve never found any old product.

    Is that everyone else’s experience?

  • davidj

    Jay’O, haven’t been to the Union Row location, but the Capitol Hill and Brookland ones are IME like you say, maybe pricey but fresh.

  • E-Rich

    Don’t knock the granny cart. When my neighbors moved to San Francisco they put there’s out for the trash while we were having a BBQ. I announced to all my friends I was going garbage picking right in front of them, and I didn’t care who saw it, and now have a $40 cart in perfect condition that allows my refrigerator to finally reflect that I’m not in college anymore. Besides, 12 packs are more economical yet sadly harder to carry.

  • amyc

    is there parking?

  • PetworthRes

    There is a parking garage in the back.

    I’ve been 3 times and love it…I live only 2 blocks away, and it’s amazing that I can walk somewhere and buy ingredients for dinner (Safeway = glorified 7-11, only for buying emergency supplies). I agree it is pretty expensive, but they have some great deals if you look for them. My favorite parts are the produce and the yogurt selection.

  • Anonymous

    With all the bad service around town, I’ve been pushed to shop at Whole Foods. Yes! prices seem relatively cheap in this case. I love it. It’s so close and seems to have everything I need. I’m as happy about it being here as I thought I would be!

  • I wish this was closer to us (at Irving & Warder). All we have are bulletproof carryouts.
    But hey, we’ll take it.


  • This Yes! looks awesome. For whoever asked – the Cap Hill one isn’t even a tiny bit as nice as this one. Ours is cramped, has very little in the way of fresh anything, and is all around a worthless use of PA Ave. storefront space.

    One of the proposals for the redevelopment of the former Hine property has Yes moving out of its current location and into the new development – if that proposal wins, I hope that this is the model for that store.

  • Anonymous

    This new store seems much better and with wider aisles than their old Columbia Road store which is much smaller with very narrow one-way aisles.

  • Chessnerd

    I noticed there are 3-4 parking spots marked for Yes! in the rear of the building.

  • Yeah I don’t like the Yes! at 14th and V, it’s an emergency only stop for me. The produce is always rotting, the prices are especially ridiculous on certain staples (milk, I’m looking at you), and it’s just not that big, not a proper grocery store. This one looks better and bigger, I hope it doesn’t have the same problems I’ve found with the one at 14th and V.

  • D. Chambers

    I am looking forward to shopping there.

  • Kathryn

    I go to the 14th and U location, and I’ve also had a few experiences with bad fruit in the past. But I gave it another try last month and they seem to have improved on that.

  • John

    Jay’O — I had the same bad experience with rotten produce at the 14th and V location. I now go to the Harris Teeter instead.

  • New Hampy

    stopped by this past sunday and it’s GORGEOUS! they had lots of samples out to taste, which would habe been great had it not been for the strung out teenage hopping from sample station to sample station sticking his grimy paws in the food. other than that and the drunk guy outside the store who yelled at me “what the fu*& are you looking at” as i walked, the yes! experience was great! great addition to the neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    thats nuts. Nicest one ive seen yet. wish they would expand the adams morgan store. I live in MTP so I am anxiously awaiting a resolution to the whole ellwood thompson debacle. as it is I can walk to safeway and giant. which are better now but neither have enough organics for me.

  • Eric in Ledroit

    ALWAYS check expiration dates at Yes (and safeway). I almost bought milk over a week past its expiration at the Brookland one (and subsequently stopped going there).

  • East of Petworth

    Yeah – that Yella Pils is pretty damn good, I have to say. I know the vegarians are going to jump on me, but I wish they had a little better meat selection, but that is probably a function of not having an in house butcher. Also hint on milk – lactose free is good for like two months, so you don’t have to worry about spoilage at home…as much.

  • David T

    It is simply wonderful.

  • Love the new Yes! and the prices are very much right! the day i went last week, their lovely tomatoes cost HALF what they do at WF, and even less than at the farmers market. we’re so used to seeing all those sparkly veggies that have been sprayed within an inch of their lives that we think produce that comes right from the farm or tree looks “spoiled.” actually, they last lots longer once you get them home. i’m assuming the food value stays up there, too.

    i convinced a friend to do her weekly shopping there when we visited, and i stocked up on emergenC, wine, etc. not having a granny cart or car made it hell to drag it all home, but i usually don’t buy that much per trip. i gave my granny cart away cuz i was always FALLING over the dang thing. i have eschewed those tow-along suitcase things for the same reason.

    but three cheers for YES!

