Coolest Pet in PoPville – Cat Finalists

by Prince Of Petworth August 19, 2009 at 3:00 pm 113 Comments

The “other” category is having some fierce competition. At the moment Calliope (the bird) has a 300 vote lead over Flash (the rabbit) while Claudius (the guinea pig) is hanging in there in third place. “Other” voting is open until Friday 11:59pm. There were a lot of great cat entries but I had to pick five so here goes. Cat voting will be open until next Wed. night 11:59pm. Dog finalists will go up Friday.

Here are the cat finalists (I couldn’t narrow down to five so Eight it is. I suspect the dogs may have 10 finalists… The name corresponds with the photo ABOVE):

Lumpy im sonnigen Fenster


Oliver Sideways Yawn


Ike with Fork


Oreo 110




2009 126(2)






  • Allie cat


  • Petworth Newbie

    Where is Silver the buddha cat?

  • CJ’s handler

    C.J. is much cooler than all of these cats. Leaving her out of the finals was clearly an oversight. We expect the retraction/apology to be posted shortly.

  • saf

    Mehitabel was robbed! She looks down her nose at this competition.

  • C.J.

    A message from C.J.:


  • E-Rich

    I like Twizz. “I can haz Makerz Mark?”


    i am so winning this thing.

  • Constermash

    I must admit, I have a mild obsession with hairless Sphynx cats (Lumpy), but I cannot resist a cat with a fork in it’s paws (Ike).

  • Sahar

    GO MIIISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Esmeralda

    Amos or Oliver. The others – meh. There were way cooler cats in the mix.

  • MnomeNa

    @ Esmeralda–I completely agree, Amos or Oliver.

    Amos tugged at my writer’s heart. I always loved when my cat would swat at my pen while I was writing in my journal. Simple (and sometimes painful) but it always put a huge grin on my face. 😀

  • rg

    Go Twizz Go. Finally going to do something other than puke on my carpet.
    E-Rich, nice one.

    I can haz da single malts??

  • Kalia

    @C.J. -hahaha AWESOME!!!

  • Anonymous

    Would be nice to be able to filter out all these coolest pet blog entries… 😉

  • Joo

    Sir Lumps!

  • wss

    I SO

  • wss

    I SO heart Lumpy!

  • kate

    What, no love for Ike yet? Clearly thumb-cats rule 🙂

  • I noticed Peter the orange gentleman is not on here and that PoP decided to give that contest to the overly promoted oreo. Disappointment.

  • Anonymous

    I think OREO needs to stop eating OREOS. nerp!

  • Anonymous

    Where is Sebastian, the cat that was sitting on the sofa?

  • ESB

    Thumb cats do rule – go Ike! And he gives hugs to all who vote for him. http://twitpic.com/ei79k

  • Heather

    I’ve promised Amos he will no longer have to do my homework if he’s voted Coolest Cat. Do it for the kitteh!

  • Stephanie


  • Stephanie

    Why do you hate Simba PoP? What did he ever do to you???

    I vote for SIMBA!!!!!!!

    Therefore, I cannot vote for the cats.

  • Anonymous

    Simba clearly should have been nominated!!

    He had many votes coming for him!

    This is clearly fixed.

  • Anonymous

    Go Lumpy!

  • JohnnyReb

    Keep Lumpy away from that nasty ol’ sunlight! Hairless cats can get burned easily, and can develop skin cancer.

  • The Nose

    These photos are great. I’d go with Ike. I’d also like to point out that all of these cats, for various reasons, look like they’re contemplating killing someone.

  • Divine

    Not Ike! Ike just wants a bite of your pie.

  • Heather

    If it sways any votes, Amos is also quite the wine drinker. (Big fan of Room 11.)


  • Jillian


  • Nick

    I am voting for C.J….. WHAT?! How dare you leave C.J. off the list! She only has one leg!

  • Hams

    Ike is the best cat of all the cats. Evolved. ‘Nuff said.

  • Naomi

    I would love to play thumb master (aka thumb war) with Ike

  • Anonymous

    They are all adorable, particularly Lumpy and Oliver, but I have to say that Oreo has a quiet dignity that the others lack.

  • Stephanie

    Well I broke the news to Simba, and he just looked at me with that “Feed Me” expression…so I think he’s over it.

    But next year, IT’S ON!!!!

  • Esmeralda

    Seriously people – what’s with all the love for the bald and be-thumbed cats? I really don’t get it.

