The Floridian Going Up Near 9:30 Club

by Prince Of Petworth February 4, 2008 at 10:29 pm 10 Comments

IMG_6744, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

When I used to visit my Grandma in Hallendale, Florida there were condos like this all over the place. I think if I bought one of these near the 9:30 club I’d be pretty pissed there was no view of the intracoastal.

  • Aren’t these the condos that advertise themselves as “hip” “modern” and “cool” in that annoying font?

    Reminds me of what a friend of mine once said about countries whose official names include two or more of “people’s” “democratic” and/or “republic”: the more you feel you have to tout it, the less likely it is to be true.

  • Golden Silence

    Totally overpowering those little rowhouses.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Yeah I wrote about the horrible ad campaign back in October. You can read the post here.

  • Chris Loos

    Definitely ties for worst ad campaign with the EYA “Hyattsville Arts District” just over the Maryland Border. The Arts District ad tagline is “Hip is Here”….you decide.

  • Shame; I always really dug the old blue rowhouse, walking by… Now I fear it’s doomed….

  • i almost support tearing down those rowhouses just to hide that 1960s Urban Renewal blank concrete wall on the Floridian. hideous.

  • *tearing down the rowhouses and building something big…

  • Jason

    Its a pretty bad looking building, but I think I would rather have this than the parking lot that was there before. This is also one of the cheapest priced new properties in the area, I remember when they started sales, there was a line down the block (granted it was during the boom in 2005).

  • Anonymous

    The “1960s Urban Renewal blank concrete wall” is there becuase the property may abut new development where the rowhouses now stand — people wouldn’t be happy to wake up one day with their windows looking at another wall 2 inches away.

  • Lindsay

    I drive by this awful mess every day on my way to work and it looks like an old dorm building on my college campus named “Shibles Hall” that was multi-colored 70’s ickiness. But maybe I’m being a bit harsh.


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