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Finally Some Good News – Details on Bar Coming to 3632 Georgia Ave (Next to Looking Glass Lounge)

by Prince Of Petworth July 6, 2009 at 11:30 pm 86 Comments


About a month ago I mentioned that a new bar was coming to Georgia Ave but I wasn’t able to provide any details at the time. I’m happy to report I got the details Monday evening. I met with owner Bill Dean and his associate Ted Trabue at the space Monday evening to learn more about their plans.

Ted Trabue left, Bill Dean right

Well, enough with the suspense. It’s going to be a proper sports bar to be called The Green Room. Mr. Dean explained that it will become “a real quality sports bar/pub, serving draft beers, and providing plenty of televisions to watch the game”. There will be a small menu serving items like sliders and wings. The look will include exposed brick walls and possibly a small deck out back.

Here’s the time frame – once they get the proper permits in three weeks or so construction will begin. Construction should take 3-4 months with the hope of opening in time for the NFL playoffs or at least the Superbowl.

Both Mr. Dean and Mr. Trabue were super enthusiastic about the project. However, in addition to Mr. Trabue, Martin Corboy will also be consulting on the project. Mr. Corboy is behind the Blaguard (in Adams Morgan) and McFadden’s (downtown). Mr. Dean also has experience in the industry as a co-founder of the Eye Bar at 17th and I St. as well as the American Tap Room in Reston.

Mr. Dean explained that this is a long term investment in the community for him. And indeed this is only the begining for Mr. Dean and his partners. Mr. Dean also purchased the two adjoining properties at 3630 and 3628 Georgia Ave. Initially there were plans to combine all three properties into a media lounge (including broadcasting capabilities) with a bar on the first floor. Thus the name The Green Room for the bar. The media lounge would be housed on the upper floors. Unfortunately the economy made this ambitious plan a bit unrealistic at the moment. So the idea now is to start with the sports bar and reassess in a few years. (And during that time he will continue to own the adjoining properties one of which is currently a beauty salon.) Mr. Dean says that he plans to be a presence in the area for at least 50 years.

Personally I’m pretty psyched about getting a sports bar. Sound good to you guys?

  • Victoriam

    Will they show Aussie Rules football??? I’ve gone desperately wanting since mghz or mtgz or whatever the station was that showed it went to a higher channel than my tv gets. Best sport ever but haven’t found a bar yet that shows it.

  • L

    Oh man it would have been great if this had been around this year … I always had trouble finding a place to go to watch the Steelers and the Penguins … hopefully Pittsburgh will have another good year!

  • Anonymous

    No sports bar in DC with any self-respect will show Pittsburgh sporting events. I loved this news until I read that the McFaddens guy was involved. McFaddens is by far the most hellish establishment in all of DC.

  • 9thandbuchanan

    Fantastic news. Great scoop PoP.

  • lordzork

    A sports bar.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I really will be there every Sunday in the fall.

  • New2CH

    Awesome scoop. Soooo happy to finally have this, this is something that should actually survive / thrive in the area as there is no equivalent (so long as they do indeed get ALL the football games on well-positioned large TV’s). Plan to be there often on football Sundays (just wish it would be open for this season — oh well) and they will also do bonkers business during NCAA tourney and during the 2010 World Cup for sure. Great stuff. I like the idea of a small menu of a few appropriate items done really, really well rather than lots of mediocrity.

  • “No sports bar in DC with any self-respect will show Pittsburgh sporting events.”

    – I concurr

    Good reporting

  • EMG

    I concur thrice – Pittsburgh Steelers/Penguins are not hometown teams, not to mention the fact that the Penguins are the ARCH NEMESIS of the Capitals. Buy a sports package and stay at home with your terrible towel.

  • monkeyrotica

    I find it touching that everyone is united in their mutual loathing of all things Pittsburgh. So much nicer to be hating on them instead of their fellow Washingtonian. That said, I certainly hope this bar shows LOTS of Dallas Cowboys games, because EVERYTHING is better in Texas! Their football teams, for one. And their Presidents for another.

  • Anonymous

    Martin Corboy opened Adams Mill Bar and Grill–you may or may not be a fan of it, but I lived very close for many years and it was a huge neighborhood nightmare. Trash everywhere, loud drunken patio parties, lots of bridge/tunnel types who peed on front lawns, all sorts of crime issues. I sure hope his “consulting” doesn’t include how-to’s on that end. That makes me nervous.

  • Jax

    That soul patch worries me.

  • Markus


  • Don’t care about sports, but any thriving non-boob bar business south of the Metro makes me happy.

