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PoP Profile: The Oracle of O’DC – Chris Donatelli

by Prince Of Petworth March 10, 2008 at 1:51 am 72 Comments

IMG_7269, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to one of the main forces behind many of the new developments in the U Street, Columbia Heights and Petworth neighborhoods. Mr. Donatelli was kind enough to sit with me for a few hours at the Looking Glass Lounge last week. We spoke about his earlier projects in U Street, his ongoing projects in Columbia Heights and his upcoming projects in Petworth. This is really an exciting time to be living in these neighborhoods and after speaking with Donatelli I am convinced that we are going to see many more positive developments in the near future. A little taste : Get ready for up to 8 new retail options on Georgia Avenue, near the metro, that could include restaurants like a Hank’s Oyster Bar and The Heights! You’ll be able to make your voice heard in the comments section to let Mr. Donatelli know your retail/restaurant preferences. Profile continues after the jump.


Donatelli, 40, is married with three children and grew up in Bethesda, MD and went to Gonzaga High School in the District. (Interesting to note is that Mr. Donatelli’s mother grew up in Petworth on Varnum Street.) He did his undergraduate work in Finance at Villanova University and received a Master’s in real estate from American University. After graduate school Donatelli worked for 4 years for a company that developed power plants in Latin America and Asia. Despite enjoying the experience Donatelli left the company to joint the family business, originally called Donatelli and Klein but now known as Donatelli Development.

“My First Project Was a Failure”

In 1995, Donatelli’s first project involved four lots in Prince George’s county. He built one house with the hopes of building three more on the additionally lots. However, Donatelli was unable to sell the first house and ended up selling it and the three remaining lots at a loss. He calls this experience earning his PhD.

“My Father Said We Should Really Be Doing Development in the City”

Donatelli’s first big success was the Harrison Square property located at 13th and V St., NW. Donatellis explained that this was the location of the old children’s hospital. The hospital had been abandoned and fenced for 20 years and was owned by the city. It sat on over 2 acres of land and “it was dragging down the U Street neighborhood.” Getting development rights for the property proved to be an interesting process.

Donatelli simply went down to the Department of Housing and researched available properties. At that time (1995-1996) there were no condominium projects being developed. So Donatelli drove around the numerous properties that were available and decided to go after the old Children’s Hospital. The city put a bid out but Donatelli was the only group to respond. At the time, Donatelli recounts, “everyone thought we were crazy”.

Originally the plans were to include retail in the project. Donatelli attended an ANC meeting where a dozen highly committed residents showed up. They said that they really needed a grocery store. So Donatelli went to Fresh Fields (now Whole Foods) and they signed a letter of intent to place a grocery store at that location. Unfortunately for those residents Whole Foods eventually backed out of the deal and opened up their location on P Street. After exhausting discussions with “all the other grocery stores” Donatelli was unable to bring a grocery store to the neighborhood. At this point he decided to build 98 row houses on the property. The project was completed in 2002. The opening price for the row homes was $240,000 and 40 were sold in the first weekend that they were available. It was at this point that Donatelli realized that there was a huge demand for properties in this area.

Thus the Ellington was born. The Ellington is located on U Street between 13th and 14th Street. I was surprised to learn that it was extremely difficult for Donatelli to get financing for the Ellington project. He explained that the difficulty arose from the fact that the lenders had a difficult time believing that the neighborhood could sustain a luxury rental building. Donatelli’s instinct proved correct as the Ellington “has been successful right out of the gate” with nearly full occupancy since 2005. Like the 13th and V location Donatelli also engaged the community and learned of their desires for retail options. As a result, what was hard to imagine only five years ago, the area now hosts a Mocha Hut, Maggie Moos, Aleros, and Sala Thai.

The Ellington experience gave Donatelli the confidence to purchase two lots in Columbia Heights.

