Coolest Pet in PoPville Entries #91, #92, #93, #94, #95, #96, #97 and #98


“We adopted Corinne Junior (C.J.) in the summer of 2008 from the animal shelter on New York Avenue. C.J. had been a stray, and is estimated to have been born on the day of our wedding. At first we had a hard time figuring out what to name her, but she clearly had a personality connection with Corinne, so Corinne Junior was a natural fit. Feisty, demanding, overly confident, very cute, and an unnatural ability to get into sticky situations.”


“This is Emma. Despite her peaceful demeanor, she is actually a very dangerous revolutionary. She humbly submits her riverboat headshot for the coolest pet in the hood contest, but asks that you not alert the authorities as to her whereabouts in Columbia Heights at an undisclosed location within stumbling distance from Wonderland.”


“Meet Binx. We adopted him a year ago from Puden’s Place Cat Rescue. He’s a Siamese-Manx mix, which means he has no tail, not even a little stub! His hobbies include lying on cardboard, sleeping in our lazy boy, and knocking cat toys under furniture and expecting us to fish them out.”

Ed. Note:  Submissions have been closed.  No more entries will be accepted at this point. Sorry for the confusion – all pets received before the deadline will be posted, of course. No NEW submissions will be accepted.

The cats are not competing against the dogs.  There will be 5 dog, cat and “other” finalists that will each compete in their own category.  We’ll have a poll in each category to select the winner.  Using the comments section for these posts will help me select the 5 finalists for each category. You can see all the entries here. Please see after the jump for more entries.


“I’d like to nominate my one-year old dachshund Dover for Coolest Pet in PoPville :)

He lives in Logan Circle with my brother and I, enjoys sunning himself on our P street patio (where he loves to be petted through the fence) and vacationing at his weekend home in Southern Maryland.

Dover likes to be the constant center of attention, is very stubborn and knows exactly what he likes. He prefers people to other dogs and requires large amounts of play time.

He also goes by Doves, Doberto, Douvres, Dovalicious, and Doodle Bug.”


“This is Sunny. She’s a Munchkin breed so you’ll notice her extra short legs as she stands on this Pumpkin. She’s chocolate with a little white patch on her neck. She plays fetch and hide and seek. She’s also a fly connoisseur of sorts, chasing them around the house and eating them after she bats them off the window!

She’s a little over a year old, but is definitely a kitten at heart. She welcomes us home at night with her squeaky mew’s and our neighbors call her the Queen of the Hallway as she’ll literally lay in the hallway of our apartment building for hours, watching passers-by and sniffing them especially if they have food.

She’s been a joy since the day she arrived via Delta Airlines, as she came from Tennessee. She loves rides in the car, especially our semi-annual 7 hour trips to Upstate New York, where she sits in the back window, monitoring the roadway just like she monitors our hallway.

We hope she can compete for Coolest Pet in PoPville!”


Lola is a five year old Diva. She falls asleep with the snap of a finger. Only thing is that she always sleeps with her tongue out. Her tongue is HUGE for a dog her size. (I have a bazillion pics of her with her tongue hanging out)”


“Cooper is our rambunctious 2 year old rescue from the humane society. He likes to sleep upside down. He gets mad at anyone who sits on ‘his sleep chair’. He has never had a dog bed. This is his regular sleeping pose.”


“Romeo the kitten lives in Adams Morgan and does enjoy reading PoP.”

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