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Kalia Hits Another ANC Meeting

The Senior Citizens Club of 1200 Block Shepherd Street is collecting food for Thanksgiving boxes.  They are almost done but still need a few items.  Donations should be dropped off at 1229 Shepherd Street, NW to Ms. Shirley NO LATER THAN October 23, 2008.
Items they still need:

-30 Bags of Flour

-Cranberry Sauce


-12 Bags of Sugar

-Dry Beans (any kind)


-White Potatoes

Pedro Chavez is looking for the community’s support in his opening of Kikos, a restaurant that would reside on Quincy and Spring Road, East of 14th Street.  The place would be a rotisserie chicken restaurant that would seat about 50 and would also have delivery and pickup.  He said the food would also be on the healthy side and the establishment would be a family oriented one.  He hopes to open in December.  He needs your support.  More on Church parking, CVS, “Stinky” Safeway and 16th Street Heights Parks after the jump.

The Median Strip issue was also discussed again, however because this was an informal meeting no voting was held.  Anna Chamberlin and some of the task force as well as members of the church and community met to review the site.  They had come up with a compromise that would result with the median being built and then Sunday parking from 7am-2pm along the median.  This would allow for even more spots than exists now as well as provide traffic calming as only one lane will be open going both north and southbound along this strip.  The project hopefully will be started in Nov. and finished in the Spring.

The opening of CVS at the corner of New Hampshire and Georgia Ave (catty corner to the Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro) was discussed as well.  This CVS will have no parking and will mostly cater to those already using the metro and other public transportation as well as living in the surrounding area.  They have been working with the surrounding residents and businesses on making sure they do not disrupt them.  The hours will be 8am-10pm and they will have a pharmacy.  (For those who do not know, this was the site that used to have a People’s which was bought out by CVS.)

Friends of the 16th St Height Parks ( announced it’s Fiesta Awareness Fundraiser which is an event that will celebrate the Day of the Dead and also promote the use of the Upshur park to parents in the community.  This celebration is set for Saturday, Nov. 8th.

The Petworth Action Community’s David (sorry I missed his last name) spoke out about the Safeway on Georgia Ave and its continued disrespect for our community.  (This is the Safeway many of you refer to as the Stinky Safeway)  He said they have been having trouble with them for a long time now.  They refuse to meet the demands of the community and do not discuss their plans with the community as they should and have been a constant disappointment with their empty promises and half hearted attempts at meeting the requests made  he wants us to band together and demand that they stop disrespecting us and meet our demands before we let them move on with their progress.  You can email him your suggestions that you would like Safeway to meet at [email protected] and talk to him by phone at (202) 309-1114.

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