On to Columbia Heights

Interestingly these projects initially were supposed to be rentals but again the lenders did not feel that high end rentals would be successful in Columbia Heights. Financing for Condos proved much easier for Donatelli at the time. Located on 14th Street, right across the street from the DCUSA project, Kenyon Square has 153 condos with 20% set at affordable rates. At the moment 70% have sold.

Highland Park was originally slated to be condominiums as well but Donatelli explained that “there was essentially too much product on the market”. As a result the Highland Park project, also located on 14th Street, was switched to rental properties. There are 229 units in the building and the first units are set to be occupied in three weeks or so.

Park Place in Petworth

The commonality of many of Donatelli’s projects are that they are located right above or near the metro. Donatelli explains that when the projects are located near the metro then “you are right at the center of these neighborhoods.” There has been lots of speculation as to whether new projects will remain condos or become rentals. Donatelli told me that the Park Place project above the Petworth metro is still set to be a condo project. He thinks the condos will be an attractive spot given all of the benefits the neighborhood currently has plus the added attraction of its proximity to the new developments in Columbia Heights. The Park Place project will be completed in 18 months and naturally he will have to assess the rental vs. condo market at that time. However, when pressed Donatelli believes that the project will remain condo.

Like the Ellington, Park Place will be 8 stories with an underground parking garage when completed. Prices range from the low $300,000s to the mid $500,000s with 20% affordable housing. The affordable housing prices range from $100,000s to $250,000s. 40 units of the 161 unit building already have reservations. If you are interested in qualifying for the affordable units or the other units you can call 202-332-2000.

In addition to the Park Place project, Donatelli is also behind a 49 unit condo building to be located at 3801 Georgia Avenue. Construction will start at this Georgia Ave and Quincy Street location very soon.

“I Think We Are Going to Have a Great Retail Line Up”

Donatelli sees the new retail that his projects offer as a great way to make the neighborhood happy. He believes the retail options are like an ammenity to his buildings and as such prefers tenets that will excite the community rather than those who can pay top dollar. Donatelli would love to hear from the community as to their preferences for the 6-8 retail spots available at the ground floor of the Park Way project. Currently a Mocha Hut is set to take one space but that still leaves 5-7 more. Donatelli would like to fill these spots with proven successes like Hank’s Oyster Bar or The Heights or other folks who have restaurant experience or have otherwise proven themselves. Donatelli believes his track record with earlier projects will help attract great retail options to this location. So take this opportunity to leave your preferences in the comments section.

Final Thoughts

Chris Donatelli spoke with passion about the U Street, Columbia Heights and Petworth neighborhoods. While, obviously, he wants his projects to be successful, I genuinely believe that he would like to make the neighborhood residents happy. When you sit with someone for almost three hours you generally are able to tell whether you are being pandered to or not. To me Donatelli came across as a sincere. And you know what they say – you can’t bullshit a bullshitter. Believe me, I am an expert bullshitter and I think that Donatelli’s upcoming projects, coupled with his passion and previous successes, will only add to and make our already awesome neighborhoods even better.

Comments (72)

  1. Petworth Princess

    A bookstore!

  2. Stockard Channing

    Please don’t go completely upscale with the restaurants & retail..a lot of us can’t afford places like the Heights. The mocha hut sounds good, even though i’ll usually stick to columbia heights coffee.

  3. At least it sounds like he developed unoccupied land (although I loved the children’s hospital sight even when it was run-down there was an eerie magic about it). Kind of ironic to see a developer profile against the post’s cover story about condo converison in the city.

  4. Agree with Abbey Bartlett.

    At the same time, with that many retail units available, there is room to draw from a wide range of restaurant and retail options.

    I think it is important both in terms of identity and longterm success that Petworth offer a different subset of retail/restaurant choices than Columbia Heights. EatWellDC, the restaurant group that includes ‘The Heights,’ has a number of different and successful restaurants in the city. Donatelli’s past partnership with EatWellDC might offer the chance for a new and unique Petworth-based restaurant that doesn’t so much resemble ‘The Heights’ except for (we hope) that it is similarly successful.