  • 55 Nice

    Pop does it again, great scoop.!! KOJO NAAADDEEEE

  • Dedicate at least one screen to the footy (MLS, Premier League, World Cup, etc), and I will be a dedicated worshipper for life. Throw in one decent English ale or bitter on the draft menu and I’ll friggin’ pay rent.

    …I’d much rather support a local establishment (esp. one within a 5 minute walk from home), versus a chain like Fado just to get my Arsenal fix.

  • J.Con.

    This is great news. A real sports bar right in our own neigborhood!

    Victoriam, stay at home with your Aussie Rules. This is America and we watch American football. Hipster.

  • Shawn

    This is seriously awesome news. The most exciting thing to me is that they own ALL THREE properties! Think of the possibilities!!! Yessssssss!

    Please, make this a TERPS bar!!!!! Home town team!!

  • Reba

    Sounds very good! So great to get variety in the neighborhood. A soccer focus would be fantastic –make it a DC United spot to keep the hometown fans happy!

  • Darryl

    I love this news. Best wishes to these guys.

  • Nita

    Not to be confused with The Green Door… So excited to have an alternative to Looking Glass in the neighborhood. And I will be happy with whatever sports they show, American, Australian, European or otherwise. Well, maybe not curling; that I just don’t get.

  • Bozack

    This is the worst news ever. That stretch of Georgia Avenue will look like Adams Morgan before you know it.

  • Newtonite

    I second Intangible Arts’ comment, socccer coverage would be awesome with all the world cup qualifying games this year and the world cup next year…

  • Anonymous

    If the ownership/consulting group’s prior establishments are a model, don’t expect too much soccer, or good beers, or interesting people.

  • New2CH

    All interesting people requires is for all of us to show up :). And if enough people demand soccer or any other sport for that matter on a particular TV, sports bars generally will accomodate. As for the beer, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to have something beyond the standard Corona-Bud-Heinekin-Miller swill many bars insist on serving to the exclusion of anything interesting … let’s hope they figure at least THAT much out …

  • saf

    Baseball. I would go if we could watch the Nationals.

    Don’t need any other sports really, but it would be nice to have a Nats bar.

  • Dog walker

    Is this the same Ted Trabue as the one on the DC Board of Education? Maybe his son?
    Seems like a unique name. Just curious.

  • Anonymous

    “Mr. Corboy is behind the Blaguard (in Adams Morgan) and McFadden’s (downtown). Mr. Dean also has experience in the industry as a co-founder of the Eye Bar at 17th and I St. as well as the American Tap Room in Reston.”

    Go to these bars. If you like them, you’ll probably like the Green Room. If not . . .

  • Dan Miller

    Bozack: really? What kind of business do you think might be more appropriate?

  • Anonymous

    People will crucify me for this, but I think it would be nice if Georgia Avenue got a few more gentleman’s clubs to complement The House and became sort of DC’s “red light” district. The city badly needs some character, something interesting, something to make it like a real city.

  • Anonymous

    Great news!!!! BTW any word on ther fort totten square development?

  • Anonymous

    sounds FRAT-tastic

  • Anonymous

    There is a gay sports bar on U Street if you want to go watch soccer…hopefully this place won’t stoop so low and will show sports American’s care about!

  • Just J

    I am excited by the new sports bar, but I am more excited that entrepreneurs with a track record of success are looking and investing in our community. It only takes a handful of people like this to completely revitalize a neighborhood.

  • RD

    Bozack likely wants an independent hipster bookstore.

    woo sports!

  • Whew, maybe people can go watch Redskins there instead of the Girls Girls place a couple doors down.
    Good news, although I had hoped for a wine bar…

  • L

    “No sports bar in DC with any self-respect will show Pittsburgh sporting events.”

    Do you think they would not show NFL or NHL playoffs, or not show the SUPER BOWL? Because if there’s a good chance that’s what they’d have to do if they were really committed to not show any Pittsburgh games.

  • Nate

    I heard the Ft. Totten Sq. Development has been put on hold or cancelled. A friend of mine went to look at the Ft. Totten Station Apts. The leasing guy told us that the developers ran short on money.

    This is good news for the GA Ave strip though. In the midst of a recession, this guy is wading into the toughest industry. That shows that DC was only mildly affected by the recession. Some of the guys are going to make out like bandits when the economy rebounds.

  • James

    I was into this, until I read that one of the consultants owned the Blaguard. Essentially, they took a spot that held a predominately people of color crowd and whiteyfied the spot up, started serving pabst blue ribbon and miller light and basically made the place feel unwelcome to anyone that’s not a transient yuppie gentrifier.

    It’s some sad mess. All because they could.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised that people are even being negative about good news like this. Man oh man!