  • ex rowhouse condo dweller

    Looks beautiful! Well done, Petworth.

  • labgirl

    Love the Yes! It is beautiful. Especially love the dry goods section in the back. I live a few blocks away and it is such a convenience to be able to drop by and pick something up quickly on the way to/from work. So far the checkouts have also been fast. It seems to be attracting a diverse customer base too, which is awesome.

  • Hurleybird

    Ellwood Thompson are you paying attention?!?!

  • Anonymous

    Way to embrace your inner granny! I’ve found mine really useful (even if it isn’t as much of a work-out for the biceps). Mother earth says thank you!
    I’m looking forward to checking out Yes! this weekend.

  • Anonymous

    Plastic bags PoP?

  • Bradford

    Anyone know of a good way to carry groceries on a bike? I’ve strapped a milk crate to the rack on the back of mine, but I would appreciate something a little more practical.

  • Thor

    Went there last week and was really impressed by how nice it was. the sales people were almost too nice, although after all the indifference I see at Giant and Safeway, can’t complain about that.

    They did look like they could use more business so please do your shopping there if you want them to make it in the neighborhood.

  • I think that it will be great to have another store that has a good selection of Craft and Imported Beer in the area, DiVines always seems to jack up the prices to obscene levels. I am also a proud owner of a granny cart! It has served me well for several years and I am waiting for it to finally break an axle from another gigantic haul from the Giant! Here is the eternal question for granny cart users- do you push the cart or pull it from behind? I am a pull kind of guy.

  • CHP

    I live a block away, and I’m already addicted to the Hunan veggie dumplings in the refrigerator case in the back. Also, I sampled the bean custard pies yesterday, and they were incredible.

    I like that I have my choice of empty cash registers when I’m ready to head out, but would feel better about long-term viability if this place was a bit more crowded.

  • Odentex

    PoP: Don’t listen to the Heine haters. People leave bottled lager out in the light, drink it lukewarm, and then complain about it being skunky. As a Heine fan you should look into getting a Beertender. It seems silly at first, but if you already like Heineken it improves the taste tremendously – if for no other reason the beer isn’t exposed to light and it’s kept at a perfect 36F temp. You can then buy the Heine mini-kegs (about 10 pints) some places (CostCo) for as little as $17 or $18, making a real draft Heineken (or a real draft Heineken Light – which I think actually tastes slightly better) almost as cheap as premium domestic bottled beer. Heineken won’t ever win any medals, but served right it’s head (no pun intended) and shoulders above PBL or any other trendy domestic lager, and a bargain compared to most overpriced bottled lagers which, frankly, are just as skunky after being out under the light.

  • JW


    I would suggest a pannier. Basil has some awesome bike bags and baskets. I had a basket on my bike that popped right off so you could carry it in the store with you and load up.


  • Matt N.

    I wouldn’t worry about the amount of business the store is getting, as I’m certain the level will go up sharply once Park Place is complete and fully open.

  • Crank Twitch

    This is a great time for the other organic groceries to step up and compete hard with Whole Foods, since lots of people are boycotting them because of their CEO’s stance on health care.

  • Skiptom’lou

    I thought ParkPlace was already leasing? Are they not open yet? I mentioned it to a couple of folks looking for a place and got the traditional “live where?!!” I’m wondering how the leasing is going.

  • Dee Montgomery Pennyworth

    Turkey sub was pretty good – my only complaint is that there’s no junk food! Everything is healthy – scoff

  • NAB

    Yeah, that CEO of whole foods is such an a-hole, look at how he treats his employees.