  5. Pop, you really need an editor. Do you even proofread this stuff yourself before you post it?

  6. suggestions include:
    an indie book or music store.
    some type of creative place, like a color me mine.
    a resturant with a great brunch.
    a yogurt or smoothie shop like jamba juice or roebucks.

  7. I’d really love a post office in the neighborhood…what are the chances of that happening?

  8. I would be thrilled to see:

    -Indian restaurant;
    -Hardware store;
    -Garden store;
    -Fabric/craft store;
    -Cheese shop;
    -Restaurant like the Heights or Hank’s

  9. A fabric store would be awesome.

  10. i would agree not to go too high-end….here are some of my thoughts:

    -hardware store
    -bookstore/coffee shop
    -boutiques for women
    -furniture store like world market/pier 1

  11. Irving and 14th

    It would be really great to see more emphasis on small business development. As the name indicates, I live at Irving and 14th, and while I’m glad for the new economic stimulus, Target, Starbucks, Ruby Tuesdays, Cinnabon, and Lane Bryant don’t exactly make my heart go pitter patter (to name a few).

    What makes these places special, and special to the people on this blog, is their uniqueness as neighborhoods – their diversity, sense of community, and unique little businesses, cafes, and restaurants. Ruby Tuesdays doesn’t make any neighborhood special – it just makes it look like everywhere else.

    I would also be really, really excited to see more development on the scale of the neighborhoods it’s inhabiting. How much nicer would the 14th and Irving development look if it mimicked the rowhouse scale and style, as the new retirees home on the corner does, rather than dominating our ‘hood? Or if the new light posts put in next to the Target building extended all the way down the block? What if we put out trash cans, so all that post-consumption trash didn’t just blow it’s way down our block?


  12. There already is a post office in Petworth.

    As for what I want to see in there — a snobby beer/wine store. I’d prefer to not have to drive to Whole Foods on P St. if I want to grab some good beers.

    As for the Heights, until that place makes an effort on the beer-front it won’t get much return-service from me. But the burger is good.

  13. Mr. Donatelli, thanks for making our neighborhoods better!!!!!

  14. Yay for the Petworth post office. Boo that there’s not one in Columbia Heights. I should have been more clear.

  15. PoP–how come you didn’t ask him about the parking? my understanding is that the Park Place development will only have parking for about 1/2 the units, and the one across the street has no parking. That could turn out to be a disaster for local businesses like Looking Glass and Yoga House that depend on people driving over and finding easy parking. Is Donatelli’s plan to make life so miserable for businesses that don’t rent from him that they ultimately have to shut down?

  16. Second idea of a really nice cheese shop / butcher shop / prepared foods shop.

  17. Prince Of Petworth

    Ed, Thanks phor the tipp.

  18. 1- way to fix the dude’s red-eye in the pic. that’s stellar.

    2- PoP, why the fixation with what is, essentially, the gentrifaction of these neighborhoods? i have no beef with people who want to make inprovements to neighborhoods, but it sounds like he just wants to make everything east of the park exactly the same! logan tavern and the heights suck. they have limited menus, and their food is too expensive for what it is. also, the menus are exactly the same. maybe this guy should try to make some usable green space instead of throwing up expensive condos and apartments everywhere. there are other ways to “improve” neighborhoods than condos and bistros.

  19. *gentrification* not gentrifaction.

  20. How about a pet shop?

  21. anonymous, let’s be honest here…the improvement in the neighborhood is a positive externality (or negative depending on your stance) of donatelli’s developments…he’s in it for the profit, as he should be, and i don’t think there’s much money in buying land and making it into a green space…you want that, call the dc government and have them buy up some land and create more parks…he gets a return on his investment from condo sales and commercial/residential leases, otherwise there’s no sense in making the investment

    that said, i still think mr. donatelli does care about the neighborhood and seems to do his best to provide the residents options that fit within the business plan

  22. a bookstore, please!