  • Anonymous

    Anon at 10:45 am, good news to one can be bad news to another, depends what shoes you stand in.

  • Bozack

    Actually, Bozack prefers mega-chain bookstores because Bozack is not made of money. You can’t get blood out of a turnip. Bozack also prefers Borders to Barnes & Noble because Borders has those great machines to locate books and B&N only offers HUMAN INTERACTION. Yech. I am currently enjoying the collected works of Sandra Boynton. I highly recommend Hippos Go Berserk.

    Actually I think this is great news. Bozack loves development. Earlier post was a tired attempt at humor. Literally, the coffee machine is broken again.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of you act like this town has no bars or places to hang out and eat and drink. You celebrate new bars like you lived in a dry town all these years and suddenly the fog has been lifted. Almost every new business around here is a bar! This city is FULL of bars! It’s very weird, the reactions. Very weird.

  • PetworthRes

    I don’t like sports but I do like Pittsburgh :) I have a soft spot for rust belt towns, being from Buffalo.

    Meanwhile, I’m thrilled to hear about this new bar, even though not being a sports fan it’s not really the type of place I’ll go a lot. It’s great to hear about new businesses coming to Georgia Ave. I honestly love that it sounds like a place that will have wide appeal rather than some over the top concept place that will make some people feel like it’s only for the new residents.

  • rdo

    Why do people feel that every bar has to have 989 beers from all over the world on offer? I’m here to watch a mf’n game man and drink a High Life or a Bud. I don’t need a triple amber bock distilled from monk’s testes to enjoy that activity.

  • AA = RR

    James… sounds like you identified an opportunity to open an establishment that would cater to the “people of color crowd”

    MLK would be proud of you for helping to break down those racial barriers.

  • RD

    Anon10:48- there is no place remotely good to watch a game around here. There is nothing wrong with wanting entertainment options within walking distance. yes, there are other sports bars in DC but they are a long hike from up here. This fills a definite neighborhood need.

  • James

    AA = RR.

    Now, all of the places in Adams Morgan are white.

    There goes race relations.

  • Anonymous

    James, there are lots of “ethnic” bars in Adams Morgan. Esp Ethiopian, West African, etc. I think what you mean is AA only?

    Also, there are plenty of AA people at bars & clubs in Adams Morgan… not sure where you’ve been lately. Unless you want bars to be exclusively AA, which is another story.

  • AA = RR


    Not sure what I would call this… Ironic.

    Based on the very name of the neighborhood, I guess its returning to its roots.


    But now it is full of every ethnicity… damn the whites though for thinking they can open an establishment.

    Do you have a problem with latin, chinese, ethiopian, etc… restaurants? or just white devil restaurants?

  • Nate

    How do you make a segment of the population unwelcome? Seems to me that serving PBR and Miller caters to anyone on a budget.

  • Shawn

    More thoughts.. this really does fill a neighborhood need. I remember having a guest at my house who wanted to watch a sports game and I didn’t know where to send him, except to chinatown or U st I guess.

    This bar, once it opens, will basically allow me to be able to see all the sports I want (hopefully) within half a mile of my house without owning a TV!

    Please feature: Terps Football, Terps Basketball, Caps, Nationals, Redskins, United, Wizards.

    I play soccer and I like soccer, but let’s not turn this place into an uninviting atmosphere where you don’t fit in if you don’t know who’s on the roster of the Tottenham Hotspurs. That said, seems to be a demand for it so it should definitely be on some of the TVs!

    I’m down for pretty much every sport being featured if they have enough TVs. Please have cheap beer and cheap wings too! yummmm

  • Anonymous

    Why does every neighborhood have to have its own sports bar? U Street is less than a mile away! Chinatown is less than 2 miles away! I don’t understand folks around here, they’re either really lazy, or really boring.

    Why can’t each neighborhood have its own identity, be different than the others? So you go to U Street for bars, but you’d come to Petworth for something else. The best cities are ones with distinct, interesting neighborhoods, not places where every single area in the city is just like all the rest.

  • not telling

    Anon1:17–U Street is 2 miles away and Chinatown is 4. I don’t consider myself lazy or boring, I just find Chinatown to be too touristy and gimmicky, and a PITA to get home from after I’ve been out drinking. I’ll go there sometimes but I don’t want to go there all the time.

    There is no such thing as a successful neighborhood to which people go for just one reason. A healthy and successful neighborhood has to have a good mix of residential, services, food, entertainment, retail, and culture, most of which should be locally owned and operated. One bar is neither going to make nor break Petworth.

