Sneek Peek: Highland Park Apartments

by Prince Of Petworth — May 2, 2008 at 12:03 am 11 Comments


Located right above the Columbia Heights Metro at 1400 Irving Street, this building is truly phenomenal. This evening I heard a story from Councilmember Graham at the opening party of D’Vines where he recounted the fact that five years ago McDonalds refused to open up a store in Columbia Heights because they thought the area was too risky. We laugh at that now, but five years ago it was very hard to imagine that there would be a building as sweet as Highland Park. Forget McDonalds, these apartments sit above the Pete’s Apizza, Potbelly’s (and soon) Five Guys, Mocha Hut, Commonwealth (the new store from the Hanks Oyster bar folks), Zinnia (Caribbean) and Sake Club. It is unbelievable what can happen in five short years.

As for the apartment building it is truly posh. You recognize you are in a special place as soon as you enter the lobby which has a very modern feel. Just behind the 24 hour front desk you will find a gigantic salt water aquarium (I happen to be a huge tropical fish enthusiast so I was pretty overwhelmed at this point.) Apartment buildings are often throwing around the term luxury. I think I finally understand what a real luxury apartment building looks like. There is a business center, a pool table, a full Gym, a social room, an unbelievable roof deck (pictured above), and of course beautiful apartments. Most folks remember that this building was originally supposed to be high end condos. As a result the apartments themselves are top of the line. The building itself is quite large – 229 apartments of which 61 are lofts. Despite the size it doesn’t feel institutional like I feared. It is seriously posh.

Now a posh apartment building comes with a posh price. However, 20% of the apartments have been set aside as affordable and prices range from $700 to $1600 depending on income category. There are still some available so I’d hustle because there is no way those are going to last. If you are not lucky enough to fall into that category then one bedrooms one bath run $1810-2300. One bedroom loft one and half bath run $2680-2950. One bedroom loft with Den Two Bath runs $3580-3875. Two bedroom two bath run $2775-3095. Two bedroom with den and two bath runs $3035-3940. You do however get one month’s rent free. Now that’s over my budget but I know plenty of folks who live in these types of buildings in northern Virginia. I think it is super cool that they now have the option to live large right in Columbia Heights. And I’m super psyched that we all get to benefit from the awesome restaurants that this project has brought to the neighborhood. Check out lots of cool photos after the jump.



I’m not sure if you can tell from the photo but the floors are super cool.






From the common area, still getting a few finishing touches.

Unbelievable views from the roof deck.

  • ColHeightsChic

    As lovely as it is, that big chunk of grass would have been a perfect rooftop pool! Opportunity missed?

  • loganmo

    I agree with ColHeightsChic-I know it is pricey to build a rooftop pool, but what do so many of the new “high”rises in DC not have pools on top-especially since Highland Park was originally going to be condos before the market crashed, I thought people would wanna swim.

    We considered moving there, but it was a bit pricey. Right now, only floors up to 3 are aavailable as the building is not done. For many units on the third floor, your view will be that ugly a*s church on the 14th street side of the corner. They wanted almost $1800 for 560 square foot apartment with a view right into the backwall of that church.

  • i. love. roof decks.

  • Anonymous

    I think those folks you know should stay in northern virginia.

  • Thor

    I am a bit doubtfull that a lot of people will pay $1810-2300/month to live in a neighborhood where there are shootings and gang violence regularly.


    I’m considering it… It’s better than living in NE, which is where I currently live. I get the shootings, robberies, break-ins, gangs, and everything else without the vibrancy and urbanity! I might as well live in CH and enjoy life a little.

  • e

    For those rents you could easily buy a condo or home of the same square footage, in fact your mortgage payments could be even less than the rent if you put anything down.

    I’m curious to see how quickly these rent out, on the one hand it’s a very convenient location, on the other if you plan on being in DC for more than a few years it would make more sense to take that sizeable chunk of cash and buy something (like say, a condo across the street?).

  • loganmo

    I ran into a leasing agent last week at Target from there and she said there were around 45 leases signed so far…I don’t know how many units are in the building, but it is alot more than that.

    The pricing is a bit pricier compared to the Ellington (which, frankly, I think is a hotter ‘hood, at least when considering the risk of having angry kids throw rocks at you), which is managed by the same company (Bozzuto) and is fairly comprable in terms of finishes and features (albiet the Highland is much cooler in the public areas than the Ellington).


    I don’t know about buying a condo right now. I already live in one I think they suck beans. There are noisy neighbors, horrible boards, and they aren’t selling like they were. Condo living doesn’t live up to the hype.

  • Anonymous

    “Two bedroom two bath run $2775-3095”. We pay about $3150 on mortgage on our house. We have two floors with 3 bedrooms and big (by DC standards) backyard to ourselves. And we rent the basement out for about $900 a month. Ok, so we have to take care of the house and its quite a few blocks north of this but I think I am happy with the equation.. 🙂 Having said that, this building is awesome, especially with the restaurants alreday and still coming there. And the views from the top are indeed not bad at all..

  • Anonymous

    no, seriously…all dbags should stay in nova where they belong.


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