  • Meercat

    If a pet is “cool” it should do cool things on its own. Posing is not cool. Therefore Miister should win, paws down, for looking cool yet natural. True, he’s FAT and natural, and his pose may be slightly indiscreet, but he is natural! Miister is The One!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know Amos was a front Lefty! Amos Amos Amos! Now give me the pen.

  • FH

    All the way Twizz. He can haz mah Oban.

  • Shannon Snowflake

    I think we all can guess what Toby’s thinking in that picture. I think winning this contest will put a smile back on his face! Go Toby!

  • Gerg

    Got to go with the laid back cat. Miister is the one. One fat cool cat!

  • Ike Turner

    Gotta vote for thumbs. I saw this: http://www.thumbcat.blogspot.com. Ike all the way!

  • cdl


  • auntie c

    Toby is the best cat evah!

  • Mr. Fabulous

    OMG, is Miiiister doing the Kitty Cat Dance??? That’s ADORABLE! I think that just stole my vote and heart!

  • IheartMattG

    Ike FTW!!!!!

  • Corndovsky

    A cat with opposable thumbs gets my vote, paws down! Go Ike!

  • Ike Turner

    Uh oh – I think I found Ike on the YouTube!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5ea92-CcJo

  • ET

    I have to say this was a hard one for me.

  • Shocked and Aghast

    Sebastian. What, no Sebastian. A travesty has occurred.

  • Anonymous

    what no pussy jokes?

  • Anonymous

    Here is that cat with the bow tie? He was a pimp! What a glaring omission!!!

  • Anonymous

    Where is that cat with the bow tie? He was a pimp! What a glaring omission!!!

  • wingnut

    I am voting for Amos because he supports our space program. Cats in space!!

  • Anonymous

    LUMP !!!

  • Brent Spiner

    I’m afraid to vote for anyone but Ike. That cat is wielding a fork. Ike it is!

  • Anonymous

    the ike pic is staged. lame.

  • Anonymous

    if this is for COOL, then Lumpy it is.

  • Lady

    Come on people. The winner will be running around town with one of these photos on a Popville T-shirt. Do you really think those photos of Ike (poor resolution), Miiister (he’s not centered and his tail is cropped AND RED EYE???) or Toby (blurry and cropped) or even Twizz (too dark) will image well, not to mention represent Popville? Poor photo quality should be taken into count.

    That being said Go lumpy! If Oliver, Oreo or Amos beat Lumpy, well at least they did so with a great photo.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really disappointed about the negative things people are saying about other’s pets. Each one of them holds a very dear place in each owner’s heart and we should all respect that. They were entered into the contest for a reason–because the owners are proud, happy, and want to share their little slice of joy and companionship with others. Please stop the negativity and think for a change before saying degrading things about the pets. We should be encouraging every one of these animals to be a mascot for the neighborhood instead of picking fights over favoritism, pictures, weight, etc. If people get their friends to vote, then that’s part of the campaign. Just vote and keep it positive!

  • Anonymous

    kitteez unite!

  • Gregor


  • jmuhj

    All cats are best. That goes without saying. Cats are the most beautiful, cleanest, quietest (well, sometimes), sweetest, most unconditionally loving and loyal beings on the planet, as well as being the most highly evolved creatures in the universe.

    If I have to choose just one? Go Ikey! Go Ikey!!!

  • bogfrog

    does Lumpy live in Syndney on the Ave?

  • rg

    for the record, the twizz photo was not a setup. and i dont like cats. i cant stand them. they are worthless as pets. but, my daughter loves cats. so we got twizz from the shelter. our other cat “lucky kikki cat” came from the street. i cant stand either of them.
    my duaghter loves them though, so here i am. swear to god if twizz throwsup on my floor one more time, or lucky licks my face while i am asleep the next contest is going to be for adoption.
    vote for twizz, or i will put him to sleep.

  • Fraud Alert!!

    Uhm, Oreo had just a few votes as of an hour ago. All of a sudden, he has 267? Sounds like someone figured out a way to vote more than once per computer!

  • Hello, Oreo!

    Another 100 votes in 30 minutes? Remember the honor system, cheater.

  • AG

    Oliver looks great!!

  • Anonymous

    i feel the need to point out that twizz is a very dignified, mature cat. yes, he pukes on the rug. yes, he licks rg’s face about every 45 mintues during the night, just to see if he was really asleep. and yes, i have to force uti pills down his throat every morning. but he also has a certain dignity about him that prevails over all. and, he is the love of our daughter’s heart.
    that being said, rg, if he don’t win this thing, he’s going back to the shelter!

  • Anonymous

    what’s up with oreo’s numbers all of a sudden??

