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Neat Neighborhood Find: Hoopla Eco Boutique


Ed. note: A neat neighborhood find does not mean to imply that others haven’t discovered this store already it simply means it’s the first time I’ve discovered it.

I was first attracted to this store because of the sign. Most folks know that I hate these flimsy signs and then when I looked at the wording I couldn’t comprehend it. “Others Love Yourself The Earth”, yeah I still don’t get it. But I’m glad it got my attention because the store itself was pretty fresh. Hoopla is located in Adams Morgan at 2314 18th Street. Hoopla had been open for five years on the Hill but opened in its current location last July. I was surprised at the variety of items featured in the store. Items featured include men’s and women’s clothing, furniture, soap, sculptures, and lots more. There is even a sweet carriage house in the back that features artwork among other items. The artwork changes every month which I also think is pretty cool.

I spoke with the manager, Michael Thorpe, who told me that everything in the store is “eco friendly”. Eco friendly meaning that it is either fair trade, hand made or locally made. Thorpe tells me that they moved from the Hill because they wanted to tap into the foot traffic in Adams Morgan and help contribute to “beefing up the day life”. This is definitely a great addition to Adams Morgan – even with the sign – although it’ll be even better with a proper sign… Check out some more photos after the jump.



Awesome carving leading to the carriage house.

Inside the carriage house. Currently art by Roberta Glick.

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