    Personally, I’m always glad to see someone trying to make a go of it with just about any kind of business or other. Sports bars aren’t my thing so I have no opinion on what they should play or not, but I wish the owners the best of luck.

  • New2CH

    Anon, would you rather Georgia Ave. retain its identity as one of the largest open air drug markets in the city? Because that is a niche it has historically done a great job of capturing … there are zillions of open retail spaces on Georgia Ave. already, with more being built as we speak. There is room for a huge variety of businesses. Something which will bring a lot of foot traffic, that provides something that is lacking anywhere within two square miles (a place for community gathering to watch major sporting events, football sundays, etc.), an area covering thousands and thousands of residents, seems like a win-win to me. This hardly forecloses other viable business plans from succeeding on Georgia — if anything, it will only help to increase the commercial viability of that area.

  • Anonymous

    New2CH, sure, if Georgia Avenue ends up developing into something better than a strip of bars and eateries like almost every other commercial corridor in DC, yes, I’d be thrilled. I’m not optimistic though given the way this city seems to develop everywhere. Yeah, I’d rather it keep its character as rough and tumble than become sterile and boring.

  • Dirty Harry

    “Keep its character as rough and tumble” – you must be quite the urban cowboy… if it does become sterile, just jump on your horse and ride east… you’re bound to find some gun slingin’.

  • Naomi

    Does anyone know what name/style of facial hair that the man on the right has? Its a soul patch attached to a goatee?

  • New2CH

    U Street area is largely a strip of bars and eateries (among other things of course), but I’d hardly call it “sterile and boring.” No more “boring” certainly than a stretch dominated by liquor stores, check cashing joints, vacant properties, and greasy take out food.

  • Victoriam

    J.Con (ragging on Aussie Rules) A. Most human brains are not so limited in the capacity to appreciate diversity – i.e. you can like steak AND chicken! Give it a try! B. Aussie Rules football has no similarity to American football – i.e. real men play Aussie Rules!

  • goat patch.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    “Yeah, I’d rather it keep its character as rough and tumble than become sterile and boring.”
    I could be wrong, but I find it hard to believe that this comment was written by someone who has any financial investment in the area. And by investment I don’t mean a new yuppie gentrifier that’s just plunked down several hunderd thousand dollars for a rebuilt row house. I’m talking about the thousands of working class black families that have owned homes in this area for decades. I can’t believe any of them would prefer to have drunken loitering and drug dealing on Georgia Ave rather than “sterile and boring” restaurants, coffee shops, and/or bars. Contrary to popular opinion, the minority residents who have lived in these communities for years are not opposed to development. That’s what they have been waiting for. What they are opposed to is being forced to leave their neighborhoods after they become better places to live.

  • Anonymous

    “liquor stores, check cashing joints, vacant properties, and greasy take out food.”

    if that’s what you’re taking away from a stroll down Georgia Avenue, you’re missing a LOT. I question whether you’ve ever actually been on Georgia Avenue if that is your perception.

  • animal mother

    Add me to the list of weirdly reacting people who rejoices every time a new bar opens. Hey, maybe I have a problem, but I love bars. And I especially love bars within walking distance. And even bars like this, where I won’t likely go often because I’m not into sports much, I welcome because bars attract bars, and as noted previously, I love bars.

    Welcome, new bar.

  • Anonymous

    “What they are opposed to is being forced to leave their neighborhoods after they become better places to live.”

    Which is exactly what happens when restaurants, yuppie bars and cafes move in.

  • New2CH

    Anonymous, I have been on Georgia Ave. many, many times. Are you saying that this portion of Georgia Ave. (where the proposed bar is going in) does NOT have multiple liquor stores, check cashing joints, vacant properties, and greasy take out places? Because it is a FACT that it does. Oh yeah, I also forgot the world’s worst post office. And Murray’s, a pretty awful grocery. Sure, there are some great places, like Sweet Mango, but really, compare 14th Street near U (which used to be just like Georgia still is, in many respects) and the difference is beyond stark. Oh, and you can also toss in The House and a large amount of drug dealing and public intoxication / drug use, not things the vast majority of folks are stoked to have in their backyards. But I guess you like things how they are … if so, there are PLENTY of parts of D.C. that have exactly the same sort of retail mix — but I guess THOSE aren’t “boring,” right?

  • New2CH

    Please explain how any long-time homeowner is EVER forced to move out of their residence in D.C., in light of the strict limits on property tax increases. (If you are a renter, well, you can be forced out from any neighborhood, anywhere, no matter what your income or status — renting is inherently transient.) This is one of those fallacies that is tossed around here often, without any logical coherence or explanation.