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I am looking into the Oreo anomaly. If it is proven that software is used to rig the vote that contestant will be disqualified.

  • Heather

    I like rg’s honesty. Twizz for second place! Oreo for impeachment!


  • Prince Of Petworth

    Oreo’s owner has until to noon today to explain the overnight voting anomaly or will be disqualified.

  • Anonymous

    scandal !

  • Brent Spiner

    What’s up with Oliver also jumping up Oreo-style in the last hour, PoP?

  • Heather

    I’m going to guess because a friend of both me and Oliver’s owner figured out how Oreo was doing it and emailed us about it this morning.

    Et tu, Mr. T?

  • Brent Spiner

    Does this mean everyone is disqualified but Ike? Because I’ve tweeted “vote for Ike” enough times that nobody is following me on Twitter anymore.

  • Mr. T – Oliver’s dad

    That is strange, Oliver did jump up a lot since when I left for work this morning, and since I got here. I was on the train when this surge occurred. My mom did tell me she sent the link to her entire office, ha ha, but other than a possible surge from that I have no clue. I’m pretty un-savvy when it comes to computer/web stuff.

    Perhaps votes are being tallied by the polling software in batches???

  • Brent Spiner

    Mr. T – I don’t think it’s batches. I think whomever spammed Oreo is spamming you now, too, to cover their behinds. OREO IS RUINING EVERYTHING!

    I hope Ike is OK home all alone with the silverware…

  • T – Oliver’s dad

    The strange thing is you’d think someone trying to tamper with the contest would do so in small increments, a vote here, a vote there. Why register 500 votes for Oreo in just a couple of hours, and then Oliver with 60 votes in an hour? Very strange.

    Also, I have to say that the comments about Twizz are a bummer, and I hope his people are just joking about bringing him back to the shelter if he loses. Poor kitty!

  • Matthew

    Oreo’s votes: I am one of Oreo’s two owners. Both of us sent an email to a large group of friends yesterday asking that they vote for Oreo in the contest. In addition, we also posted the contest on our Facebook pages asking for votes from our friends who know Oreo. Many people know Oreo–we even have to have someone stay at our house with him every time we go on any type of vacation because he demands so much attention. We have had to have people come in from as far as 800 miles away to stay with him while we went away. I find it somewhat ironic that he’s still demanding that attention just from his picture and votes on the website. Leave it to Oreo to stir up controversy. LOL
    This contest should be fair and based upon 1) The most photogenic for a t-shirt and 2) people voting for their favorite cat. This contest should not be rigged in any way and I would never condone it if it were. I have responded to PoP with this response and I stand behind my response.

  • Karon

    I’ve posted the link on a message board community I am active in saying that I advocated voting for Oliver or Amos as those are the cats I know via flickr. That may cause an uptick in voting.

  • Brent Spiner

    I find it impossible to believe that a facebook or forum post translates to 500 immediate votes.

  • Oliver’s Dad

    At this point, I’m glad Oreo is ahead and happily accept the explanation given. Oliver doesn’t care of he wins or not, it’s just a fun, local contest and all the finalists are cute in their own way.

  • Anonymous

    i’m assuming all the owners have posted this on forums/fb, etc., and I’m sure they have lots of connections, I find it difficult to believe the sudden increase in numbers, but I’ll still reserve judgment…

  • Lady

    This contest has and continues to be a whole lot of fun. Thank you Pops for doing it.

    I have been emailed by friends before asking me to help vote for their pets…their sister’s pets etc. in some random contest. A lot of contests allow you to vote once a day. I can see how some stranger coming on to this blog to do a friend a favor may not have read the rules and not realized it was a one vote contest. It happens. No biggie.

    You know what I’d really like though…a Popville Coolest Pet T-shirt with an image of Lumpy with the words across the top or somewhere reading “I voted for Lumpy!” whether he wins or not. I’d buy that. You can probably make some money here Pops on T-shirt sales ;0)

  • Anonymous


    Lumpy is underappreciated!

  • Anonymous

    Lumpy does indeed live at Sydney on the Avenue. I’ve seen her and another hairless cat in the window a few times. Its creepy but in an awesome way to see them perched. they look like the most wild combination of monkey-kangeroo-rabbit-dinosaur-rodent-dogs

  • Heather

    I think we can all agree that the only way this can be settled fairly at this point is a battle to the death royale, which will end as quickly as it begins, when Amos throws everyone out the airlock and claims the crown.

    Actually what he told me this morning was, “It was an honor just to be nominated.” I looked forward to 3pm every day when the new batch of kittehs and pups and random large snakes went up on PoP.

