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  • Emmaleigh504

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  • sophiagrrl

    Technically, it’s two buildings. The one on the left is the Murano (http://www.muranodc.com/) and newer than the one on the right is the Visio (http://www.visio-dc.com/). In the picture on the Visio website, you can still see the super-sketchy old apartment bldg that was beside it before. I lived across the street through all this demo and through the Visio going up.

    I was never really into the underground entrance to the Murano (which is cut off in PoP’s photo, kinda why it looks like one building).

    Better question: why is hte burnt out church beside these two STILL not being taken care of?

  • Pennywise

    I bet sprockets are dancing inside. Tanzen und tanzen…

  • Pennywise

    sophiagrrl: If I remember correctly the church is in a complicated tax default ownership dispute and one party is asking an enormous sum for it. Someone posted about this on this blog a while back, hopefully they’ll resurface.

  • sophiagrrl

    OT on the churchL Pennywise – I’m sure there’s all that and more. There have been several development designs just in the years I lived there but everything fell through. And then there’s the question of whether it is a designated historic landmark… It’s sad because it’s a fascinating building.

    These, tho, are pretty neat and a damn sight better than the warren of apartments that stood there before. That place was a sound reminder that we built slums 100 years ago too, so not everything old is magically quaint.

    Just me, or does the Murano still look empty? Are they still not up for sale? They broke ground on that in 2006. And it’d be lame to have the window with the 2117 sticker on it.

  • Not terrible, and not nearly as ridiculous as the other weird-for-weird’s sake condo buildings in that area, but what’s up with the useless roof over the front door?

  • Tom

    Love it.

  • Iliveinshaw

    I live around the corner from the Murano, and yes, it is STILL empty. They keep starting up work on the building, then stopping for months at a time. They finally got the appliances in there around November, but it still needs a lot of work. I don’t know what the deal is – – seems to be no end in sight, really. It’s like a ghost town unfortunately.

  • New Shaw Neighbor

    Re: Murano. They are finally close to getting their certificate of occupancy (due in late June). About 8 of the 12 units are sold, mostly the 1-bedroom and 1 bedroom + den units. Both penthouses and one of the two 2bd/2ba + den are still available. Very cool building even with the weirdly unattractive below-ground entry. The individual units are pretty stunning, especially the 4 larger ones. Not sure why they haven’t marketed the building though. It’s nearly impossible to find a listing. I think there are a couple of huge units available in the Visio (the tall building next door) too. I think they want to dribble them onto the market, to give the perception they aren’t still primarily empty, but I don’t know. Love the modern architecture of that neighborhood. The school is owned by Suman Sorg, the same architect that designed the Murano and Visio. Some say she’s entangled in red tape, others that she’s waiting for the building to be too damaged by the elements to restore so she can scrape the lot for developmemt, which won’t be long with trees growing through the bricks and the roof exposed to the rain. If the former, then shame on DC, if the later, then shame on her. It is a magnificent building.

  • New Shaw Neighbor

    I referred to the church as the “school.” My bad.


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