    • GUNIT

      LOL your kiddin right.
      There is not enough room here to explain to you how it happens, but if you REALLY want to know (and I dont think you do) there is plenty of research available online, to ecpalin how it happens. Basically thru manipulation of city government by developers who see a new gold mine. When these banks and powerful realestate folk want a section of the city THEY GET IT. If you dont believe that you need to wake up.

  • Lacey

    New2CH Says: “No more “boring” certainly than a stretch dominated by liquor stores, check cashing joints, vacant properties, and greasy take out food.”

    Anon “if that’s what you’re taking away from a stroll down Georgia Avenue, you’re missing a LOT. I question whether you’ve ever actually been on Georgia Avenue if that is your perception.”

    Um, I live just down the street from where these bars are coming in and for blocks along Georgia Ave that’s exactly what there is. I think the only thing that’s missing from New2CH’s description is the barber and braiding shops, gas station and used tires joint. The number of shops closed for years and decades is ridiculous and anyone thinking that this is a sign of health commerce or that the current state benefits the area’s residents is kidding themselves.

    But then, there is not much point in arguing with someone who romanticizes an environment rampant with drug pushers, prostitutes, and thugs.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t romanticize it, I just like it. I tend to avoid U Street and other areas full of bars. I use Georgia Avenue though, the post office, barber shops, hardware store, thrift stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, strip club, etc.

  • Dirty Harry

    Marcus – the unfortunate aspect of property appreciation is that real estate taxes appreciate with the property value… this is a cost of investing, which every owner of real estate, residential and commercial is subject too. It has nothing to do with minority people…

  • Anonymous

    If it turns out to be even remotely like Adams Mill Bar & Grill, I’m calling Sinclair Skinner to get him involved.

  • saf

    IA, you’re not serious are you? A “goat patch?”

    OK, that’s funny.

    And descriptive.

  • Bradford

    I, for one, look forward to watching Caps games there next winter. I particularly look forward to watching Caps playoff games there next spring.

  • Quebecois

    I think it’s a generational thing. Younger folks think paradise is a never ending strip of bars and cheap restaurants (aka Adams Morgan). Older folks (like me) would prefer more diverse retail. I don’t think two bars is the end of the world for Petworth, but I’m sure a lot more excited by Yes Market. Things I’d like to see more… garden shop; guitar store; used book store; gelato place; live music venue; hardware store; toy store; clothing boutique… you get the picture.

  • Naomi

    I found it, its called the chin strip. Looks like maybe he added his own touch and created the hour glass chin strip compared to the more traditional straight patch. I’m okay with a sports bar, would have prefered a wine bar. I also like Quebecois suggestions of what would have been nice. But maybe all of these other nice places on day will come.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet Mango a great place? Really? Hmmm…

  • RD

    ^ lol, what is your problem with sweet mango. of course it is a f’n great place.

  • Odentex

    RD: Maybe Anonymous is discriminating between the Sweet Mango’s jerk chicken, which is pretty good, and the atmosphere of the downstairs part of the restaurant which reminds me of a Mexican infirmary.

  • New Hampy

    Odentex I just peed my pants laughing! I couldn’t agree more. The downstairs portion of Sweet Mango is absolutely abysmal and depressing. Would eat there more often if it weren’t so.

  • RD

    I guess that’s fair. You are free to bring your food upstairs though, where their is usually someone with a Jamaican accent who is quick to make small talk at the bar, sit on the patio, or take it to go. When the food is that awesome, i tend to overlook ambiance.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    “What they are opposed to is being forced to leave their neighborhoods after they become better places to live.”

    “Which is exactly what happens when restaurants, yuppie bars and cafes move in.”

    It depends on who you are talking about.
    Yes, it’s possible that some of the low rent businesses could be forced out if the area by rising retail rents. But given the huge number of empty storefronts, that seems a long way off. I have not heard any protests from GA Ave businesses about being forced out by rising rents.
    Given the protection that homeowners have against increses in property tax, it is unlikely that even significant increases in home values will force a homeowner to leave the neighborhood.
    Renters are a different story. But that’s the risk you take when you choose to rent and are only willing to commit to a neighborhood on a month-to-month or year-to-year basisi . And even renters have some protection, such as a right of first refusal if the landlord decides to sell the property being rented, and the ridiculously difficult process of getting someone evicted.

  • A sports bar will be a great addition to that neighborhood.

  • CHeightsResD

    obama should have had Gates and the Sgt. Crowley at Sweet Mango rather than the “white” house!!!

  • What’s happening- something called the ‘Blue Banana’ is going in there- Prince do you have any info?-I hang TV’s and such for Sports Bars? Got any leads?


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