  23. a dry cleaner right near the metro that is open early for drop off would do VERY well.

  24. I think it is wonderful to ask these questions, so thank you. I’d chime in with others to emphasize local or smaller business whenever possible. While chain stores attract easy attention, almost everything I see suggested here could be done by a local businessperson or area retailer.

    My choices (in no real order):

    * Bakery
    * Deli or cheese/fine food merchant
    * Garden/florist/plant shop
    * Good pizza place for dine in and delivery (we need more options)

  25. Hanks! That place is awesome.

  26. That’s a fine interview, POP!

    As to retail, am I the only one that would like a drugstore in there? I also like the idea of a fancy booze shop and someplace you could pop into for a good quick takeaway sammich.

  27. I should also say, regarding dry cleaner: have you tried the robot dry cleaner down by Giant? Awesome.

  28. I’m all about a dry cleaner right by the metro, but I’d like it to be (or at least have) a robot.

  29. Some successful locally owned restaurants/stores I would love to see open in Petworth (some of these already local chains, some just have one location now):
    *Marvelous Market
    *Moby Dick House of Kebab
    *Garden District or Gingko Gardens
    *So’s Your Mom
    *Julia’s Empanadas (I think there may already be one opening in Columbia Heights?)
    *Etete or Dukem
    I enthusiastically second calls for an upscale beer/wine shop & a bookstore!

  30. another so’s your mom would be amazing!
    i would love it if everlasting life were closer… affordable vegan soul food in petworth!
    a book store would be great too. second story books?

    it would be so awesome if the retail/restaurants stayed local and affordable!
    the alternative is a little terrifying.

  31. Petsmart
    Beer/Wine Shop
    JoAnn Fabric or a Craft Store

    Panera Bread!

    What about a Vet?

  32. how about an ice cream store?!! ben and jerry’s!!

  33. PoP: now there’s a rockstar of an interview subject. Kudos on that.

    As for the wailing chorus for the upscale beer/wine shop (and I’m wailing for that as well), don’t forget D’Vines by the CH metro. According to the proprietor, there was a wee stall on the license, but they’re set to open in a couple of weeks. The splash page on d-vines.com promises 200+ craft beers, 1000+ wines, and 40-something varieties of sake. See here, via Chowhound…

  34. If we have a new dry cleaner I’d love a Zips. I can afford clean clothes there. And, I know they’re putting a Children’s Place in DCUSA, but I’d also love to see a Babies R Us or other affordable baby store (I don’t even have kids, but my friends continue to breed).

  35. Mr. Donatelli – How about if one space is donated (for drastically reduced rent) and made into a kind of ‘worldview space’ – books, art, internet, films, cultural events/workshops etc. A portal. We have (or will have eventually) enough places to have a drink and/or buy the things we want and need. What is harder is to carve out a place not to shop but to come together over shared values.

    A space like this would attract both newcomers and longtime residents. A lot of local kids don’t get many chances to see what’s out there beyond a few-block radius around their home and school. It could be in Park Place or the other building at Quincy and Georgia.

    I’d be happy to help work out the concept and pull the right people in. Obviously it would be financially challenged (which is probably why there aren’t places like this) but I’ll bet there’s a way to make it work, if the will is there. Let us know!

  36. somewhere like Tryst in AM (except with free wireless Internet): food, coffee, drinks, etc., where people can hang out and study, work and listen to live music…must have lots of space.

  37. For one of the many Anonymouses:

    There already is a hardware store right across the street from the Park Place development. It’s just south of the Checks Cashed! place on the corner of Rock Creek Church and New Hampshire.

    It’s no Strosniders, but it’s very Petworth.

