Rentals of the Week by Karen

by Prince Of Petworth May 23, 2008 at 11:00 am 6 Comments



Adams Morgan has some of the most amazing apartments you can find in D.C.–not only because of the night life, but because of the panoramic rooftop views. Some friends of mine just moved into the area near Columbia Street Road, and they have a clear shot of the Washington monument, the capital building, and of the National Cathedral–a view that will simultaneously make you gasp and hate your friends for living in such a cooler place than your own.

Well, this place boasts just those kind of views. $2,550 including utilities for a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment on Columbia and 16th. Not only does it have a rooftop “oasis,” but the views from within the apartment abound from all angles as well. Of course, amidst such luxory, the kitchen is fully as you’d expect, with stainless steel appliances, designer ceiling fans (!) and hardwood floors. The complex also has a fitness center and a wireless cafe. More rentals after the jump.



I like this one because of the slate tiles in the bathroom and what looks like a built-in wine cabinet in the kitchen. $2,350 for a three bedroom, two bath house in Ledroit Park (6th and Florida). It looks pretty standard as far as rental rowhouses go–looks renovated with new appliances, countertops, tiling, etc. (I love the housing upgrades in this area–once saw a house with new stained glass windows because, you know, why not?) The master bathroom also has a whirlpool tub and an unattached stand up shower in case you like ’em separate!


I believe this is the first rental I’ve posted from Ledroit Park. What do current residents think about the area? I find it gorgeous myself. And right next to Howard University, which is perfect for younger renters, and super close to the jazz on U Street. Location, location, location!



I picked this one because of the first sentence: “Looking for a short, dog owner who is laid back and pays on time…”

It’s rare to see a posting that gets that specific! But it turns out that you probably do want to be on the shorter side of things for this basement apartment in Petworth. The ceilings are low–only 5’7 in some areas–so basketball players need not apply. It’s $800 (covering all utilities) for a one bedroom basement apartment, and that’s truly a fantastic deal. The owners upstairs also have two dogs who hang out in the backyard, so they’re looking for a fellow dog owner who presumably will let their dog make friends with the residents.

The apartment is renovated with tiled floors and a private bath and kitchen. It’s on Varnum St. and 8th and available immediately.


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