Coolest Pets in PoPville Finalist for “Other” Category

by Prince Of Petworth August 17, 2009 at 3:00 pm 54 Comments

As suspected chosing finalists was not an easy task. If I had this much trouble for the other category I dread selecting the cats and dog finalists… Anyway, you will vote a winner for each category and then the winners of each category will compete against each other for an overall winner. The poll for “Other” category will be open until Friday night. You can tell your friends/colleagues to vote for your favorite but please only vote once, we’re on the honor system here. Cat finalists will be announced Wed.










Billie Jean

  • Dean

    What a disgraceful omission of the true coolest pet in DC. It seems like prejudice has won the day, preventing the pet that would be the clear and obvious winner by any objective measure from even competing. Lets recognize that this is no more than a vote for second best. Viva Todd.

  • Liberty

    Fight intolerance and include Todd!

  • Trixie


  • Michael

    Bear bigots!

  • Piper

    Recount for Todd!

  • Tommy

    Todd is the greatest bear ever! No one denies this!

  • Agnus. I love the chickeeen!

  • Nick

    Dan, you should probably post the images of the pets in the same order as the list in the poll to avoid confusion.

  • bored at work

    Is it only me or is it odd that POP posted this ‘Other’ pet poll followed by the bbq post? Coincidence? or a disturbed sense of humor at work?

  • Smellie

    Todd? Where did you go?

  • ck

    Flash !! Flash !! Flash!! Flash!! Super cool and super cool parents too! Flash!!

  • Simon

    I’m so proud of you, son! Just making it this far is a huge accomplishment.

  • snake fan

    Where’s Thornton the boa??? I think any pet that can swallow all the other entrants whole ought to win.

  • Mark

    WMATA should thank Calliope for all the positive press she is generating for them.

  • Wil

    clads. obvi.

  • Auntie Julie

    Claudius all the way!!!

  • seriously

    who puts a bunny in a cooking utensil?

  • tyler

    go claudius !!

  • paula

    Claudius totally kicks butt!

  • paula

    Claudius totally kicks butt!

  • Britny

    Auntie Britny, cousins Chloe and Lulu are so proud of you! It is tough to be as cute as you are, but lets be honest cuteness runs in the family!

  • CH Resident

    Agnes!!! All are great though.

  • Michael

    Dan, thanks again for running this contest – it’s been a lot of fun. One minor suggestion: to avoid confusion and a repeat of the 2000 Presidential election in Florida, it would be helpful to have the names of the pets to the side of the picture instead of below. Having the name below the picture may cause some confusion about which name to vote for (i.e. some may think the name above the picture is the correct one). It would also be helpful to have the pictures in the same order as the list in the poll. I think the last 8 years are a testament to the terrible consequences that can happen when people get confused by ballot layout. Not that any of these pets are as bad as Bush/Cheney… Thanks again for running the contest!

  • Pigsworth

    that bird is kickin that pig’s heiny!

  • Cerin
  • Anonymous

    @Michael. I completely agree. How else could a bird be beating these adorable others?

  • Anonymous
  • GREAT Aunt Ann

    Glad you’re mom & dad are willing to share your cuteness with the world! Can’t wait for the wedding, “I’m soooooooooooo excited!”

  • Anonymous

    Cladius is clearly the only animal worth its salt lick.

  • i’m a sucker for guinea pigs. hamsters? cladius is gorgeous. but you’re right, mr. PoP, it’s a hard choice. would have thought agnes would score higher.

  • Agnus looks like a muppet. Vote for Billie Jean!

  • Esmeralda

    @ Anonymous 9:48 Obviously the bird is winning because how can you resist a pet that rides transit? And uses a SmarTrip card, no less? Go Calliope!

  • CB

    Cladius is a real dreamboat… you should vote for him!

  • Al From TN

    Oh no, I voted for Pat Buchanan! Dangling chads! Recount! Re-recount! Re-re-recount!

  • Chuck

    Where is my buddy Todd?

  • snake fan

    I vote the boa constrictor gets to eat the winner!

  • jake

    parrots suck

  • Wilbert

    I heard Cladius is planning a victory party in Jamaica

  • Wilbert

    I heard Cladius is planning a victory party in Jamaica

  • PapuaNewGuinea

    Claudius is a swell fellow, and a lot nicer than his nephew, Caligula.

  • Anonymous

    Boo! This voting is messed up. Agnes should be winning! Feel the ‘tude from that bird.

  • Lady

    I voted for Agnes. Callipoe’s owners must have a lot of Facebook friends.

  • Mimi

    The Heights Life endorsed Cladius the guinea pig!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE THL for knowing what is up! Go Cladius!

  • Ellie

    the piglet is catching up but the parrot is still on top!


  • Billie Jean’s Mama

    Billie is truly an amazing pet. She deserves your love! Vote for her!

  • majortom

    here to support Cladius, go you good thing!

  • Chant

    Cladius! Cladius! Cladius! Cladius!

  • Anonymous

    @Ellie – great photo. but it looks like cladius’ owners might have more facebook friends than Callipoe

  • Anonymous

    LOVE LOVE billie jean

  • Anonymous


  • democrazy

    Calliope: 1779. a great year for our fledgling country. Cladius: 1622. a year of tyranny and smallpox. Claudius = smallpox? yes.

  • Anonymous

    Cladius was ROBBED! ROBBED I SAY!

  • Devaunte and mom

    ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony…..what a perfect pig….our vote goes to CLADIUS!!!!!!!!


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