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detached house


This is a rarity—a completely detached single family home walking distance from the Petworth metro. It’s a 4 bedroom, 3 ½ bath that goes for $3,200, which really ain’t bad. It’s also been newly renovated, has plenty of street parking, and lots of common areas (a living room with a fireplace, a dining room, a den, a family room—that’s a lot of rooms!). It also has outside desk and a patio. Wow, sounds like suburban living!

My question is where in Petworth—walking distance from the metro, no less—are there detached houses? I’ve certainly never seen any, but perhaps I haven’t ventured enough places in Petworth yet. More rentals after the jump.

cleaning service


Wow—this one offers a free monthly cleaning service. I’ve never seen a rental that offers that. Must cut down on quite a few roommate squabbles, no?

$1,850 for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath three blocks from the Petworth metro at 707 at Upshur St. NW. (Note also that the utilities are a flat fee of $225 a month, so only $75 per person.) The place looks nice—I like the dark wood floors, and the kitchen looks like it opens up to the backyard.

So what you think about the cleaning service? Has anyone tried doing that before? In my house whenever the kitchen gets really bad—about once a month—we all talk about hiring someone to come in for the common areas every few weeks or so. But then, inevitably, the kitchen is cleaned and we go back to figuring we can handle it just fine on our own.



Ah, courtyards! How often do you see those in the city? Well, if you’re interest is piqued I say check out the new Parker Flats Condominiums (for rent). $1,895 for a 1 bedroom plus den in the Shaw-LeDroit Park area. According to the ad it has a “beautiful layout in the brand new Parker Flats at Gage School condominium. (For more on schools going condo check out a former PoP post: http://www.princeofpetworth.com/?p=3027#comments)

The building features controlled security access, a fitness room, and underground parking. I also really love the half wall in the den—demarcates the boundaries of the room yet keeps it open and airy. If you move in here and totally love it there’s also the possibility of owning.


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