Washington, DC


Looking like a strong finalist contender: “This is Arty. She’s a little over 2 years old and lives in Columbia Heights.”

Unfortunately, Submissions are closed no more entries will be accepted at this time. Entries 20 and 21 after the jump.


“Here’s our cat Miiiister (pronounced “Meester.”) He is a resident of Columbia Heights. My roommate and I got him by responding to a flier that claimed he was a “1-year old kitten.” This 14.2 pound beast is clearly NOT a kitten. But when we met him he was just so friendly and affectionate we kept him anyway! He also is missing some teeth and half his tail, which you can’t see in this photo…evidence that he’s truly a bad-ass tough guy! hehe.”


“Bandit (Poop) Hobbs is a 10 month old Lab mix. A graduate of K-9 Divine, Bandit enjoys pooping, terrorizing the cat and chewing on mommies everything. Despite the Supreme Courts decision to overturn the gunlaw, “the Poop”, does not plan on purchasing a firearm.


Bandit. Woofin it up in the Heights!”


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