Washington, DC

Son of a…

DSCN1047, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

My war with squirrels continues. I was sitting on my back stoop trying to figure out who had taken my cherry tomatoes just when they were about to get ripe. I thought opossum, racoon, rat, aha squirrel. Of course, how could I be so stupid. Since I accidentally planted all cherry tomato plants I had been admiring my neighbor’s fat tomatoes. I begged them to let me have a couple when they get ripe. To which I’m happy to say they agreed.

Anyway, I’m on my back stoop pissed off at my pilfered cherry tomatoes when this bastid climbs over the fence with my neighbor’s tomato in his mouth. He didn’t even hustle. He kinda strutted and just looked at me with a hint of a smile hidden by a fat green tomato. And I swear if he didn’t have a big fat tomato in his mouth I would have heard him laughing at me. I’d like to say I lunged after him and grabbed the tomato from him. I’d like to say that, alas, I was utterly defeated. You win this round…


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