Washington, DC


A friend of mine live nearby and has been forwarding me emails on the efforts neighbors are making to stop the demolition of this property. On Monday night at 7:00 pm (16th and T) there will be a group protesting the demolition of this “historic 1890’s home on the corner of 16th and T”.

Council Member Jack Evans has gotten involved sending an email to the DCRA Director and Deputy Director:

“Linda and Nick,

As I have indicated in previous emails to the both of you, many nearby residents and community leaders, including Rick Busch President of the Dupont Conservancy and Robin Diener President of DCCA, DO NOT WANT TO SEE 1841 16th Street NW demolished because of its historic value to this historic neighborhood. Please continue to work with the owners and please do every thing in your power to secure the building rather than demolish it. I understand that DCRA has ruled that this property is a public safety hazard, if there is a way in which we can stabilize and save the building please know that I strongly am in support that option. If there is anything that I can do to assist DCRA is stabilizing as thus saving this property please contact me directly.

Thank you.


I certainly support saving a historic home so hopefully the owner will be forced to make the appropriate repairs. Do you think historic homes should be saved rather than torn down even if it becomes a more expensive option? Should the owner be responsible for making the repairs?



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