Nice Use Of Slate in a Walkway

by Prince Of Petworth January 31, 2008 at 11:44 pm 2 Comments

IMG_6586, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This walkway simply rocks. So let me ask, what types of houses work with walkways like this? I’m guessing my sweet vinyl siding may not work so well with a walkway like this, unfortunately…

  • aj

    Quite frankly, I’m surprised I’m the first to post on this one. I’m not a fan of slate used in front entrances and steps. My biggest problem with it, however, is that I think it really conflicts with the historic beauty of the brick homes in Petworth and other DC neighborhoods. None of these homes (to my knowledge) had slate steps when they were originally built, and I think it clashes with the architecture. This example is particularly striking — the colors and shapes are rather overwhelming.

    Slate in the backyard, however, looks alright to me. I’m not a purist.

  • Geezer

    I agree. The slate detracts from the elegance and history beauty of the house. It saddens me to see this type of “enhancement” (popup roofs, contemporary window installations, etc.) foisted upon the historic structures in this city. Not only are they unsightly, they are eroding one of the most important assets of DC, livable historic structures. No other city offers single-family homeowners the opportunity to reside in a truly historic structure while enjoying some of the perks of suburban living including front and backyards and generous living quarters. DC should narrow the pseudo highway city streets, restore its tree canopy and preserve its historic structures and claim its place as the remarkable city it is.


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