  • Ike’s Mom

    You really want a brawl to the death Heather? Because I mean… my cat is wielding a weapon, in case you hadn’t noticed.

  • ESB

    And Ike fully well knows that airlock is a verb. Doesn’t scare him.

  • rg

    You are running out of time. Vote for Twizz or I will put him down. His life is truly in your hands. If that doesnt convince you, I am going to send pop a picture of Twizz’s ear and a note for 30$ ransom. I have parking tickets. or I will take Twizz fishing with Fredo, if you catch my drift.
    yours, rg

  • rg

    that and he drinks my scotch and pukes on my floor. and he pays the rent late.
    We have all had rommates like that.
    If you agree to my ransom demands and vote for twizz and pay the 30$ dollars to cover my parking tickets, i will arrange a drop. I ll be the one dressed like thurston howel III, holding a drunk puking cat in a box.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Lumpy for president!

  • New2CH

    Is there some way to tie in crime or gentrification to the coolest cat controversy? because then we can really get some high vote totals …

    shout out to my lovely deceased cat Veruca, who surely would have been a finalist …

  • Heather

    Ike’s Mom — Amos can kill 101 different ways with his trusty astronaut pen before anyone blinked an eye.

  • Raphael A.

    Lumpy has a bare nobility about him but Oreo is the real thing! A natural beauty!!! No gimmicks, no posing, just a real coooooool cat. What great fun :0)

  • Sahar

    Wow! Miiiister went from a solid John Edwards position to Chris Dodd level in like one day. If Oreo’s stats are not really because of Dimpled Chad/voter fraud situation, then I really have to pick up my turn out the vote operation!!!

  • CH

    Lumpy is going to give my nightmares.

  • Oliver’s Dad

    In the interest of fairness, would Ike’s supporters please refrain from voting multiple times using different browsers, as suggested on Twitter. I have not done so nor suggested Oliver’s supporters do so. My understanding of the rules is one vote per computer on the honor system?

  • Oliver’s Dad

    Oh, whatever, retract my last comment. Oliver doesn’t care, it’s all in good fun. He’s just happy to be so “famous” in the neighborhood. 🙂

  • Ike Turner

    Ike’s owner denies any Twitter related accusations!

  • Abra

    Toby is the coolest!! Perhaps the picture does not do him justice, but this cat is the One.

  • Anonymous

    Lumpy became an attorney….. despite everything.

  • oreo’s friend by proxy

    matthew, my dear I have to say Oreo is not posed and def. king of his catdom! hugs and kisses from Idaho!

  • Ike Turner

    Someone should probably check on Twizz… I’m worried.

  • Oreo Henry Da Man

    Hi Voters!

    First I want to say thank you so much to everyone voting in the Prince of Petworth Contest! It’s so nice to know so many of us are loved by so many people. Many of us were rescues and have found not only a home in Petworth, but in the hearts of people near and far. That’s da’ bomb!

    A few things you should know about me…

    1) I sometimes walk on a leash with a harness. It’s red. If it didn’t mean getting outside, I would never do it. It’s humiliating.
    2) I can tell time. Seriously. I especially know when it is time to eat, when it is time for you to go to bed, and when it is time for you to cater to my every whim. It’s just the way I’m built.
    3) I have a sister named Trinity. She would have been entered into the contest but she is all black and doesn’t take the best pictures. I keep telling her that she was going to look like a blob with green eyes on a t-shirt. They would think she was the Genie of Petworth rather than the Pet of the Year. She told me that she already was the Princess in Town and worth more than most pets put together. Yeah, that’s her.
    4) I need this to feel good about myself. While I know I am beautiful, it doesn’t really mean anything until other people tell you. I learned this from Paris Hilton–and now she’s rich.
    5) My parents keep telling me I need to get a job. If this modeling thing doesn’t work out, I don’t know what I am going to do. I may have to apply for help from the stimulus plan!
    6) I am appreciative of every vote. I’d give you a head butt to each of you if I had your address… 🙂

    Much thanks and love!


  • Brent Spiner
  • Naomi

    Go Ike !!

  • Oreo Henry Da Man

    Congrats to Ike. Hey, Oliver… want to hang sometime? You’re my kind of buddy! – Oreo
    P.S. I’m going down to the Hill to apply for some stimulus funds in the next few days since my modeling career didn’t take off. Want to join me?

  • Raphael A.

    Oreo, my underwear modeling career isn’t taking off either, I’m totally with you! Save a spot for me in line for that stimulus stuff.


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