Locolat Cafe Applies for Alcohol License

by Prince Of Petworth August 25, 2009 at 5:00 pm 17 Comments


We’ve judged Locolat Cafe, located at 18th and Florida Ave, in the past.


I thought it was interesting that they’ve applied for an alcohol license. The application says that they’ll have:

“Sandwiches, savory waffles, quiches, desserts, chocolates and brunch.”

Sounds like you’ll soon be able to get some mimosas and bloody marys with brunch. I definitely support that. Incidentally what’s a Belgian coffee?


  • Brad

    According to the interwebs, a Belgian Coffee is similar to an Irish coffee, but with “Elixir d’Anvers” as the liqueur. Since they don’t have their license yet, though, I’m stumped.

  • I cant be the only one who always reads this as LOLcat Cafe

    • cia

      You’re definitely not alone.

  • PT Barnum

    clearbluewater33, you are not the only one. I had to read it a few times to make sure it wasn’t.

    “I can has wafflez”

  • andy

    The couple that owns this place is the friendliest and make the best sweets and desserts. The Belgian coffee variants they have taste great and if you’re like me and love chocolate in your coffee they do it really well. Also, they made and delivered our wedding cake just up the hill to our reception and it tasted great.

    Belgian beer would definitely be a great addition to Belgian-style sweets.

  • Jason

    I see LOLCAT

    I guess the owners dont keep up with internet memes

  • DC_Chica

    In addition to artisan chocolates, is this a dessert cafe? My friend and I have always thought that a place like Finale (in Cambridge, Mass) would do great business here. PoP, could you ask for people’s recs for best dessert spots in the city?

  • saf

    DC_Chica – we used to have a GREAT dessert spot called Dolce Finale. It was in the wine cellar at Petito’s Restaurant, at Woodley Park. (Related to, but not the same as, Cafe Petito at Dupont Circle.)

    Sadly, Petito’s owner retired and sold, while I am sure that Petit Plats is a fine place, I still miss both Petitio’s and Dolce Finale.

  • A chocolate place with a liquor license. Hm. Red wine, anyone?

  • Lolcat spelled “teh” wrong on the sign.

  • Karen

    I love the coffee here–best in the city after Illys–but on quite a few occasions I’ve gone in (well after opening time) and had someone bark at me that they weren’t ready for customers yet.

  • Yadasacker

    Good chance this could be the most over-priced place in the 18th and Florida area.

    Something like $8 for a waffle the size of a large potato chip.

  • Nikki

    Not only is the place over priced but one of the owners there, Neil, is a total dick. I don’t support businesses that treat people like assholes.

  • Jepz

    Yes, its no bargain, but I love this place. Its not crowded and you can sit and people watch for hours over a cuppa.

  • Robyn

    I read LOLcat and thought it was the greatest business idea ever. I can haz belgeez kawfee…

  • A-lo

    Some of my friends are addicted to the croissants and sandwiches, although they are pricey. The hot chocolate is superb.

    I have to agree with Nikki above and say that the husband/chef owner is indeed a dick. His wife is nice though (and seems to realize her husband has some attitude), but I’m wary of giving them any of my business.

  • dee

    I went to buy a pricey assortment of chocolates here and the guy working the counter was a dick and really fustrating to deal with. I’ve avoided this place since then. There are other places where people aren’t going to treat you crappy when you dare to ask how much is the price of the box.


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