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  • AngryParakeet

    It’s a bit saddening to see that the leaf feature on the great rounded brick brick symmetrical feature has fallen off. (Left side missing evident)

  • Col Hts

    Anyone got a recommendation for someone to strip and finish our front door? We have an original, gigantic, solid wood front door with a big, big pane of glass. I tried stripping it myself but got down to a layer we think is milk paint, and now we’re having trouble. We’d be willing to pay a reasonable price to have the work done, but I’m not even sure what “reasonable” is in this case. Any tips?

  • bogfrog

    Have you tried a paint gun? I have been using both chemicals and a paint gun over the past few months…. the paint gun is much better on doors.

  • geep

    Col Hts: Take the door off and take it down to Bob Reed at the Stripping Workshop. He’s off of NY Ave. right by the DC Farmer’s market. It is so much easier and safer to have him do it. I took 95% of the trim & doors in our house to him. Plus all of our radiators…

  • Col Hts

    Thanks for the info about the Stripping Workshop, geep. I did not know about that place. It still might not work for our door — the door’s size would make it difficult to remove and, since it’s an exterior door, it be hard to do without it, even for a few days — but I’m glad to have the info anyway. It might come in handy later.

    As for using a heat gun, bogfrog, we’ve tried that and failed, which is one of the reasons we think we have milk paint. I might just contact Bob Reed at the Stripping Workshop for advice. Even if we can’t take the door in, perhaps he can make a few suggestions.

    I hate to give up on the dream of restoring the original wood finish, but it might come down to that. We’ll see.


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