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  • TheMistler

    ‘Tis right near my current abode. And I assure you that Sanjay is right. Though they do have some nice odd, odd spices as well as some of the fresher hot and jalapeno peppers I see around.

  • KB

    Hey, don’t hate on Bestway! I certainly wouldn’t use it as a full-service grocery store, but I love having it in the neighborhood for quick runs to get produce (where you can occasionally find really good deals) and other stuff.

  • JessinMtP

    Who doesn’t love the Bestway?! It is convenient, has better produce than Safeway, is surprisingly well-stocked, and dirt cheap.

    I love you Bestway. I will miss you.

  • Anonymous

    where else can you get 10 limes for $1? this is a great neighborhood business.

  • Anonymous

    took the words right out of my mouth JessinMTP. Compared the Salmonella Safeway on Columbia Road the Bestway isnt half bad. I know safeway is working to redo all their stores but they need to move faster. they are a total joke. I have this feeling that a safeway exec must have finally come to tour the DC Safeway locations and shat a brick at what they saw. hence the news they will all be getting a facelift. but thats only a theory.

  • Sasha

    If this is the one on Mt. Pleasant, my husband (who is from El Salvador) and I called it “donde los chinos” even though I believe the owners are Korean. Among some some Spanish speaking individuals, chino (meaning Chinese) is the all-purpose term for any Asian. But hey, some uneducated Americans say the same thing, not distinguishing between diverse nationalities of Asians. And btw, the place was awful and probably still is.

  • Super_B

    No way Sasha – Bestway is great for produce (unless you neeeed it to be organic), spices (unless you neeeeed them to be in a neato glass bottle – they come in plastic bags), and anything in a can. I absolutely wouldn’t trust the meat though, and usually make a monthly or semi-monthly trip to Costco in Crystal City to stock up.

  • I am a fan.
    That is all.

  • DcRat

    Oh, I love this place you can get all sort of stuff here for a good price. Right, limes 10 for $1 is worth it by itself. Want sour cream? You got to decide Salvadorean, central American or Breakstone. I actually liked the old sign better because it made the place look shadier.

  • Anonymous

    I bought some really yummy corn on the cob from Bestway last week.

  • schweeney

    Great source for chicken feet (if you don’t use them when making a stock you don’t know what you are missing), pork belly and pig tails (use Fergus Henderson’s recipe for crispy pig tails google for the video – you will thank me). They are also a great source for cheap basil in the middle of winter when you must, must have pesto or die (but it needs a good wash) and if you hit them right after a delivery their fish can be quite fine and they will prep it as you like. If you hit them on the wrong day well yuck.
    All that being said, I don’t think I would buy ground meat there or any other meat that I was going to serve too pink.

  • Rex North

    This is a great local business. They almost always have what I am looking for, saving me the trip to Giant or Target. If you haven’t been there for a while, give it a second go, I think it has been a lot tidier recently.

  • Sam

    I assure you, POP, Sanjay is mistaken. Bestway is far cheaper than any other grocery and the produce is the best in the Heights.

  • Anonymous

    Anon 4:36, where did you hear that Safeway is redoing all their DC stores? They have their standard “we are continually working to improve” but that is PR BS. The Petworth Safeway is likely being redeveloped I believe, but the rest will remain as they are, as far as I know.

  • Mac G

    Sanjay is either ignorant or an idiot. Bestway has some of the best deals in all of DC for buying food. They have the fastest check out workers by far too.

  • I haven’t been in the DC Bestway in years, but the one in Alexandria near Huntington Metro kicks ass. It’s my go-to spot for barbecuing meat. Pork shoulder (for Memphis pulled pork) is .89 cents a pound, they’ve got a great fresh (head-on) fish department (they’ll clean it for a tip) with pompano (cheaper than SE Fish Market), and their veggies make Safeway look like a pile of puke.

  • Petworth Queen

    Speaking about the Petworth Safeway, I was there last evening. It is absolutely get.oh. Remodeling it will make no difference.

  • Sanjay

    Mac et al., calm down, it’s a grocery store for heavens sake. I wasn’t insulting the store, just making a comment on the name and it’s implications that it was “the best way” to anything. There are plenty of better and worse places to shop for groceries and everything has it’s niche, if I wanted to trash a store I’d certainly start with the Petworth Safeway.

  • dcdude

    Bestway is great if you know what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for, dare-I-say, “Latino products” (limes, tomatillo, cilantro, avocados, queso fresco), Bestway is awesome. If you need everyday items, including more “non-specialized” produce (can I get some freakin strawberries please!), or even simple things such as shampoo or toilet paper, look elsewhere. And avoid the meat. I’ve been fooled too many times into getting their skirt steak, which is a surprisingly hard cut of meat to find in these parts, only to regret it later. The skirt steak at Harris Teeter (when they have it) blows Bestway’s out of the water.

  • NAB

    cheap, no lines, whole fish, produce. if you hate any of those qualities you’ll hate bestway.

  • carylmarx

    I eat Bestway hamburger (0.99/lb) and their t-bones (5.99/lb) all the time. Good stuff.


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