  38. Here’s a few suggestions (in priority order):

    *Gourmet wine/cheese/beer shop
    *Firehook Bakery (I second that one)
    *Five Guys Burgers
    *Pet Shop
    *Bookstore with area for laptops and hanging out

  39. Actually, I’ll third the bakers (preferably not Firehood rather something local) anything that make a great fresh loaf of bread, yum.

    Five Guys is coming into Highland Park, fyi, so you’ll already have one pretty close by …

  40. *Walgreens
    *a bar/restaurant a la Stoneys/Duffys

    and don’t hate me for this,
    *Arby’s (sorry)

  41. I wasn’t actually sure if Firehook was local…I thought so, so just looked it up. Their website says they started in Alexandria, VA and have 11 stores, all in the DC metropolitan area. Marvelous Market would fill the same niche (and i love their sandwiches and prepared foods also); they are also a DC-area chain, with 8 stores.

  42. um… Firehook is local. Well, Alexandria, VA, but still…

  43. Don’t forget about Heller’s bakery on Mt. Pleasant! I suppose we could use another one, but Heller’s is awesome.

  44. -dry cleaning
    -shoe repair
    -2 restaurants (one slightly more upscale with outdoor seating..Indian, perhaps?)

  45. Pleasepleaseplease:

    Cheese shop
    Bakery (firehook would be great)

    Other options:

    Garden store
    Kitchen store
    Children’s toy/book store (for those of us with kids)

  46. There are so many great responses, and I am excited to see thte effort. I’m still ardently hoping thte Great Streets initiative for GA Ave. is intact. Thte streetscape change will make a world of difference.

    I lean for the independent businesses as much as possible. I would love to see a butcher/cheese/seafood/wine store(s), but it would need to embrace all the cultures of our Petworth home. A bookstore that isn’t religiously affiliated would be a breath of fresh air, but I worry that it’s not sustainable. I believe the fabric store would be sustainable and nice to have. The existing hardware store on Georgia isn’t so bad (except for the storefront), but it needs seriously longer hours.

    All that said, we need to see more storefront grants for the existing small businesses. We need to get a few more of the bullet-proof windows out, and upgrade some other counters and store facades. And we need to get the nice folks from Eat More Fried Chicken to stay open evenings and weekends.

  47. I bagel/sandwich shop like So’s Your Mom on Columbia Rd in AM would be the best. fresh bagels/sandwiches, not from a plastic box!!!

  48. Elliot & Justine

    We think a chinese food/sub/chicken wing carry-out place would be great!

  49. Some place like Juicejoint (www.juicejoint.com) and GLUT Coop.

  50. Bread and Chocolate

  51. In order of preference:
    1. bookstore
    2. pharmacy (Rite Aid? CVS?)
    3. restaurant with a great brunch
    4. dry cleaner
    5. dessert cafe

  52. Chris Donatelli

    Dear Petworthians – Thanks for all the feedback and comments. First, I’d much prefer to be called “Chris” or even “Hey you” over Mr. Donatelli as I just hit the big 4-0 and am a little sensitive to the age thing right now. Second, the red eyes are from all the Stellas that PoP had to feed me to get me to spill all the development info. Third, and more seriously now, I read all of your comments with great interest and will try to respond to each request as we expand our search for retailers. For starters, I am confident that getting a great and diverse restaurant line-up in the building will be very do-able. We should have our choice of which restaurants come in and which space they will occupy in the building. Pretty much every restauranteur in our current buildings (U St, CH) have expressed an interest in Petworth and others will likely surface. I’d like to have 2-3 restaurants at the end of the day. Other retail that is fairly easy includes cleaners, wine store, ice cream. Further, the cafe is already covered with Mocha Hut (it will be quite a bit larger than U St and maybe they can incl a bakery element – I will ask). Quite frankly however, getting some of the other retailers interested will be tougher — bookstores, hardware, garden, clothing, furniture are being dominated by larger stores and even these stores are competing with internet shopping. While we have 20,000 square feet of space, we will probably divide it amongst 7 or 8 retailers (think Ellington). So the stores will not be huge — someone mentioned Walgreens but stores like that are too large for what we are envisioning. We want a variety of small/med sized places. But how cool would it be to have a nice, smallish neighborhood bookstore? Same sentiment for a place like the Garden District, Pulp…So, we will try. The point is this — I am listening to what you are saying and I think I “get it”….we will try to deliver a diverse, high-quality (not over-priced) mix of neighborhood serving retail to Petworth. By the way, we will have 180 parking spaces in 4 levels and the garage is already in. I look forward to further input and feedback as we march forward.

