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PoPtrekker Vol. 2 – Georgia Avenue

by Prince Of Petworth — March 2, 2009 at 12:49 pm 27 Comments

Welcome to the second edition of PoPtrekker. In case you missed it, you can see Vol. 1 here. Vol. 2 features Georgia Avenue from the Petworth Metro down to Florida Avenue. The idea for this video resulted from the numerous conversations I’ve had with folks who are terrified of Georgia Ave. I wanted to show that Georgia Avenue is a street like any other (during the day) and there are many spots well worth checking out. I look a bit chewed up in the beginning of the video, so allow me to explain. We filmed this edition after a two night visit to the 9:30 club from one of my favorite bands, the Drive by Truckers. Suffice it to say, I properly represented…I’d like to apologize to the deaf community because I was unable to get a transcript of the video. Does anyone know of any non profits that do transcripts for free? This remains a joint Prince of Petworth/Intangible Arts production.If you have a suggestion for a future PoPtrekker please email me directly.

  • RD

    The bad Steve Irwin impression returns!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    No it’s the PBS Globetrekker guy impression!

  • RD

    Oh okay, thanks for clearing that up. Makes it so much better… :-p

  • kinda looks like that sign says “taste of memphis—DC style”

  • U

    Hey, excellent job! A marked improvement over the last one! The next one will be even better! I think you should invest in a clip-on mic or something to reduce the wind noise. I don’t know how this new-fangled video recording machinery works, but something that would allow you to cut and overdub whatever you’re saying onto other clips–I’m thinking when you’re talking to the Morgan’s guy or the thrift shop guy, you could cut down the total time of the clip by cutting to pictures of whats in the store while you’re talking to him rather than afterwards–would be a great a addition if possible (maybe you need SMPTE timecode capability or something?).

    And, also, don’t know if you’re interested, but PoP for city council? You’re doing your city history research now, and, well, that’s a good start… Plus Jim Graham needs to retire at some point….

  • Anonymous

    They have a Sibelius LP at the junk… uppss… antique store. Love his music! 🙂

  • Chris

    Nicely done, sir.

  • London Dan

    Fantastic stuff. I think Sarah Palin would be proud that you are showing, “the real DC.”

  • Richard

    I hope this becomes a regular feature!

  • Oregonian

    Great show! I love globetrekker and think this is just the thing that DC needs to make the “real DC” stand out over the folks on Cap Hill. Def get a lanier mike and some video editing software, maybe try to add some graphics (ie, a map showing the different spots you’re showinge in the city?). you could always try the globetrekker hangover narration, too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HXzl2k9Cy4

  • eric in ledroit

    hey it’s my old neighbor romeo morgan. he and his restaurant were the subject of a City Paper feature 7 years ago.


    good to see him, i’ll have to stop by there next time i drive by to say hello!

  • iammrben

    Great stuff! And amen to what U and Oregonian suggested. I especially like the map idea that shows your progress and what you’ve hit so far.

  • eat fresh

    “hey it’s my old neighbor romeo morgan. he and his restaurant were the subject of a City Paper feature 7 years ago.


    good to see him, i’ll have to stop by there next time i drive by to say hello!”

    Yeah, and grab some crab, and maybe a bit of food poisoning. The place is a disgusting pig sty that should be leveled.

  • john

    Should have shown the mural on the Cluck U Chicken building at Georgia and Columbia. Check it out here:http://tinyurl.com/cluckuchickenmural. Too bad the place closed before I got to try it.

  • Christine

    hey! you walked right past my house! It’s great to see the neighborhood so accurately represented in all of it’s diversity and history. And I agree that it was also great to see Romeo! That man has a wealth of DC knowledge.

  • Just J

    I feel like I’m watching the urban version of Bear Grylls!!!

    Gotta love the part were the guy goes: Yeah I noticed some changes, we don’t have the methadone clinic anymore


  • Kalia

    This video was great! I think I smiled the whole time I watched it 🙂

  • Nichole

    @john, there’s still a Cluck U on H St. NE. It’s alright. I actually really like their regular fried chicken, and the wings aren’t bad.

  • There’s definitely a lot that could’ve been included, but the vid would’ve been way too long. Get a camera and walk down the street with this PoP-Trekker dude for half an hour, and you get a LOT of material…. Maybe we’ll dig up the remnants from the cutting-room floor for the BONUS FEATURES on the mammoth PoP DVD BOX SET, yeh?

    But seriously: at the rate of development in some parts of the Avenue, even this little video might look strange in a couple of years. Seems important to capture this stuff now, even if it is wretchedly sub-professional quality (hell, this is a blog, not The Discovery Channel, rite? Rite!)

    Now. Must get to Morgan’s for some crab cakes…

  • I actually love the unprofessional vibe of the PopTrekker series–especially when where it says “technical difficulty” and where it shows the real GOOGLE facts…or when his Highness takes off and puts on his shades and the wind is blowing his hair everwhich way…

    These vids make me want to live in Petworth!!! But first, gotta try out those crab cakes!

  • Chris in Eckington

    The Cluck U on H St, NE has, sadly, closed, as has the one that once existed in Adams Morgan.

    Having said that, I enjoyed the video. I try to make a walk up and down Georgia Ave every now and then; it’s certainly changed since I first went there in ’98.

  • Thumbs up – like WOTV, I think the “technical difficulties” and google facts were bonuses!

  • Anonymous

    i love it! and the wind…shows you’re not in front of a green screen…i suppose! 🙂

  • Blushing

    Very educational and entertaining!

    And I am now oddly attracted to you! I can’t explain it!!

  • Sully

    More! More! More!.

  • Rowan Mae

    I concur with WOTV and the others – the DIY feel of it adds to its charm. Too often, the travel shows have become so slick, it just doesn’t seem real or feel authentic anymore. I smiled, I laughed and I will definitely have to take a walk down Georgia Ave. myself now 🙂 Please keep the “off-the-cuff” feel of these videos!

  • Dave

    Nicely done. The building with the “hunger stopper” and the adjacent property were for sale for about 30 days at $550K for both, although they’re now both under contract. I hope someone does some nice retail there- it would be a great addition to Looking Glass.


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