  • Melanie

    I love Yes! I really do. But you definitely need to watch expiration dates at Yes – I’ve had many, many issues at the Adams Morgan and the Brookland stores. Meat (including prepackaged stuff like lunchmeat and sausages) is almost always past the expiration date – sometimes by several days. You have to dig in the back of the display for the newer stuff. Produce is often rotten – for some reason, citrus and beets are the worst, followed closely by berries. They are often liquid to the touch and covered in blue mold underneath. Even the jarred goodies like tapenade and other spreads are sometimes bad. I had a jar of olive tapenade foam up like soap upon opening, and it gooed all over my kitchen. Bad!

    But I still go and love it.

  • Warderite

    Bradford, I use a milk crate on the back of my bike, and it works best for a single bag of groceries. For more than that, I second the recommendation for panniers. Supplement your bike storage with a backpack, and you’ll be able to carry quite a bit.

    I’ve been twice, and I think it’s a great addition to the neighborhood. On closer inspection, the prices are better than WF on things like produce and meat, and they beat the MtP farmer’s market on produce by at least a dollar per pound – and it’s still tasty locally grown stuff.

    I love Yes!

  • Joe

    NAB, how do you know how he treats his employees? Clearly he doesn’t think his lowly cashiers and stock boys should have access to the same level of health care as himself, whether they do or not.

  • NAB

    About 89% of his employees work more than 30 hrs, the cutoff for FULL PAYMENT of the premiums for their plan. Yes it has a high deductible, but he also just throws an $1800 effective bonus at them every year to pay for any health expense, which rolls over every year. That’s pretty damn good, considering 30 hrs isn’t even full time in the US.

  • NAB

    Source: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB20001424052970204251404574342170072865070.html

    I know, I know, THAT article. But if you haven’t given it a read, please do so and draw your own conclusions.

  • NAB

    Also, Heineken is better in a can.

  • Anonymous

    The Whole Foods thing will blow over soon enough. The boycott will not go unnoticed in their bottom line, Mackey will be out on his behind in short order, to be replaced by a new CEO that has penned no such editorial in the WSJ, regardless of his opinions on government health care, and things will go back to normal.

  • Anonymous

    WF cannot afford to remain enemies for long with the affluent progressives who are their bread and butter.

  • M

    I have nothing buy kind words for the 14th and V Yes! The customer service is fantastic, the cheese selection is commendable for a smaller grocer, and the meat and fish have been fresh. The produce can be hit or miss, but it depends on the day; early in the week seems to be the best time for most grocery stores, but if you can find out when they get deliveries, you should be guaranteed fresh stuff–if not, the store shouldn’t be blamed, but they should really talk to their providers. This Yes! also carries Natalie’s OJ (in the freezer, but who cares, thaw it and it’s perfect) and that makes it a winner no matter what. Do other locations carry this?

  • Petworth Newbie

    I haven’t been to the new Yes! but I’m curious about the meat selection. Cause if they don’t have good meat I’ll only be in there about half as often. I can only buy so much organic babyfood, yogurt, veggies and sunflower seeds.

  • Naomi

    @ Petworth Newbie – I went this afternoon and the meat selection was very small but it looked good.

    I will definitely frequenting Yes! for beer/wine, specialty items and last minute needs but I really think my weekly grocery shopping will be done at one of the other larger markets like Harris Teeter or Giant.

  • not so new girl

    I’ve been twice and both times the store was virtually empty of other shoppers. There were 3 checkouts open and no one other than me. I hope they get a lot more shoppers to make a success of it. I bought half dozen bottles of wine both visits – considering my local alternative is Lion Liquors I’m really happy with Yes! and their selection.

  • george

    Where is the bike rack out front??

  • Geezer

    Like it or not, the opening of Yes! in Petworth is quite a upgrade to the neighborhood. As others have mentioned, it’s clean, sizeable and a place to shop with out-of-town guests that won’t make them think you are crazy or living here. And I actually think it

  • Binklesworth

    Congrats on ridding of the car! I did the same thing when I moved into DC, and immediately got a CPC* for grocery getting.

    The new Yes! looks great – looks like a lovely bulk food section.

    *CPC – Crazy Person Cart, not crisis pregnancy center

  • Shane

    This was one of the big reasons for moving to the neighborhood! Thank you Mayor Fenty and Councilmember Bowser! You rock by bring beer and wine to us!


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