  53. Maybe Amma’s restaurant in Georgetown wants to open another location. I know Juice Joint is interested in franchising. Also Java Green in downtown may want another location. Also what about a public space where people can host poetry readings, plays, etc.? Maybe an art store plus art classes for kids. Dance studio like Joe’s Movement would also be wonderful! So many possibilities beyond the big retailers! Looking forward to it!

  54. Forgot to mention subsidized space for nonprofits, like Calvary Women’s Services, youth groups, Our Place DC, etc. A lot of folks are doing great work! There are many people in our community that need help and support and maybe if they have alternatives there would be less crime. Thank you for taking our suggestions into account!

  55. Ok, hear me out – I know that Great Streets is planning a plaza at the east entrance to the metro. They mentioned there will be a hookup for a kiosk. Chris, I know this is not your side of the street, but any chance you could help us bring a cool newsstand kiosk there to replace the row of newspaper boxes? Sort of as a outpost of Park Place? They could sell Mocha Hut coffee in the morning and evening rush so people wouldn’t have to cross the street and back. Which would make people use the plaza for drinking coffee and reading (since you can’t bring the coffee in the metro anyway, and not everyone likes to walk and drink at the same time). Which would create a safe, pleasant public sphere adjacent to Park Place, so everyone wins. We could probably get some money from ANC 4C and/or Great Streets to cover some upfront costs.

  56. Quincy St Neighbor

    Thanks Chris for your continued commitment to urban renewal in DC!

    As someone who lives right next to this project, I’d love to see the following:

    – Marvelous Market!!!!
    – A drycleaners
    – A hardware store (the one south of NH Ave on Ga is NEVER OPEN when I need them, i.e. after work and weekends!)
    – Wine bar/shop
    – A Pho restaurant (vietnamese beef noodles – fast, affordable, and hearty)
    – A garden shop
    – Hank’s Oyster Bar spin-off
    – Something akin to Open City (from the owners of Tryst and The Diner)
    – a DINER!


  57. How about a CVS (or equivalent)? Agree with Indian restaurant, garden store, book store. Also, Marvelous Market or Firehook Bakery – somewhere to buy good bread!

  58. Ditto to Bill Crandall’s suggestion for a cultural center. Great suggestion!

  59. Java Green would be great, and also a BOOK STORE!!

  60. i’ll 2nd (or is it 3rd?) the bid for a toy store/kid’s shop….please! maybe sullivan’s wants to branch out?
    and yeah to marvelous market
    yeah to Bill’s cultural center!
    and pho…
    and ethiopian…

    to Kalia: there is a great Vet right up the street, on georgia between shepard and taylor. (west side of street) it is no friendship animal hospital, but that also means it does not charge like them either.

  61. Chris,
    What are the chances you can do something on the corner of 700 Quincy St, NW and NH Ave. That lot has been vacant for years! It’s screaming for some new development.

    I suggest:

    Cleaners (but affordable .99 cent shirts)
    Rita’s Ice Cream
    Chinese Resturant
    Resturant owned by The Heights folks
    Good Guys burgers
    Perhaps another Bricksceller

    thanks for helping the hood. Please build more!!

  62. Quincy St Neighbor

    I just saw this on Metrocurean and think that Wagamama, a UK-based dining concept, would work great for our neighborhood!

