Rentals of the Week by Karen

by Prince Of Petworth May 9, 2008 at 11:00 am 1 Comment



I don’t know about you, but for me one of the best part about a house is the land that surrounds it. Give me front yards, back yards, side yards, or even just scenic alleyways and a home is created. Well, if you’re anything like me than maybe this is the one for you. The backyard patio looks like the perfect place to plant an herb garden or kick back with a good book.

$2750 for a three bedroom townhome walking distance from the Columbia Heights and Petworth metro stations (Warder at Kenyon). Looks like it’s been renovated–kitchen appliances are “updated.” However, it’s technically a two bedroom, unless someone doesn’t mind sleeping in the den. (Small rooms generally aren’t a problem for the financially-strapped, but it does help to be able to fit at least your bed and a dresser in there. Although perhaps the difference between a bedroom and a den isn’t so much space as the presence of closets.)

Other perks: a bathroom complete with a jacuzzi (and imported floors–didn’t realize tiles were a hot global commodity). Also, look at the shower. Is that a glass block window on the shower wall? How badly do I wish I had something like that! I once lived in a house that had a window on the shower wall–but a regular window with that see-through quality windows are apt to have. But here’s the best part: it looked directly into the neighbors shower, which had it’s own oddly placed window. Thank god ours came with blinds… More rentals after the jump.



This one bedroom in Mount Pleasant (17th and Park) is beautiful and classy. I love the non-rectangular living room (pentagonal?? I’d have to see the entire room to determine). I would probably not even want to have any of my furniture in the room so as to accentuate its beautiful geometic shape. And then have lots of dance parties there, oh, yes.

$1595 including utilities for this renovated apartment. It’s available June 1st. It also has a separate office nook off of the living room, and a washer/dryer in the unit–which you can’t deny, when it comes to apartment living, at least, is pure luxory.
Also–is that a really tiny stained glass window in what I’m assuming is the office nook? It would be super cool if there was a switch to that thing and it illuminated.



This one bedroom is ridiculously affordable and isn’t even in a basement. $750 (not including electric and gas) for a unit on the second floor in a complex on 7th and Jefferson. Judging from the photos it looks clean and carpeted, and it’s only a few blocks from the Post Office and Safeway.

I’m not as familiar with this part of D.C. so I’m going to have to call on our readers for help selling this place–what is the night life like in this leg of the woods? What are the local haunts around here that are your favorites? Is the Safeway associated with any kind of lore a la Georgetown’s Social Safeway (where apparently people can fall in love over the course of a few minutes while they wait in the check-out line)?

Oh, my, this one also has one of those bizarre shower windows. Unless it’s opaque in some way, I never could really wrap my mind around the rationale for that.


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