    Firstly, they’re fast, affordable and offer much more than just noodles.
    Secondly, they’re a recognizable brand to the growing number of European travellers who come to stay at Petworth’s Loftstel.
    Thirdly, they’re looking to expand beyond the Gallery-Pl flagship… why not up the greenline to Petworth!

    see the post at:

  63. Not sure if any of the available spaces in Park Place could accommodate this, but I’d love to see a Trader Joe’s in the ‘hood.

  64. I hear the owners of Radius in Mt. Pleasant are looking for another location. They would be great. Also:

    – Chipotle
    – Small/Medium bookstore
    – Bakery

  65. Wagamama?! Wow, that would be great. I ate at the one in Camden years ago, loved it.

  66. 9thandbuchanan

    Most of mine are repeats, so let me add my vote.

    -Deli (a So’s your Mom spin off would be fantastic)
    -Hardware Store
    -Sushi joint

  67. thanks for the interview and to mr. donatelli for wanting to hear our thoughts.

    what i don’t want is georgia ave to turn into columbia heights or chinatown. they are way too commercial and are losing/have lost a sense of community and character. i’d love to keep locally owned shops that are not too luxury where we can’t even afford to go.

    i’d like community space where people can chill and hang out. mocha hut will be great, but i think we’d need at least one other place because mocha hut will probably be packed all the time (just think of u street).

    please don’t bring a ruby tuesdays or starbucks.

    i may have to cave in on a chipotle, though i’d much rather prefer a place like tacqueria distrito federal or el rinconcito cafe (again, local please).

    places i’d love to see:
    – a bookstore like the one in busboys, karibu, politics & prose, or kramers (not borders or barnes and noble)
    – bakery or another cafe/restaurant (domku, tryst, busboys, java green, teaism)
    – ethnic restaurant or 2…like ethiopian, west african, vietnamese, afghan, kabob place, korean – mmm so many possibilities!
    – a hookah bar!!
    – global food market
    – perhaps a movie rental place like blockbuster (yes it’s a chain, but there’s not too many alternatives out there)
    – dry cleaners

    to sum up, i want places that are local and welcoming for everyone and create a sense of community.

  68. Trader Joe’s would make me swoon.
    Wine/cheese/deli shop a la marvellous market, etc.
    Can you get busboys and poets to open a second location? That would be AMAZING. Bookstore, performance space and restaurant/bar, all rolled into one.
    eco-friendly cleaners (columbia heights is too far to walk with lots of clothes, and driving there is a nightmare)

    Bottom line, though, is that I want to re-iterate the call for locally-owned businesses. It’s really important to Petworth.

  69. Diner! Sit down diner! I would seriously bring my whole family every single weekend, and I would stop there two-three mornings a week. I am so not interested in yet another three dollar coffee and three dollar muffin bought from yet another crowded coffee bar and eaten standing up. Daddy wants eggs! Open City 2, please!!
    No five guys – not because they aren’t good, but I’d rather not have it be easy for me to get.
    Marvelous market would be great…

  70. My boyfriend and I are buying a condo in Georgia-Petworth next month so I’m exited to read about these developments. My suggestions would be:

    -OXXO drycleaners (love this place in Columbia Heights!)
    -Fancy wine/cheese/deli place
    -So’s Your Mom (yummy bagels)
    -Pulp type of place
    -Indie record/book store
    -Sushi joint
    -Thai, Indian, or Pan-Asian restaurant
    -Hanks type restaurant (or seafood type place)
    -Diner or restaurant with good brunch

  71. Cheese store? “Ethnic” restaurants? You people are hilarious.

  72. I hope it is not too late to provide input, although I am delighted with the suggestions provided to date.

    Marvelous Market would be amazing, as would Rice (on 14th), Busboys & Poets, Blockbuster, CVS & Garden District!

    I agree with the resounding NO to Ruby Tuesdays.


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